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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 7 - 13 February 2011


Côte d'Ivoire

Media freedom set back 20 years, says RSF (RSF)
+ Gbagbo government using media regulation to censor critics (CPJ)

Three journalists receive death threats from pro-Gbagbo militia group (MFWA)

Detained journalists report torture, abuse in custody (CPJ)
+ Two detained TV journalists tortured severely (MFWA)
+ Detained TV journalists moved to Abidjan civil prison (MFWA)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Radio station closed after phone-in programme angers local administrator (JED)


Police manhandle members of Right to Information Coalition during protest (MFWA)


Former minister seeks substantial damages from newspaper for alleged "publication of false news" (MFWA)


Seventeen years in jail for one woman journalist, seven years for another (RSF)
+ Long prison sentences for two journalists (WiPC)


IFJ highlights media safety crisis at international conference on Somalia (IFJ)


Sudanese security agents must free Al-Midan workers immediately (CPJ)


News magazine's appeal hearing adjourned, ban remains in place (RSF)


Special Forces rough up journalist, seize camera (HRNJ-Uganda)

Sixteen anti-corruption advocates interrogated; journalists harassed (Human Rights Watch)

HRNJ-Uganda administrative offices vandalized (HRNJ-Uganda)



Journalist followed after interviewing key witness in Santa Cruz scandal (ANP)


Threatening pamphlet directed at radio station appears in Barrancabermeja (FLIP)

Notice containing death threat against journalists distributed in Cartago, Valle del Cauca (FLIP)


Spain must press Cuba to keep promises to free journalists, says CPJ (CPJ)

Jailed journalists begin hunger strikes (RSF)


Authorities release former radio director accused of terrorism and sabotage (Fundamedios)

Municipality suspends advertising contracts with critical radio stations (Fundamedios)

President calls critical TV station "corrupt", accuses it of wanting to harm the government (Fundamedios)

Newspaper denounces it was prevented from accessing public information (Fundamedios)


Journalist receives threats, his brother attacked (CERIGUA)
+ Journalist threatened after corruption probe (CPJ)


Prominent journalist fired, attempt to suppress rumour suspected (RSF)

IAPA urges Supreme Court to respect free speech in relation to constitutional amendment (IAPA)


IAPA criticises legislative bill that would make "media violence" a new criminal offence (IAPA)

Customs officials block import of newsprint supplies (IAPA)

United States

New site shows minutes journalist has spent on death row: 15 million and counting (RSF)


IAPA protests intimidation of journalist through Facebook (IAPA)
+ Internet assault on investigative journalist (RSF)


Provincial journalist prosecuted on dubious criminal libel charge (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


IFJ welcomes release of writer and publisher (IFJ)


Dissident writer He Depu completes eight-year sentence (WiPC)
+ CJFE concerned about attack on writer and activist He Depu (CJFE)

IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - February 2011 (IFJ)


IFJ calls for censors to exit newsrooms (IFJ)


Little progress in investigation of journalist's murder in Chhattisgarh state (IFJ)

Police should drop charges against "Tehelka" reporter (CPJ)


Government minister brings criminal defamation charges against journalist (Globe International)


Displaced journalists continue to receive death threats (Freedom Forum)

Journalists assaulted (Freedom Forum)

Journalists threatened and assaulted (Freedom Forum)


Shots fired at TV news crew (PPF)


Suspect in journalist's murder surrenders to authorities (IFJ)

CMFR Philippine Press Freedom Report 2010 released (CMFR)


Opposition leader faces prison for conviction violating free speech rights (Human Rights Watch)


Spotlight on controversial cyber crime law as trial of webmaster underway (SEAPA)
+ Webmaster's trial highlights IT authorities' criteria, procedure of policing Internet (SEAPA)
+ Website editor could get 20 years on computer crime charges (RSF)
+ Prosecution testimony exposes weakness of evidence against website editor (RSF)
+ Trial of media editor violates free expression (Freedom House)

Europe & Central Asia


Fatullayev fears for his safety in prison (IRFS)

Youth activist arrested after posting critical comments online (IRFS)


Revise media laws promptly and thoroughly (ARTICLE 19)


Editor beaten up in Severo-Kurilsk (GDF)

IFJ condemns return to state censorship after journalist's expulsion (IFJ)
+ Guardian correspondent expelled from Russia (CPJ)
+ Foreign journalist denied entry to Russia: a "technical" matter? (GDF)


Spain must press Cuba to keep promises to free journalists, says CPJ (CPJ)


Newspaper journalists, activist prosecuted for criticising judges (BIANET)

Journalist and lawyer face lawsuit (BIANET)

Ailing author imprisoned (BIANET)

Activist's trial a travesty of justice (Human Rights Watch)

Middle East & North Africa


Authorities block YouTube access to BCHR documentary on torture (BCHR)

Authorities block page of online group calling for demonstrations (BCHR)


Extraordinary historical moment and opportunity for Egypt, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)
+ Mubarak's departure must usher in new era for civil liberties (RSF)
+ EOHR submits urgent requests to Supreme Council of Armed Forces (EOHR)
+ As Egypt embarks on hoped-for transition to democracy, IPI calls for press freedom protections (IPI)
+ ANHRI concerned that Ahmed Abul Gheit is still in office (ANHRI)
+ Important commitment to ratify Rome Statute (Human Rights Watch)

Government obstruction, intimidation continues in Cairo (CPJ)
+ Mubarak speech fails to address rights crisis (Human Rights Watch)

The Egyptian Committee for Fact Finding and Countering Corruption issues its first statement (EOHR)

New bureaucratic obstacles for journalists; military obstructs press (CPJ)
+ Egyptian media say foreign journalists have 'hidden agenda' (CPJ)
+ Investigate arrests of activists, journalists (Human Rights Watch)

Reforms must address press freedom issues, says ANHRI (ANHRI)

WAN-IFRA calls for protection of journalists (WAN-IFRA)

International publishers stand up for freedom (IPA)

Foreign rights activists freed; Egyptian activists still held (Human Rights Watch)

Activists in danger (EOHR)

IPA vice president's publishing house under attack (IPA)


More than 1,000 press freedom supporters urge Iran to end crackdown (CPJ)

Taghi Rahmani, country's most frequently jailed journalist, arrested again (RSF)


Israeli soldiers attack six journalists in Jerusalem (MADA)


News website hacked after publishing sensitive statement (CPJ)
+ IFJ condemns internet censorship (IFJ)


Quds TV correspondent detained in Bethlehem (MADA)

Israeli soldiers attack six journalists in Jerusalem (MADA)

Unknown individuals raid Pal Media headquarters (SKeyes)


RSF in Tunisia: "A new freedom that needs protecting" (RSF)
+ Treaty Ratification must be accompanied by freedom of expression reforms, ARTICLE 19 says (ARTICLE 19)

United Arab Emirates

Civilian detained for speaking out in support of Egyptian revolution (ANHRI)


RSF urges French foreign minister to press Yemeni counterpart to free journalist (RSF)
+ IFJ urges new leader to release jailed journalist over alleged al Qaida links (IFJ)

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