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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 22 - 28 November 2010


Forty-four IFEX members call for concrete measures to end violence against outspoken women journalists and activists (IFJ)
+ Iranian journalist Jila Baniyaghoub's 30-year writing ban (CJFE)

UN member states should vote against proposed resolution on "vilification of religions", say ARTICLE 19 and CIHRS (ARTICLE 19)



Photojournalists harassed by police (MISA)


CJFE welcomes release of journalists Serge Sabouang and Robert Mintya (CJFE)
+ Editors conditionally released (WiPC)

Two journalists released conditionally after nine months in prison (JED)
+ Newspaper editors released conditionally after eight months in Kondengui prison (RSF)

Côte d'Ivoire

Presidential election campaign turns ugly as French journalist attacked (RSF)

RSF's media monitoring resumes as second-round campaign gets underway (RSF)

RSF publishes open letter to presidential candidates Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara (RSF)


News media prevented from working because of post-election violence (RSF)
+ Supporters of presidential candidate attack radio station (MFWA)
+ Witnesses describe security force excesses (Human Rights Watch)


Bill would restrict public access to official information, says RSF (RSF)

Bail hearing for "The Standard" journalist (MISA)

Journalist's bid for freedom thwarted (MISA)

Journalists condemn detention of colleague (MISA)

Government blocks bail for journalist (IPI)

Journalist kept in prison despite judicial release order (RSF)

Spate of journalist arrests raises concerns (WAN-IFRA)



Panamanian asylum for former Colombian intelligence chief an "insult to DASgate victims," says RSF (RSF)
+ IAPA fears Panama's asylum agreement could increase impunity in Colombia's press freedom violations (IAPA)


Newspaper's offices attacked (Fundamedios)

Minister demands that newspaper should hand in private information (Fundamedios)

President Correa accuses journalist of "broadcasting crimes" for reporting on the September police uprising (Fundamedios)

Official simultaneous program interrupts radio news programs every day (Fundamedios)


CERIGUA demands inquiry into journalist's disappearance (CERIGUA)


Disappearances of four Michoacán journalists still unsolved (RSF)


Panamanian asylum for former Colombian intelligence chief an "insult to DASgate victims," says RSF (RSF)
+ IAPA fears Panama's asylum agreement could increase impunity in Colombia's press freedom violations (IAPA)


IAPA welcomes creation of special tribunals to deal with serious crimes against journalists (IAPA)

Trinidad and Tobago

Government admits that secret intelligence agency has been spying on journalists (RSF)

United States

Two journalists arrested at "School of the Americas" protest (CPJ)
+ Journalists arrested while covering "School of the Americas" protest (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


More publications suspended following Aung San Suu Kyi's release (RSF)


Tension in Inner Mongolia surrounding activist's imminent release, supporters harassed (RSF)

Woman sentenced to one year of forced labour over ironic tweet (RSF)


Tension in Inner Mongolia surrounding activist's imminent release, supporters harassed (RSF)


CEHURDES condemns attack, looting at FM radio station (CEHURDES)
+ Local radio station looted (Freedom Forum)

Journalist abducted and assaulted (IFJ)


Baloch journalist kidnapped and found dead a month later (PPF)
+ Journalist found dead in Baluchistan (CPJ)
+ Baloch journalist kidnapped, tortured and murdered (RSF)
+ IFJ outraged by murder of journalist in Balochistan (IFJ)
+ Kidnapped journalist's body found (IPI)


International partnership meeting statement (ARTICLE 19)

RSF pays tribute to victims, one year after Maguindanao massacre (RSF)

CMFR statement in commemoration of the first anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre (CMFR)
+ Ampatuan town massacre: the lessons we can never forget (IFJ)
+ SEAPA's statement on the first anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre (SEAPA)

IFEX remembers Maguindanao massacre on one-year anniversary (IFEX)
+ One year after Philippines massacre, world's press condemns impunity for killers (WAN-IFRA)

Europe & Central Asia


Two bloggers freed but Eynulla Fatullayev remains in prison as Baku continues to defy European Court of Human Rights' ruling (WiPC)

Kosovo (Serbia)

TV Klan Kosova host threatened by former parliamentarian (IPI)


IPA's Norwegian member offers US$81,000 reward for information on publisher's 1993 shooting (IPA)


Protests held in support of journalist Oleg Kashin (CJES)


CNN Turk fined by broadcasting regulator (BIANET)

Prosecutor alleges that use of the letter "q" by sociologist and lawyer constitutes a criminal act (BIANET)

Journalists face prison sentences on charges of "distributing propaganda for an illegal organisation" (BIANET)

Sports writer faces indictment on defamation charge (BIANET)

Concern over ongoing judicial persecution of pro-Kurdish politicians (BIANET)

Writer Nevin Berktas arrested in connection with controversial book (BIANET)

Prosecutor Sanal sues journalist Saymaz (BIANET)

Justice minister okays investigation into two journalists (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Satellite broadcasters harassed, BBC programme cancelled: government actions leading to rigged elections, says ANHRI (ANHRI)

Tough measures used to gag media in run-up to parliamentary elections (RSF)

Court clears journalist facing 15-year jail sentence (RSF)

Journalist detained on drug charges in Alexandria (CPJ)
+ Journalist held on trumped-up drug charge after covering protest (RSF)
+ Authorities fabricate criminal case against Egyptian journalist for exposing police encroachments (ANHRI)

Internet writer Kareem Amer released (WiPC)

Rights violations mar run-up to parliamentary election (Freedom House)


CPJ calls on authorities to investigate murder of Al-Mosuliya journalist (CPJ)
+ Fourth journalist killed since announced withdrawal of U.S. combat forces (RSF)
+ Young Iraqi journalist shot and killed in front of family (IPI)
+ IFJ condemns second murder in Mosul as killers target Iraqi Television Network (IFJ)


Journalist sentenced to year in jail; faces more than a dozen cases (CPJ)
+ Well-known blogger arrested after getting one-year sentence for defamation (RSF)
+ Veteran writer Al-Jassim imprisoned (ANHRI)
+ Withdraw charges against jailed writer, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ Journalist and blogger Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem imprisoned (WiPC)
+ al-Jassim and al-Fadala cases adjourned to January 2011 (ANHRI)


Political divisions make reporting nearly impossible for journalists (RSF)
+ Free suspected blogger (Human Rights Watch)

United Arab Emirates

Independent news site blocked less than a year after its launch (ANHRI)


Fourth hearing in detained reporter's trial before state security court (RSF)

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