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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 11 - 17 April 2011


Top PEN prize to honor Nasrin Sotoudeh, jailed Iranian lawyer, writer, and women's rights advocate (PEN American Center)
+ Jailed Iranian writer and lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh honored in New York (PEN American Center)

Freedom of expression at the core of the struggle for democracy (ARTICLE 19)

World Health Day: right to information and free expression a "lifeline for right to health," says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

ARTICLE 19 Artist Alert: March 2011 (ARTICLE 19)



After 33 days in prison, journalist freed on bail pending appeal (RSF)
+ Reporter Armando José Chicoca released (WiPC)


Media union slams broadcasting authority for gagging media (MFWA)

Police attack newspaper journalist, thwart opposition demonstration (MFWA)

Burkina Faso

Angry soldiers seize Pan-African Television vehicle (MFWA)


State prosecutor seeks life sentence against online journalist (CPJ)
+ Prosecutor requests life imprisonment for online newspaper editor (RSF)
+ Imprisoned editor faces life prison sentence for "treason" (WiPC)

Two years after activist slain, justice stalled (Human Rights Watch)


Songwriter released (WiPC)

Côte d'Ivoire

President Ouattara wants to ensure all journalists can work freely, says Côte d'Ivoire ambassador to France (RSF)
+ Emergency funds given to targeted journalist unable to get medical treatment (RSF)

The "whole truth" will be revealed in Kieffer disappearance, says Ivorian ambassador in Paris (RSF)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Journalist freed after being held three days on spurious charges (JED)
+ Journalist freed on bail after three days in pre-trial detention (RSF)


Authorities urged to probe jamming of German radio broadcasts (CPJ)


Reporter detained, roughed up, after photographing crackdown on street vendors (MFWA)


CEMESP hosts dialogue on media security (CEMESP)


Another heavy fine and suspended jail sentence for investigative journalist (RSF)
+ Editor convicted in defamation case (CPJ)


MISA condemns targeting of activists, journalists during pro-democracy protests (MISA)
+ Security forces target journalists (CPJ)

The Gambia

Newspaper to resume publishing after five months of censorship (MFWA)


Journalist detained, assaulted by police (HRNJ-Uganda)

Journalist charged under abolished "false news" law (HRNJ-Uganda)


IPI welcomes progress towards self-regulation (IPI)

Defamation case against community radio; two others fail to take off (MISA)


IAPA Midyear Meeting conclusions (IAPA)
+ IAPA calls for action on restrictions of press freedom (IAPA)
+ IAPA urges governments to act to end impunity in murders of journalists (IAPA)


TV host murdered in restaurant (ABRAJI)
+ IAPA condemns new murder in Brazil, calls for prompt investigation to prevent it from going unpunished (IAPA)
+ Critical TV and radio journalist shot dead (CPJ)
+ Little progress in investigation into fatal shooting of journalist in northeast (RSF)

Photojournalist assaulted and threatened while reporting on fraud investigation (ABRAJI)


Ending dark era, Cuba frees last jailed journalist (CPJ)
+ Last journalist released (WiPC)
+ No more journalists left in Cuban prisons after dissidents flown to Spain (RSF)


Local media, unions and associations reject radio station's closure in Amazon region (Fundamedios)


State TV chief fires three journalists, brings criminal defamation suit against them (RSF)
+ President-elect urged to help defuse tension, threats to media freedom (RSF)

Human Rights Watch report underlines importance of investigating grave human rights violations (Human Rights Watch)


Community radio stations still fighting to survive (RSF)


Government urged to heed UN Working Group's recommendations in relation to missing journalists (ARTICLE 19)


Three dead, 31 injured as police use lethal force on protesters (Human Rights Watch)


School headmaster dismissed after informing press of H1N1 flu cases (IPYS-Venezuela)

Carabobo state radio station shut down illegally and without explanation (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - April 2011 (IFJ)

United States should press China on rights crackdown, detention of social critic (CPJ)
+ Wen Tao, journalist and friend of Ai Weiwei, missing since 3 April (RSF)
+ IFJ demands information on missing journalist (IFJ)


Control of information a concern in lead up to Sarawak elections (CIJ)
+ Ahead of election, cyberattacks cripple online media (CPJ)

IFJ welcomes move to establish media council (IFJ)


Private TV station's broadcasts suspended by media regulatory authority (PPF)

Arrests made in connection with journalist's murder (CPJ)
+ Unusual investigation into journalist's murder leads to arrests (RSF)

Television network claims sports channel targeted by media regulatory authority (PPF)
+ Government throttles Geo TV by blocking its profitable sports channel (RSF)

Sri Lanka

IFJ urges full investigation as editor granted bail (IFJ)
+ LankaeNews editor freed on bail, authorities still have him in their sights (RSF)
+ IFJ demands immediate release of Sri Lankan editor (IFJ)


Government urged to resolve lengthy delay in publisher assault case (PFF)


Peaceful dissidents and bloggers arbitrarily locked up (Human Rights Watch)

Europe & Central Asia


PACE urged to take action to address alarming freedom of expression situation (ARTICLE 19)
+ Forgotten human rights crisis unfolds at Council of Europe's doorstep (ARTICLE 19)

Family of imprisoned journalist receives threatening phone call (IRFS)
+ IPI renews call to free journalist Eynulla Fatullayev (IPI)


Polish daily's correspondent arrested again (RSF)
+ Belarus jails prominent journalist and adds new charge (CPJ)
+ Poczobut in closed trial for "insulting" leader (CPJ)
+ Journalist's case to be tried behind closed doors (CJES)


IPI affiliate launches specialised website on press freedom (IPI)


Another journalist attacked after reporting on Khimki forest controversy (GDF)


ANEM joins local media groups in calls for media reform (ANEM)


Newspaper and journalist fined for "attack on the Prime Minister's personal rights" (BIANET)

Another "Azadiya Welat" journalist given prison sentence (BIANET)

Court sentences journalist to six years in jail on propaganda charges (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa

Moroccan journalist presented WAN-IFRA Gebran Tueni prize (WAN-IFRA) Journalists under attack in Libya, Syria, and Yemen (CPJ) WAN-IFRA board endorses resolution for press freedom in Middle East and North Africa (WAN-IFRA) No concessions to media as indiscriminate repression continues in countries with pro-democracy protests (RSF)
+ More journalists held in Libya; blogger jailed in Egypt (CPJ)
+ Government detains human rights defender (Human Rights Watch)
+ Suspicious deaths in custody (Human Rights Watch) More arrests and disappearances in Libya and Syria, threats in Jordan and UAE (RSF) IFJ raises concerns over arrest of journalist amid media clampdown in Syria (IFJ) IFJ to hold regional meeting in Morocco over media reforms in Arab world and Middle East (IFJ)


Human rights organisations express concern over targeting of rights defenders (CIHRS)

Human Rights Watch urges authorities to drop charges against editor of independent daily (Human Rights Watch)

IFEX gravely concerned for safety of IFEX member and BCHR President Nabeel Rajab (IFEX)
+ Free prominent opposition activist (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI condemns trial of prominent activist Nabeel Rajab for publishing images on Twitter (ANHRI)


Substantial setback for press freedom (CPJ)

EOHR calls on Supreme Council of Armed Forces to investigate crackdown on protesters (EOHR)
+ Military trials usurp justice system (Human Rights Watch)
+ Giza criminal court adjourns trial of police officers charged with murder and attempted murder of demonstrators (EOHR)
+ EOHR files civil claim on behalf of victims of 25 January revolution (EOHR)
+ Cairo Criminal Court postpones trial of former interior minister (EOHR)

Human rights defenders, journalists come together to form National Coalition for Media Freedom (ANHRI)
+ Soft launch of National Coalition for Media Freedom website (ANHRI)

Blogger sentenced to three years in military prison (ANHRI)
+ Court martial sentences blogger to three years in prison for criticising military (RSF)
+ Blogger's three-year sentence a blow to free speech (Human Rights Watch)
+ EOHR calls for retrial of Michael Nabil before civilian court (EOHR)
+ Blogger Michael Nabil Sanad sentenced to three years in prison (WiPC)
+ Blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad sentenced to three years in prison (CJFE)
+ ANHRI restates rejection of military tribunals, demands activist’s release (ANHRI)

ANHRI alarmed at failure of public prosecutor to launch investigation into telecoms' responsibility (ANHRI)


Journalists denied entry to Camp Ashraf after Iraqi army attack (RSF)
+ EU calls for international observers to probe clashes in Camp Ashraf (RSF)

Journalists still being arrested, harassed and intimidated amid continuing protests in Kurdistan (RSF)


Italian journalist and activist reportedly killed in Gaza (IPI)
+ MADA condemns killing of journalist, demands that killers be brought to justice (MADA)


Journalist arrested in Syria as crackdown continues; camera operator assaulted in Yemen (CPJ)
+ Authorities arrest freelance journalist reporting for France Culture who occasionally works for "Le Monde" (RSF)

At least 28 killed in crackdown in Daraa, Harasta, and Douma (Human Rights Watch)
+ Responding to demands for reform: the right approach to save Syria (CIHRS)
+ Rampant torture of protesters (Human Rights Watch)


IFEX-TMG mission to Tunisia observes freedom of expression post 14 January (IFEX-TMG)

United Arab Emirates

Three outspoken rights activists detained (Human Rights Watch)
+ Kidnapping of prominent blogger Ahmed Mansour sparks crackdown on Internet activists (ANHRI)


Journalist arrested in Syria as crackdown continues; camera operator assaulted in Yemen (CPJ)
+ Authorities arrest freelance journalist reporting for France Culture who occasionally works for "Le Monde" (RSF)


Top PEN prize to honor Nasrin Sotoudeh, jailed Iranian lawyer, writer, and women's rights advocate (PEN American Center)
+ Jailed Iranian writer and lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh honored in New York (PEN American Center)

Moroccan journalist presented WAN-IFRA Gebran Tueni prize (WAN-IFRA)

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