3 November 2011

Digest 23-27 October 2009


CJFE honours two journalists and Russian news outlet with 12th annual Press Freedom Awards (CJFE)


Organisations say EU should provide more support for media freedom (ARTICLE 19)


Independent radio station owner freed from jail (MISA)


State media banned from covering opposition party ministers (MISA)

Al Jazeera news crew briefly detained (MISA)
+ TV journalists arrested and held during cabinet meeting (RSF)

Media lawyer's trial lands prosecutor in jail over contempt of court (MISA)



"El País" daily newspaper correspondent threatened (IPYS)

IAPA calls on Brazil not to let the murder of a journalist go unpunished (IAPA)

ARTICLE 19 presents Right to Information analysis to congress (ARTICLE 19)


CJFE horrified by attack on editor in Brampton, Ontario (CJFE)


Drug traffickers on lookout for journalists in Huehuetenango (CERIGUA)


Radio station dismisses journalist after he insists on providing objective coverage of post-coup situation (C-Libre)


IAPA disappointed at Congress's indifference to crimes against journalists (IAPA)
+ CPJ dismayed by loss of Congressional body on media violence (CPJ)


Judge initiates criminal proceedings against journalist for "inciting violence" (IPYS)

United States

Book groups praise reader privacy protections in House Patriot Act bill (PEN American Center)

Asia and Pacific


Reporter tortured by elite crime force in act of reprisal against newspaper (RSF)
+ Bring paramilitary unit torturers to justice (Human Rights Watch)
+ Call for swift action against torturers of journalist (IFJ)
+ Journalist tortured by elite Bangladesh security forces (IPI)


Malaysia press freedom index status quo as much needed reforms not in place yet (CIJ)


Alleged gunman in 2004 murder of journalist killed (CMFR)

Europe and Central Asia

European Union adopting regulations that will penalize Internet users, says RSF (RSF) European Parliament fails to defend free journalism, says IFJ (IFJ)


Taking down TV satellite dishes is violation of law (IRFS)


Authorities must report progress in Alisher Saipov's murder, says CPJ (CPJ)


Supreme Court orders disclosure of information requested by IJC (Independent Journalism Center)


Activist from Ingushetia killed in ambush (ARTICLE 19)
+ Yet another murder in the Caucasus (GDF)


National Parliament fails to elect RRA member nominated by media and journalists’ associations (ANEM)


Shots fired at office of daily "Express" for third time in six months (IMI)

Team of journalists prevented from covering stockholders' meeting (IMI)

Lviv journalists banned from security service meeting (IMI)

Middle East and North Africa


Journalists fined for practicing without syndicate membership (ANHRI)


IPI completes press freedom mission, urges respect for editorial independence and credibility (IPI)


Thirty-one IFEX members and 24 other organisations condemn harsh crackdown on press freedom (ANHRI)

Saudi Arabia

King overturns 60-lashes verdict against journalist (Human Rights Watch)
+ Saudi talk show female producer sentenced to 60 flogs (ANHRI)
+ King Abdallah pardons woman journalist sentenced to 60 lashes (RSF)
+ IFJ welcomes Saudi withdrawal on decision to flog female journalist (IFJ)
+ Saudi king spares LBC fixer Rosana Al-Yami 60 lashes (IPI)


Election campaign "impossible for opposition media," says RSF following fact-finding visit to Tunis (RSF)

As Tunisian elections near, attacks on press mount (CPJ)
+ CJFE condemns attacks on Tunisian journalists (CJFE)
+ Elections in an atmosphere of repression (Human Rights Watch)


CJFE honours two journalists and Russian news outlet with 12th annual Press Freedom Awards (CJFE)

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