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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 4 - 10 April 2011


Writers hail UN accord ending push to ban blasphemy (PEN American Center)



RFI programme about president's reelection mysteriously disrupted (RSF)


Reporter detained after questioning arrests (CPJ)

Côte d'Ivoire

RTI reportedly broadcasting from mobile truck (RSF)
+ Held by pro-Gbagbo forces, RTI urges supporters to protect presidential palace (RSF)

Gbagbo camp to block access to independent and opposition websites (RSF)

Violence, terror and lack of information - initial evaluation of battle for Abidjan's impact on media (RSF)


Government urged to end systematic crackdown on critics, allow peaceful protests (Human Rights Watch)


Following mass arrests of ethnic Oromo opposition members, concerns raised that Anti-Terrorism Law may be used to suppress legitimate criticism of government policy (Human Rights Watch)


Sports journalist assaulted by police (CEMESP)

Newspaper alarmed over arson threats (CEMESP)


ARTICLE 19 calls for review of penal code amendment (ARTICLE 19)
+ Chief justice postpones hearing of Section 46 case (MISA)


ARTICLE 19 calls for improvement of law on protection of whistleblowers (ARTICLE 19)


Private newspaper bombed, radio journalist wounded (NUSOJ)

Two journalists freed in Mogadishu, two others still held in north (RSF)
+ Radio journalists released, who was behind their arrest? (NUSOJ)

NUSOJ blames transitional government for brutal suppression of independent journalism following "illegal" detention of two senior journalists (NUSOJ)


Government of Southern Sudan seizes "Juba Post" copies (CPJ)

The Gambia

National Assembly security discriminates against private media (MFWA)


District commissioner threatens to file lawsuit against two journalists (HRNJ-Uganda)

"New Vision" photo journalist persecuted (HRNJ-Uganda)


IAPA president and McCormick Foundation receive press freedom awards (IAPA) Argentine songwriter wins IAPA anti-impunity song contest (IAPA)
+ IAPA posts virtual CD of song contest finalists on its website (IAPA)


Paramilitaries threaten 11 journalists and indigenous radio stations (RSF)


Amazon-based radio station closed by police (Fundamedios)
+ CPJ condemns closure of provincial radio station (CPJ)
+ Local media, unions and associations reject radio station's closure in Amazon region (Fundamedios)

IAPA assails "abusive attitude" of President Correa (IAPA)

Government dedicates second "cadena" to discrediting investigative journalists (Fundamedios)


Joint appeal for end to persecution of community and opposition media (AMARC)

Journalist grazed by bullet during dispersal of demonstrators (C-Libre)
+ CPJ alarmed by wave of anti-press attacks (CPJ)


Newspaper pressured to fire two journalists in exchange for government advertising contract (CENCOS)


Presidential decree grants vice-president additional powers over radio and television frequencies (IPYS-Venezuela)

CONATEL shuts down radio station, seizes its equipment (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


Authorities continue to harass opposition newspaper editor (RSF)


Authorities urged to withdraw flawed draft NGO and association law (Human Rights Watch)
+ Restrictive draft NGO law an urgent cause for concern (ARTICLE 19)


Two radio station operators to be tried for broadcasting to China (RSF)
+ Two citizen journalists facing jail sentences for operating pirate radio (RSF)

Crackdown broadens as outspoken artist feared detained in Beijing (CPJ)
+ Artist Ai Weiwei arrested at Beijing airport, held incommunicado (RSF)
+ Release artist and critic Ai Weiwei (Human Rights Watch)
+ European Parliament must speak out on abuses (CPJ)


Freedom of information law a breakthrough amid culture of secrecy (CIJ)


Journalists subjected to abuse, death threats over reporting (Freedom Forum)


Journalist gunned down in Karachi (CPJ)
+ Fourteen journalists murdered in 13 months (RSF)

Television network claims its sports channel banned by media regulatory authority (PPF)


Five hundred days since massacre, it's time for Aquino to act, say Philippine and international organisations (IFJ)


PFF welcomes rule of law in publisher assault (PFF)
+ Minister to face court in publisher assault case (IFJ)
+ Government urged to resolve lengthy delay in publisher assault case (PFF)
+ Progress in journalist assault case (IFJ)


Two radio station operators to be tried for broadcasting to China (RSF)
+ Two citizen journalists facing jail sentences for operating pirate radio (RSF)

Conviction of human rights activist violates right to free expression, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)
+ Prominent activist sentenced (WiPC)
+ Ensure fair hearing for legal scholar, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Europe & Central Asia


In latest escalation of crackdown, opposition journalists are now being abducted and beaten (RSF)
+ Another Azadlyg reporter attacked in Baku (CPJ)
+ Criminal case against Elnur Majidli suspended (IRFS)

Activists jailed ahead of protest (Human Rights Watch)

Journalists assaulted, rights defenders harassed by police while covering opposition protests (IRFS)
+ Activists jailed ahead of planned protest (Human Rights Watch)
+ Journalist injured in attack by police (IRFS)


IFJ condemns brutal attack against journalist in northern Cyprus (IFJ)


Publisher goes missing days after attack (CPJ)


Rights activist arbitrarily detained (Human Rights Watch)


Public official threatens to file lawsuit against Novi Sad-based radio station (ANEM)


Courts continue to hound journalists who cover Kurdish minority issues (RSF)

OSCE report finds Turkey is holding 57 journalists in prison (IPI)


Activist confined to psychiatric hospital for talking to radio station (RSF)

Middle East & North Africa

Journalist missing in Libya; another killed in Iraq; arrests in Yemen, Syria (CPJ)
+ Journalist abducted from Baghdad's Rusafa prison (RSF)
+ Libya detains 4 more international journalists (CPJ)
+ TV station director gunned down in Iraq (RSF)
+ More arrests and disappearances in Libya and Syria, threats in Jordan and UAE (RSF)
+ IFJ raises concerns over arrest of journalist amid media clampdown in Syria (IFJ)
+ Release detained journalists (Human Rights Watch) Journalists to be expelled from Libya; two deported from Bahrain (CPJ)
+ ANHRI condemns assault on critical journalist (ANHRI)
+ Journalist arrested in Tripoli (RSF)
+ Gaddafi regime deports foreign journalists who had been invited to Tripoli (RSF) Attacks continue in Libya, Iraq and Yemen (CPJ)
+ Journalists detained in Libya, Syria, Yemen; 1 dead in Iraq (CPJ)
+ Iraqi provincial police spokesman arrested for criticising government as journalist (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns targeting of Internet activists in Bahrain, restrictions on freedom of expression (ANHRI)
+ ANHRI condemns closure of "alWasat" newspaper, expulsion of academics and administrators from Bahrain university (ANHRI) Bahraini and Syrian authorities try to impose news blackout (RSF)


State of fear prevails with arbitrary detentions, pre-dawn raids (Human Rights Watch)


Blogger brought before military court over critical commentary (ANHRI)
+ Drop charges against blogger critical of military (Human Rights Watch)
+ CJFE expresses concern over arrest of blogger and activist (CJFE)


More attacks on journalists covering demonstrations, TV cameraman missing in Iraqi Kurdistan (RSF)


Al-Jazeera staff threatened in Jordan; journalists detained and released in Syria (CPJ)


Protesters attack journalists, smash their equipment (SKeyes)


Rebels should open books on oil sales (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities urged to restore accreditation to Al Jazeera (Human Rights Watch)


Three poets detained amid crackdown on protesters (ANHRI)


Journalists covering march attacked by security forces (MADA)
+ Journalists attacked covering peaceful protests (CPJ)

Free expression coalition meets with director of government media center (MADA)

Journalist Al-Titi’s trial postponed (MADA)

Human Rights Watch report documents rise in attacks, detentions of journalists in West Bank and Gaza (Human Rights Watch)


Al-Jazeera staff threatened in Jordan; journalists detained and released in Syria (CPJ)

Stop shooting protesters (Human Rights Watch)


Stop shooting protesters (Human Rights Watch)

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