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12 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 13 - 19 September 2010


IPI kicks off World Congress 2010 with launch of "Words of Freedom: A Tribute To 60 IPI World Press Freedom Heroes" (IPI)
+ IPI's 60 World Press Freedom Heroes honoured at gala dinner at Vienna City Hall (IPI)

ARTICLE 19 statement on WikiLeaks and Internet disclosures (ARTICLE 19)

IPI interim director gives "State of Press Freedom" Address, on opening day of 60th IPI World Congress in Vienna (IPI)

IPI General Assembly passes resolutions on debate-filled second day of world conference (IPI)



Radio journalist buried (MISA)


Lawsuits against several newspapers withdrawn (MISA)


CJFE worried about well-being of injured journalist (CJFE)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Thirty-one IFEX members call on President Kabila to end persecution and harassment of journalists and media (JED)


Radio Fahazavana personnel freed; another opposition radio station suspended (RSF)


ARTICLE 19 calls for media law reform (ARTICLE 19)

South Africa

Journalist banned from taking pictures (MISA)


Journalist harassed, detained by police (MISA)


One year after government crackdown, media still under siege (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Investigate 2009 Kampala riot killings (Human Rights Watch)

News anchor beaten to death with metal bar (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Second journalist killed in three days (CPJ)
+ Second journalist murdered in three days (RSF)
+ WAN-IFRA condemns attack against journalist (WAN-IFRA)

Radio reporter beaten to death (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Freelance journalist beaten to death (CPJ)
+ Journalist beaten to death by angry mob (RSF)
+ MISA seeks justice for brutal murder of Ugandan journalists (MISA)


State's attempt to press new charges against visual artist foiled (MISA)

Maseko makes application for referral to Supreme Court (MISA)



Journalist stabbed to death in Buenos Aires (CPJ)


Macapá TV station target of arson attack (ABRAJI)


Journalist who covers Mapuche conflict arrested (RSF)


Prosecutor suspends hearing during which journalist's prison sentence was to be appealed (Fundamedios)


Journalist survives assassination attempt (C-Libre)
+ Critical Honduran reporter survives shooting attack (CPJ)

Army, police officers attack Radio Uno in San Pedro Sula (C-Libre)

Impunity and attacks against the media and journalists continue, according to international press freedom mission (AMARC)


IAPA concerned over rise in violence in Zacatecas state and its impact on the press (IAPA)

United States

Pentagon issues new rules for Guantanamo coverage (RSF)


Television programme taken off the air, allegedly due to political pressure (IPYS-Venezuela)

Journalist's contract revoked for political reasons (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


Printer of book about Sanmenxia Dam arrested (RSF)

Writer Liao Yiwu finally permitted to travel outside China (PEN American Center)

Radio journalist discusses censorship, delayed live broadcasts (RSF)

IFJ urges immediate release of illegally detained writer (IFJ)


Reporters' movements restricted, broadcaster shut down (CPJ)


CPJ urges Indonesia to reverse "Playboy" editor's conviction (CPJ)
+ CPJ asks Indonesian president to intervene in Playboy case (CPJ)

Kashmir (India)

Reporters' movements restricted, broadcaster shut down (CPJ)

North Korea

Two journalists died in prison camp in 2001 (RSF)


Newspaper editor beaten up in Jacobabad (PPF)

News agency editor's son kidnapped (RSF)

Journalist shot and killed (PPF)
+ Pakistani journalist killed in Afghan-Pakistan border area (CPJ)
+ Journalist gunned down in district torn by religious violence (RSF)
+ Another journalist murdered in Pakistan; IFJ demands end to impunity (IFJ)
+ Taliban claim journalist’s murder in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (RSF)


Radio station manager fired (IFJ)

Sri Lanka

Printer company owner, employees arrested following printing of poster (FMM)
+ IFJ condemns arrest of printing staff (IFJ)


Authorities prevent launch of Vietnam human rights report in Bangkok (SEAPA)
+ Government pressures correspondents' club to cancel press conference (CPJ)

Europe & Central Asia


Government allegedly violates law on confidentiality of sources (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns actions by government against journalists' rights (IFJ)

Kosovo (Serbia)

Klan Kosova television journalist and cameraman attacked (IPI)


CPJ asks Kyrgyz president to ensure fair trial of two reporters (CPJ)
+ Seriously ill Uzbek journalist remains detained (WiPC)

Human rights reporter sentenced to life in prison (CPJ)
+ Freedom House condemns unjust sentencing of human rights defender (Freedom House)
+ Azimjon Askarov sentenced to life in prison after unfair hearings (Human Rights Watch)


IFJ welcomes verdict as ECHR backs Dutch battle over sources (IFJ)
+ Press groups welcome European Court ruling on protection of sources (WAN-IFRA)


Journalist receives death threat (BIANET)

Court schedules trial in case of murdered journalist, organised crime links suspected (BIANET)
+ Three prime suspects face life sentences (BIANET)

Court dismisses lawsuit against journalist (BIANET)

Lawyer on trial for comments on Kurdish question (BIANET)
+ Risvanoglu case proceeds (BIANET)
+ Trial against lawyer Risvanoglu postponed again (BIANET)


Journalist beaten after being refused entrance to press conference (IMI)

Middle East & North Africa


Anti-corruption activist given six-month suspended sentence, fine (RSF)


Information Affairs Authority bans audio reports on newspaper's website (BCHR)

As elections approach, crackdown on the opposition and rights advocates reaches its peak (CIHRS)

Revoke order dissolving rights group's board (Human Rights Watch)

Activist arrested; fears of ill-treatment (WiPC)


Stop arresting and abducting reform activists, says ANHRI (ANHRI)
+ Frequent abduction of activists points to SSI, authorities' involvement; assistant professor disappears while preparing to travel abroad (ANHRI)

Blog shut down after promoting opposition candidate (ANHRI)


CPJ critical of findings of investigation into Kurdish journalist's murder (CPJ)
+ Unconvincing conclusion: Commission of enquiry says journalist's murder unrelated to his work (RSF)
+ Journalists under threat (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities prevent screening of documentary in Beirut (Maharat Foundation)


IFJ mission starts visit with meetings in Ramallah and Nablus (IFJ)
+ IFJ welcomes Prime Minister pledge to promote safety of journalists (IFJ)


Blogger held incommunicado for over eight months (RSF)
+ Release student blogger held incommunicado (Human Rights Watch)
+ Blogger charged; fears for safety (WiPC)


Judges who call for independent judiciary targeted for speaking out (IFEX-TMG)

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