Over 100 rights groups call on the Council of Europe to act on the growing threat of SLAPPs

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Rights groups call on authorities to hasten investigation into harassment of Romanian journalist

Four months after the journalist Emilia Șercan filed complaints for the publication of her private pictures and the alleged leak of key elements of the case, free press organisations express their deep concerns over delays in the investigation.

Russia: Proposed legislation expands ‘foreign agent’ regulations

Whereas the current law requires proof that a journalist has received foreign funding before adding them to the ‘foreign agents’ list, the proposed law says anyone who “has received support and/or is otherwise under foreign influence” and whose work is widely disseminated or involves politics or the military would be labelled as a foreign agent.

Hundreds of Belarusian people living in Krakow gathered during a Solidarity Rally against the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

Repression and resistance in Belarus: A monthly chronology

A monthly chronology of repression and resistance in Belarus, based on the work of IFEX members and other international and domestic actors.