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Sudan | Impunity | Attacks

  • Sudan: No justice for protest killings
  • Sudan: No justice for protest killings

    "Sudan needs to address evidence that its forces killed scores of people during protests, and arbitrarily arrested and tortured detainees," said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. "Instead of investigating these crimes, it’s using brutality and violence to silence perceived opponents."

Impunity | Peru

Peru's Supreme Court must act to solve murder of journalist from 2004

On the 10th anniversary of the murder of Alberto Rivera Fernández the Inter American Press Association asks Peru’s Supreme Court to have the crime fully solved so that it does not continue to go unpunished. Rivera Fernández was hosting the program “Transparencia” (Transparency) on Frecuencia Oriental radio in Pucallpa when two hitmen fatally shot him in the chest.

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Informe de @fundamedios: Censura, vigilancia masiva y normas penales amenazan la libertad de expresión en Internet