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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 14 - 20 February 2011


Global institutions lagging in defence of press freedom, says CPJ (CPJ)

Roll call of loss and tragedy continues, says IFJ report of media staff killed in 2010 (IFJ)


Democratic Republic of Congo

Radio station allowed back on air (JED)

Equatorial Guinea

Blogger and magazine editor starts hunger strike to protest against lack of freedom (RSF)


New media laws must meet international standard, ARTICLE 19 says (ARTICLE 19)


Newspaper found guilty of libel, slapped with US$1.5 million fine (CEMESP)
+ Court fines newspaper for defaming former minister (MFWA)

Journalist brutalised for videotaping police attack on soccer fans (CEMESP)


Letter to President Mutharika urging him to repeal new press law (RSF)


Prison term for opposition leader (Human Rights Watch)

Long prison sentences for two journalists (WiPC)


NUSOJ concerned over attacks on journalists (NUSOJ)


Three employees of opposition weekly freed, three others still held without charge (RSF)


Thirty-four IFEX members urge President Museveni to respect press freedom in lead-up to general elections (HRNJ-Uganda)


Government refuses to allow community radio station to go back on air (MISA)


Newspaper vendors harassed (MISA)
+ Private newspaper readers threatened (MISA)



Threatening e-mail targets Colombian Federation of Journalists and four journalists (FLIP)
+ IFJ condemns "unacceptable" threats against journalists (IFJ)
+ Five journalists declared "military objectives" in "Black Eagles" message (RSF)


Journalist released on parole, allowed to stay in country (CPJ)
+ Maseda Gutiérrez balks at conditions for freedom (CPJ)
+ Journalist's release and unblocking of dissident blogs – signs of real opening? (RSF)
+ IAPA calls for unconditional release of imprisoned journalists (IAPA)
+ One more writer released; four remain in prison (WiPC)


Radio station reports on threats prompted by its editorial line (Fundamedios)

Government interrupts interview programme (Fundamedios)

Constitutional court approves question that poses the creation of a media regulatory council (Fundamedios)


Radio journalist gunned down in Port-au-Prince, motive unclear (RSF)


IAPA urges judiciary to rule promptly on TV frequence (IAPA)


Radio news host rehired two weeks after controversial dismissal (RSF)

Journalist injured while covering protest in Oaxaca (ARTICLE 19)

Assailants raid premises of two media outlets in Torreón, kill an employee (CEPET)
+ IAPA condemns murder, attacks on media outlets (IAPA)
+ TV technician killed in Coahuila attacks – what happened to protection mechanisms? (RSF)
+ Broadcast offices attacked; engineer killed (CPJ)


LGBT activists attacked by police (IPYS)

Asia & Pacific


IFJ praises courage of photojournalist severely wounded while reporting Afghanistan war (IFJ)


Government ally takes over newspaper after arrest of publisher (Mizzima News)

Australian publisher detained on immigration-related charges (CPJ)

Video journalist sentenced to 13 years in prison (CPJ)
+ WAN-IFRA concerned over sentencing to jail for 13 years of videojournalist (WAN-IFRA)


More setbacks for freedom of expression (ARTICLE 19)


PEN American Center decries thuggery in attacks on foreign press (PEN American Center)
+ Foreign journalists pelted with stones in assault (IFJ)

CJFE concerned about attack on writer and activist He Depu (CJFE)

Guam (United States)

PFF commends lifting of gag rule (PFF)


Attacks on journalists continue in wake of second work-related killing (CMFR)

Journalists targeted for assassination (IFJ)

Authorities file charges against alleged gunman, four others for murder of Palawan broadcaster (CMFR)
+ Widow of slain journalist files charges against former governors, mayor (CMFR)

Sri Lanka

Freedom of expression key to democracy and human rights (IFJ)


Webmaster's trial highlights IT authorities' criteria, procedure of policing Internet (SEAPA)


WAN-IFRA expresses concern over journalist's murder (WAN-IFRA)

Europe & Central Asia


WiPC renews calls for release of journalists, activists on two-month anniversary of mass arrests (WiPC)
+ Post-election crackdown on media continues (ARTICLE 19)

Journalist sentenced to prison term (CPJ)
+ IPI calls on authorities to release detained journalist (IPI)


Bomb explodes in front of weekly newspaper building (IPI)
+ IFJ alarmed by complacency over bomb attack on newspaper (IFJ)


Change the law now, says IFJ, as government targets bloggers (IFJ)


ANEM condemns campaign of intimidation against local television station (ANEM)


Journalist to remain in prison pending trial (BIANET)

Police in Istanbul raid dissident website's offices, journalists' homes (IPI)
+ Four Oda TV writers in custody after "Ergenekon" raid (BIANET)

Magazine issue removed from bookstore shelves following customer complaint (BIANET)

Editor sentenced to six months in prison, faces another trial (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa


Authorities urged to halt deadly attacks on peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ Army, police fire on protesters (Human Rights Watch)


IFJ calls for probe into serious attack on CBS reporter (IFJ)

EOHR submits urgent requests to Supreme Council of Armed Forces (EOHR)

An ِappeal for a policy for information access and transparency (ANHRI)

Editors of state-owned newspapers should be replaced, says ANHRI (ANHRI)


Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi and rights groups demand moratorium on executions (RSF)


Security guards open fire on protesters (Human Rights Watch)

Journalist gunned down in Mosul (IFJ)
+ Journalist gunned down outside his home in Mosul (RSF)
+ Journalist killed by unidentified gunmen (CPJ)
+ Journalist shot dead (IPI)


Journalists attacked by unknown individuals while covering protest (SKeyes)


SKeyes website attacked by hackers (SKeyes)


Security forces fire on "Day of Anger" demonstrations (Human Rights Watch)

Gaddafi warns against use of Facebook, activists arrested (ANHRI)

Middle East

Targeting of the media continues during protests in Bahrain, Yemen, and Iraq (CPJ)

Attacks on media across the Middle East as demonstrations continue (CPJ)
+ Libya: Arrests, assaults in advance of planned protests (Human Rights Watch)

Journalists in Yemen, Iran and Algeria face multiple attacks (CPJ)
+ Iran: Freedom of expression on the frontline (ARTICLE 19)
+ Yemen: Don't use tasers on peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ Journalists attacked while covering anti-government protests in Sanaa, Yemen (RSF)
+ Marches, attacks on demonstrators and journalists in Sanaa, Yemen (Human Rights Watch)
+ Iran: Stop attacks on peaceful demonstrators (Human Rights Watch)
+ Journalist arrested in Iran; fears for safety (WiPC)


NGOs form coalition to defend freedom of expression (MADA)
+ The Defending Freedom of Expression Coalition accepts new members and condemns attacks against journalists in Gaza (MADA)
+ Free expression coalition meets with director of government media center (MADA)
+ Coalition to defend freedom of opinion and expression meets with the OHCHR (MADA)
+ Free expression coalition demands that order for organisation's closure be rescinded (MADA)


Journalist remains detained on new charges despite expiry of sentence (WiPC)

Security court sentences young woman blogger to five years in prison (RSF)
+ Blogger sentenced to five years in prison (CPJ)
+ Blogger and poet sentenced (WiPC)
+ ANHRI condemns harsh sentence against student blogger Tal Almalouhi (ANHRI)


Tunisian partners share history in the making with IFEX-TMG (IFEX-TMG)
+ Opening up of free expression (CJFE)

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