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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 20 December 2010 - 2 January 2011


RSF sends letter to President Obama and General Attorney Holder regarding possible criminal prosecution of Julian Assange (RSF)

News media and websites censored and blocked for carrying leaked cables (RSF)


Côte d'Ivoire

RSF urges United Nations to insist on respect for media freedom (RSF)
+ Pro-Gbagbo forces abducting opponents, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Pro-Ouattara newspapers back on newsstands in Abidjan (RSF)

Local and international media hit by battle between rival camps for control of news (RSF)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Journalist Robert Shemahamba released after 10 days in custody, another journalist reported missing (RSF)

Journalist detained by intelligence officials (JED)
+ After local officials are criticised, radio journalist is arrested (CPJ)
+ Will journalist Robert Shemahamba have to spend Christmas in an intelligence service cell? (RSF)


Court issues arrest warrant for radio journalist (MFWA)


Presidential adviser should retract accusation against editor (CPJ)


Police attack journalist, confiscate his equipment, delete photos (CPJ)

Human rights activist detained for organising women's rights meeting (ANHRI)

The Gambia

Six years after journalist's murder, authorities urged to let media breathe (RSF)

ECOWAS court orders Gambia to compensate tortured journalist (CPJ)


Journalist assaulted at campaign rally (HRNJ-Uganda)


First lady sues weekly for quoting WikiLeaks cable (RSF)


Knight Foundation review of IAPA Impunity Project (IAPA) Latin American organisations join in "Freedom of Expression Year" (IAPA)


FOPEA concerned over serious police actions against photographer in Rosario (FOPEA)


After controversial anti-racism law, new media legislation in 2011 (RSF)


Newspaper files lawsuit against satirical blog (RSF)

IACHR rules that State violated right to information of families of disappeared (ARTICLE 19)


Magazine prevented from recovering information from seized hard drives (Fundamedios)
+ Vanguardia magazine materials remain in authorities' possession (Fundamedios)
+ Ecuador must return property seized from news magazine (CPJ)

CONATEL determines that radio station critical of the government should be shut down (Fundamedios)
+ Appeal to allow radio station to continue operating is rejected (Fundamedios)
+ Ecuadoran radio denied license renewal on bogus allegations (CPJ)

Magazine's equipment seized during police operation (Fundamedios)
+ Raid on magazine outrages IAPA (IAPA)

Police forbid two journalists from covering police news (Fundamedios)


Another journalist gunned down, 10th in 2010, motive not yet known (RSF)
+ IAPA condemns murder of journalist (IAPA)

Community radio station correspondents released, face legal action for "disobedience" (AMARC)
+ Two community radio reporters to be tried for "disobeying the authorities" (RSF)

Opposition media criminalised, two journalists arrested while covering eviction (RSF)


Journalist's house, car shot at in Cárdenas, Tabasco (CEPET)

United States

RSF sends letter to President Obama and General Attorney Holder regarding possible criminal prosecution of Julian Assange (RSF)

Communication commission adopts weak Internet openness rules (ARTICLE 19)

Reporters Without Borders to host WikiLeaks mirror site (RSF)


Laws approved by legislature pose serious threats to free speech, civil society, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

CPJ condemns two media laws (CPJ)
+ IAPA condemns stiffening of censorship over free flow of information in Venezuela (IAPA)
+ Freedom of expression threatened by legislative reforms being rushed through parliament (RSF)

National Assembly approves legal reform allowing for regulation of Internet (IPYS-Venezuela)

Several bills presented for voting this week pose serious threat to human rights (ARTICLE 19)

Asia & Pacific


Radio station director completes third month of being held for no good reason (RSF)


Photographer sentenced to eight years in prison (RSF)
+ Photojournalist receives eight-year jail term over blast photos (Mizzima News)

Censor board limits publication of Suu Kyi stories, photos (Mizzima News)


New penal code undercuts free speech, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Several journalists receive harsh sentences one year after Liu Xiaobo's trial (RSF)

Reporter dies 10 days after being beaten (CPJ)

Newspaper reporter in coma after beating in Xinjiang (RSF)
+ Official explanation of a Chinese reporter’s beating met with skepticism (CPJ)


Editor found dead under suspicious circumstances (CPJ)


Investigative reporter faces criminal charges in Mongolia (IFJ)


Attacks on journalists continue (Freedom Forum)

Journalists attacked and threatened (Freedom Forum)


Authorities refuse broadcasting license to Next TV, legislators threaten stricter Internet regulations (IPI)


Government lifts emergency decree in Bangkok, three provinces (SEAPA)

Tibet (China)

Several journalists receive harsh sentences one year after Liu Xiaobo's trial (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


Authorities deny licence for critical voice despite court judgment (Human Rights Watch)
+ Freedom House calls on Armenia to liberalize its broadcast media (Freedom House)


Newspaper staff launches hunger strike to protest fine (IRFS)


More newsroom raids as crackdown continues (CPJ)

Freedom House calls for transatlantic solidarity to press for concrete action in wake of post-election crackdown (Freedom House)

CPJ demands end to assault on press (CPJ)

Crackdown on the press continues, with journalists arrested, sentenced (CPJ)
+ Authorities obstruct media coverage (IPI)
+ Journalists beaten up in Minsk (GDF)
+ Journalists held by KGB face up to 15 years in prison (CPJ)
+ Government cracks down on dissent (ARTICLE 19)

Dozens of journalists beaten, arrested in post-election crackdown (CPJ)
+ Belarus: End arrests; free peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)

Writer and former Belarusian PEN President, Vladimir Neklyaev, arrested and beaten (WiPC)
+ Neklyaev held in KGB detention centre; many more writers and journalists arrested (WiPC)

Thousands protest flawed election; access to independent media blocked (Freedom House)
+ IFJ condemns "shocking" violence on journalists in Belarus (IFJ)


Four suspects in brutal attack on "Jutarnji List" journalist Dusan Miljus captured (IPI)


Journalists question Hungary's leadership of Europe as media law provokes outrage (IFJ)

Mission delegates meet broad array of media stakeholders (IPI)
+ Joint IPI/SEEMO fact-finding mission to Hungary to be held 15-16 December 2010 (IPI)

IFJ warns Hungary over threats to media as parliament votes on new law (IFJ)


Following mission, IPI launches press freedom report (IPI)


Journalist sentenced to 15 years for espionage in Transdniester region (CPJ)
+ Transnistrian court sentences journalist to 15 years in prison for "spying" (RSF)
+ Media NGOs concerned about Vardanean's conviction in Tiraspol (Independent Journalism Center)
+ Novy Region correspondent jailed on espionage charges (GDF)


Television station fined for broadcasting discussion on homosexuality (BIANET)

Pinar Sag case, double standards in judiciary? (BIANET)

Trial against BIANET, lawyer postponed (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Court refuses to investigate detained activists' complaints of torture, attempts to assign new defence lawyers (ANHRI)

Authorities arrest prominent activist (BCHR)


Muslim cleric issues fatwa against potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei (ANHRI)
+ EOHR condemns the fatwa of legitimizing the assassination of El Baradie (EOHR)


A race against death for Nasrin Sotoudeh (RSF)


IFJ condemns 'red herring' claim for closure of Al Jazeera in Kuwait (IFJ)

Journalist and blogger Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem imprisoned (WiPC)

al-Jassim and al-Fadala cases adjourned to January 2011 (ANHRI)


Intelligence Service raids Pal Media headquarters, arrests two journalists (MADA)


Human Rights Watch calls on authorities to free activist who criticised Iran (Human Rights Watch)


Two journalists arrested in relation to Sidi Bouzid riots (RSF)

Police violently prevent journalists from covering Sidi Bouzid riots (OLPEC)
+ Government should respect human rights during unrest, says Freedom House (Freedom House)
+ Bullets against social protest (CIHRS)
+ ANHRI condemns security siege, assaults on protesters (ANHRI)

Tunisia's war on civil liberties intensifies with year's end (IFEX-TMG)

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