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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 31 January - 6 February 2011


ARTICLE 19's observations on Draft General Comment no. 34 on freedom of opinion and expression (ARTICLE 19)



Lifting ban on activist group a positive step, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Côte d'Ivoire

Pro-Ouattara journalists detained (MFWA)


Government approves penal code amendment that threatens media freedom (MISA)
+ Letter to President Mutharika urging him to repeal new press law (RSF)
+ Review process for draconian laws hits a snag (MISA)


Mass arrests of journalists, fears for safety (WiPC)
+ Government harasses opposition weekly, arrests journalists and several employees (RSF)
+ Sudanese security agents must free Al-Midan workers immediately (CPJ)

Two journalists facing death penalty acquitted (RSF)

Attacks on journalists in Yemen and Sudan amid street protests (CPJ)
+ Violent response to peaceful protests in Sudan (Human Rights Watch)

The Gambia

Jailed human rights defender released and deported (MFWA)



CJFE disappointed by Supreme Court ruling on electronic access to courts (CJFE)

Dominican Republic

Reporter wounded while covering funeral procession (CPJ)


Former radio director and indigenous leader detained, accused of terrorism and sabotage (Fundamedios)

Governmental telecast interrupts interview programme to criticise its presenter for the third time (Fundamedios)

Government interrupts news show to air official rebuttals (CPJ)


Media freedom still far from being assured (RSF)


Community radio station resumes broadcasting in tense environment (RSF)

Resolution could threaten minority radio access to broadcast frequencies (RSF)


"El Diario" and "PM" newspaper distributor killed in Ciudad Juárez (CEPET)


IAPA calls for return to air of censored television station (IAPA)


Supreme Court overturns acquittal of former mayor implicated in journalist's murder (IPYS)
+ IAPA welcomes court ruling in case of murdered journalist (IAPA)

Panamericana Television reporters assaulted (IPYS)

United States

Reader privacy fight resumes in Congress (PEN American Center)


Cartoonist threatened in Twitter message (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific

SEAPA report: "Caught in the Crossfire: Southeast Asia's Press Freedom Challenges for 2011" (SEAPA)


Radio station attacked and looted in Baghlan province (IFJ)


Two publications suspended for publishing "indecent photos" (Mizzima News)

Publisher released from prison after serving full sentence (Mizzima News)
+ IFJ welcomes release of writer and publisher (IFJ)

Widespread condemnation of government at human rights review (ARTICLE 19)


Veteran columnist dismissed for critical articles (CPJ)
+ Journalist forced to resign, colleagues targeted (IFJ)

New IFJ report outlines restrictions on journalists in 2010 (IFJ)


IFJ calls for debate following conviction of columnist (IFJ)

IPI applauds law minister's initiative to decriminalise defamation (IPI)
+ Ministers move to decriminalise defamation (ARTICLE 19)

Journalist shot and killed in Chhattisgarh state (CPJ)


Civil society groups oppose government plan to impose Internet censorship (CIJ)


Young Communist League members attack programme host, burn copies of newspaper (Freedom Forum)

Another journalist receives death threat in Terai area (Freedom Forum)


Drop blasphemy charges against 17-year-old, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


IFJ demands swift justice for murder of journalist as killer explains motive (IFJ)

Sri Lanka

Arson attack destroys offices of independent news website (IFJ)
+ United Nations must intervene to protect Sri Lanka's media (CPJ)


Stronger complaints process will keep media out of court, says PFF (PFF)
+ IFJ calls for strong independent complaints process in Tonga (IFJ)


Journalist succumbs to burn injuries (CPJ)
+ Authorities must investigate brutal murder of journalist (IFJ)
+ WAN-IFRA expresses concern over journalist's murder (WAN-IFRA)

Europe & Central Asia


IFJ condemns press freedom abuses against journalists (IFJ)


Baku Appeals Court denies Fatullayev's appeal, defies ECHR ruling (CPJ)
+ Fatullayev's appeal rejected (IRFS)


Authorities free Radina, Khalip but impose severe restrictions (CPJ)
+ Three writers released; severe restrictions placed on movements (WiPC)
+ CJFE condemns continued house arrest of journalist, calls for lifting of restrictions (CJFE)
+ Trial of Irina Khalip begins in Belarus (CPJ)


President says he opposes proposal to criminalise defamation (IPI)
+ SEEMO/IPI Press Freedom Mission to Croatia from 25-28 January 2011 (IPI)


Construction company withdraws lawsuit against independent newspaper (Adil Soz)

Legislative amendments fall short of decriminalising defamation, says Adil Soz (Adil Soz)
+ Unfulfilled pledges for free speech protection (ARTICLE 19)


IFJ calls for A1TV network to be allowed to continue broadcasting following political and judicial pressure (IFJ)


Singer lands in jail for praising revolutionary leader, another sentenced on appeal (BIANET)
+ Kurdish folk singer sentenced after appeal (BIANET)

Author receives multiple threats in connection with book about Hrant Dink murder (BIANET)

Journalist convicted of "spreading propaganda", sentenced to jail (BIANET)

Two more cases launched against journalist who faces up to 107 years in prison (BIANET)

Song lyrics prompt legal action against university students (BIANET)

News site owner shot in front of his home (BIANET)

Trial of "Cumhuriyet" newspaper columnist begins (BIANET)

Complainant missing in trial against journalist and rights defender (BIANET)

Conscientious objector's relatives also persecuted (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Journalist convicted and fined for violating gag order (BCHR)


Anti-press attacks continue in Cairo; reporter dies from earlier shooting (CPJ)
+ Tally of cases of abuses against journalists (RSF)
+ IAPA urges respect for international rules regarding news coverage in conflict areas (IAPA)
+ WAN-IFRA calls for protection of journalists (WAN-IFRA)
+ International publishers stand up for freedom (IPA)

Belgian journalist, others released, re-arrested (IPI)

Human Rights Watch researcher, other activists, detained in Cairo (Human Rights Watch)
+ Stop attacks on peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ Concern over crackdown on human rights associations, disappearance of Egyptian, American and Algerian human rights activists (ANHRI)
+ Release detained activists, journalists (Human Rights Watch)
+ Foreign rights activists freed; Egyptian activists still held (Human Rights Watch)
+ Activists in danger (EOHR)

Mubarak intensifies attacks on press (CPJ)
+ CJFE concerned about attacks on press freedom (CJFE)
+ Members of official media object to attempts to falsify the news (ANHRI)
+ Obama should call for Mubarak to step down immediately (Freedom House)

Fifty-five IFEX members and six other organisations urge authorities to respect and protect freedom of expression and the right to information (ARTICLE 19)
+ International community must ensure rights of Egyptians are upheld (ARTICLE 19)

Journalists under physical assault (CPJ)
+ Belgian reporter arrested and beaten, still held (RSF)
+ IFJ calls for immediate release of Belgian reporter held in Egypt (IFJ)
+ International media does not escape violence unleashed by Mubarak supporters (RSF)
+ Targeted attacks on reporters in Cairo (IPI)
+ All-out witch-hunt against media (RSF)
+ IPA vice president's publishing house under attack (IPA)

Al-Jazeera's English-language service targeted (RSF)
+ CPJ demands authorities halt obstruction, restore Internet and SMS services (CPJ)
+ EOHR demands that the army intervene immediately to stop assaults on protesters (EOHR)

Authorities block Al-Jazeera transmissions, order bureaus shut (CPJ)
+ Government shuts down Al Jazeera’s operations (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns "desperate tactics" as Egypt targets media (IFJ)

Mubarak's statement fails to address demands of citizens (Freedom House)


Journalist and blogger Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem released (WiPC)


Protesters, journalists targeted during peaceful demonstration in support of Egypt protests (Human Rights Watch)

Police attack journalists covering protest in Gaza (SKeyes)
+ Gaza police detain group of journalists (MADA)

Authorities disrupt Egypt solidarity protest in Ramallah (Human Rights Watch)


Gang attacks peaceful demonstrators; police look on (Human Rights Watch)


French freelance photographer beaten; end police attacks on protesters, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

IFJ welcomes union strategy for jobs and press freedom (IFJ)


Attacks on journalists in Yemen and Sudan amid street protests (CPJ)
+ Violent response to peaceful protests in Sudan (Human Rights Watch)

World's press condemns jailing of journalist for alleged links to terror organisation (WAN-IFRA)

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