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12 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 4 - 5 August 2010


Hellman/Hammett grants honour 42 writers for courage in facing political persecution (Human Rights Watch)



IFJ alarmed over increasing legal and security threats to journalists in Africa (IFJ)

Côte d'Ivoire

Reporter gets one year in jail on defamation and extortion charges (RSF)


Around 30 news media outlets closed ahead of presidential election (RSF)
+ Crackdown on media in Rwanda ahead of 9 August elections (IPI)


Journalist arrested, charged with sedition (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Journalist released on bond, mobile phone confiscated (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Online editor accused of sedition (CPJ)



IAPA highlights media implications of proposed law on teenagers and children (IAPA)


Television station suffers grenade attack in Nuevo Laredo; newspaper receives bomb threat in Ciudad Juárez (CEPET)

All four kidnapped journalists free (IPI)

After four releases, tragic July ends with a flight into exile (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


Authorities concede need for investigations into attacks on journalists (IFJ)


Journalist detained overnight, questioned over story posted on news website (PFF)
+ IFJ condemns detention of news editor (IFJ)
+ Authorities detain journalist overnight under draconian law (IPI)


Spike in attacks, threats and intimidation of journalists in Orissa (IFJ)


IFJ worried for safety of journalists in Papua as elections loom (IFJ)


Police arrest protesters for denouncing anniversary of repressive law (CIJ)
+ Demonstrators arrested during peaceful vigils for Internal Security Act's repeal (RSF)

Campaign for Internal Security Act's repeal (RSF)

Cartoonist challenges ban on books (CIJ)


Military intimidation of journalists continues (IFJ)

Journalist succumbs to his wounds; police give conflicting statements about his death (CPJ)

Sri Lanka

Privately-owned broadcaster torched (CPJ)
+ Arson attack on TV station in Sri Lanka must be investigated (IFJ)
+ Who ordered armed attack on Voice of Asia media group in Colombo? (RSF)
+ FMM calls for arrest of perpetrators of attack on Siyatha TV (FMM)

Europe & Central Asia


Lawsuits against "Khural" newspaper could result in its closure (IRFS)

Two journalists assaulted, detained in Mardakan (IRFS)
+ Security guards who attacked journalists go unpunished (RSF)


TV journalist assaulted by law enforcement officer (Independent Journalism Center)
+ Jurnalul TV journalist Victor Ciobanu assaulted in Chisinau, Moldova (IPI)


Ignoring protests, President Medvedev expands FSB power (CPJ)

Journalist killed in suspicious car accident (GDF)

Court orders YouTube and four other sites blocked over "extremist" content (RSF)

Two journalists arbitrarily arrested while covering attack on forest protesters (RSF)


Court acquits writer of "insult" after ECHR rules in her favour (BIANET)

Journalist's finger broken in confrontation with police (BIANET)

"The Gypsies in Turkey" book not discriminatory, ECHR decides (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Actor acquitted in Facebook libel case (ANHRI)

Website editor sentenced to six months in prison (EOHR)

Fifteen people arrested for handing out flyers (ANHRI)

EOHR condemns hackers' attempts to seize the website of "Al Yom Al Saba" newspaper (EOHR)


Media suffering a decade into President al-Assad's rule, says CPJ (CPJ)

United Arab Emirates

CPJ alarmed by UAE decision to suspend BlackBerry functionality (CPJ)
+ UAE, Saudi blocking of BlackBerry signals growing censorship (Freedom House)
+ BlackBerry services suspended (RSF)


New threats to press freedom (RSF)


Hellman/Hammett grants honour 42 writers for courage in facing political persecution (Human Rights Watch)

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