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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 24 - 30 January 2011


Côte d'Ivoire

Two journalists flee after receiving death threats (MFWA)


Anti-piracy task force seizes equipment from five radio stations (MFWA)


Local authorities shut down radio station, arrest two journalists (MFWA)


Editor detained, reportedly released after apologising to Supreme Court (CEMESP)
+ Publisher freed after overnight stay in jail (IPI)


Government promises to bring freedom of expression laws in line with international standards (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist sentenced to three years in prison in Somaliland (NUSOJ)


CPJ finds harassment, obstruction during referendum (CPJ)

Security forces seize newspaper issue (ANHRI)


Member of parliament assaults journalists at police station (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Four journalists assaulted in one week (HRNJ-Uganda)

Photojournalist assaulted by ruling party supporters (HRNJ-Uganda)

Police in Fort Portal assault radio journalist (HRNJ-Uganda)

ARTICLE 19 condemns violence against sexual minorities condoned by elements within the media (ARTICLE 19)

West Africa

Free expression legal framework adopted by ECOWAS information ministers (MFWA)


IAPA repeats international call for entries in song contest (IAPA)


IFJ honours memory of photojournalist (IFJ)


Drug traffickers open fire on TV Globo helicopter (IPYS)

Newspaper owner's house attacked in Paraná (ABRAJI)
+ IAPA condemns attack on journalist (ABRAJI)


Journalist threatened in Valledupar, Cesar (FLIP)


Journalist arrested twice in less than 24 hours (IAPA)
+ Press freedom prize winner held twice in 24 hours (RSF)


Journalist's programme interrupted by official telecast (Fundamedios)
+ Governmental telecast interrupts interview programme to criticise its presenter for the third time (Fundamedios)
+ Government interrupts news show to air official rebuttals (CPJ)
+ President calls critical TV station "corrupt", accuses it of wanting to harm the government (Fundamedios)


Radio journalist brutally assaulted in Tulancingo, Hidalgo (CEPET)


IAPA protests threats against journalist over reports on corruption (IAPA)


Press Workers Union secretary receives death threats (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


IPI event highlights threats to press freedom, calls for legislative and self-regulatory reforms (IPI)


UN should tackle rights crisis as new parliament convenes (Human Rights Watch)


Official suppresses question on 1997 grenade attack (CPJ)

Conviction of Sam Chankea is an attack on freedom of expression, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


Journalists sacked, fined without explanation (IFJ)


Journalist gunned down in Chhattisgarh (IPI)
+ Journalist shot and killed in Chhattisgarh state (CPJ)
+ Little progress in investigation of journalist's murder in Chhattisgarh state (IFJ)


Military officer sentenced for assaulting journalist (IFJ)


International community urges Nepal to address impunity and protect journalists (ARTICLE 19)

Reporter receives death threats (Freedom Forum)


Radio broadcaster killed in Palawan (CMFR)
+ IFJ condemns murder of environmental commentator (IFJ)
+ Broadcaster gunned down after morning show (CPJ)


Government forces popular political website to register as a political group (CPJ)

Sri Lanka

Media organisations urge UN to expedite efforts to locate missing journalist (FMM)
+ Prageeth case: United Nations must intervene (IFJ)
+ Anniversary action for abducted columnist Pregeeth Ekanaliyagoda (WiPC)


Two journalists facing deportation released, fined by authorities (Mizzima News)


Public order ordinance threatens freedom of expression, says PFF (PFF)

Europe & Central Asia


Serious legal violations during Fatullayev's appeal (IRFS)

Sale of "Yeni Musavat" newspaper banned in Gazakh region (IRFS)


Prime minister interrupts talk show to insult host and guests (IPI)


Freelance journalist reported missing (GDF)


IFJ condemns attack against journalists' leader in Cadiz (IFJ)


Prime minister files lawsuit against writer and newspaper (BIANET)

Journalist assaulted for second time in three months (BIANET)

Court refuses to allow defence in Kurdish (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Nationwide Internet blackout endangers rights, Human Rights Watch stresses (Human Rights Watch)
+ Mubarak's statement fails to address demands of citizens (Freedom House)

Foreign journalists arrested, Internet blocked (RSF)
+ IFJ calls for end to violence against journalists (IFJ)
+ International publishers call on authorities to restore freedom of expression on the eve of Cairo International Book Fair (IPA)
+ Egypt instigates media blackout, police target journalists (CPJ)
+ Demonstrators defy riot police, censorship (Human Rights Watch)

CPJ condemns violence against journalists covering demonstrations (CPJ)
+ Internet censorship and attacks on journalists amid major street protests (RSF)
+ Far-reaching political reforms, not repression: the only reasonable approach to the "Day of Rage" says CIHRS (CIHRS)
+ Eldostor site still blocked, ANHRI condemns government's attempts to blackout news on pro-democracy demonstrations (ANHRI)
+ Security forces stop journalists from entering Suez, cut off communications services (ANHRI)
+ Journalists targeted by police violence, arrests (RSF)
+ End crackdown on peaceful demonstrations (Human Rights Watch)

Journalists assaulted, websites blocked amidst crackdown on nationwide protests (EOHR)
+ EOHR confirms the legitimacy of the right to peaceful protest (EOHR)
+ Government blocks sites covering demonstrations calling for democracy (ANHRI)
+ EOHR issues a report on the "Day of Rage" demonstrations (EOHR)
+ Peaceful assembly is a civil right, stresses ANHRI (ANHRI)
+ Alexandria court postpones case of security chief, officers charged in connection with attacks on protesters (EOHR)


Israeli authorities bar Al-Jazeera correspondent from traveling to Jordan (MADA)


Blogger freed after Supreme Court overturns conviction (RSF)
+ Journalist and blogger Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem released (WiPC)


News teams attacked while covering protests (SKeyes)
+ Maharat condemns attacks on journalists (Maharat Foundation)
+ Black day for media (RSF)


Al-Jazeera targeted after publishing documents detailing Palestinian-Israeli negotiations (MADA)
+ Television studio used by Al-Jazeera sacked in Nablus (RSF)
+ Unknown individuals raid Pal Media headquarters (SKeyes)

Israeli authorities bar Al-Jazeera correspondent from traveling to Jordan (MADA)


Boukaddous and seven others released (WiPC)

The Tunisian uprising: lessons in confronting tyranny (CIHRS)


Woman journalist freed but press freedom violations continue (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns abduction of Towakul Kerman (ANHRI)
+ IFJ condemns arrest of journalist (IFJ)

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