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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 9 - 15 May 2011


Turkish journalist Zeynep Oral named recipient of first "IPI Press Freedom Dialogue Award" (IPI)
+ IPI's Israeli-Palestinian journalists' forum opens with dialogue award at Vienna dinner (IPI)


MISA statement to African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights (MISA)
+ Facebook charges case crumbles (MISA)


Imprisoned editor faces life prison sentence for "treason" (WiPC)


Author jailed for insult released (WiPC)

Côte d'Ivoire

New president must improve press freedom, says CPJ (CPJ)
+ Press in turmoil after Gbagbo fall (RSF)

Two journalists flee after receiving death threats (MFWA)

Equatorial Guinea

UNESCO rejects petition to reinstate prize funded by Equatorial Guinea president (Human Rights Watch)
+ UNESCO: Stop Discredited Prize (Human Rights Watch)


Police detain photojournalist, delete photographs (MFWA)


Prime Minister launches attack on independent media (RSF)


Somaliland issues arrest warrant for newspaper editor (NUSOJ)

NUSOJ concerned over continued intimidation of journalists in Somaliland, following arrest of newspaper reporter (NUSOJ)


Journalist attacked by singer over critical stories (MISA)

Newspaper censored for attempting to publish controversial story about businessman (MISA)

Newspaper censored (MISA)


Journalist's home set ablaze (HRNJ-Uganda)

TV journalist detained after filming MP's arrest (HRNJ-Uganda)

West Africa

WAJA World Press Freedom Day statement (WAJA)



IAPA mission voices concern at state of press freedom (IAPA)
+ IAPA calls on president to guarantee press freedom (IAPA)


Photographer insulted by football coach (ANP)


Newspaper owner and journalist shot dead (WiPC)


CJFE's review of free expression 2010/2011 (CJFE)


News crews harassed (Fundamedios)

Government tries to discredit journalists and media during television broadcasts (Fundamedios)

Authorities detain individual accused of offending prosecutor on his blog (Fundamedios)

El Salvador

Death squads threaten Radio Victoria journalists (AMARC)
+ Mining company urged to condemn death squad threats against community radio journalists (RSF)


Journalist who had denounced corruption in Morazán gunned down (OLA)
+ Provincial TV news host gunned down (CPJ)
+ Local TV journalist gunned down in north, motive almost certainly linked to work (RSF)
+ Outraged at murder, IAPA calls on government to honor its commitment to end violence, impunity (IAPA)

Globo TV camera operator brutally assaulted by national police officers (C-Libre)
+ More attacks on opposition media in San Pedro Sula (RSF)


IAPA asks government to take action on campaigns to discredit journalists (IAPA)
+ Campaign to discredit journalists after WikiLeaks revelations (RSF)


Newspaper editor and owner receive funeral wreaths (IPYS)
+ Amid witch-hunt before second round, candidates urged to keep press freedom promises (RSF)
+ Journalists receive pre-election death threats (WiPC)

IFJ condemns "cold blooded" murder of journalist (IFJ)

United States

University trustees urged to grant honorary degree to playwright (PEN American Center)

Asia & Pacific

ASEAN urged to lead by example, place transparency at its core (ARTICLE 19)
+ ASEAN members urged to reject Burma as regional group's chair (Human Rights Watch)


Wife and son of detained Mongolian human rights activist charged (RSF)
+ Leading activist and editor Hada remains detained; fears for safety (WiPC)
+ Mongolian cyber-dissident and relatives still in prison, relatives harassed (RSF)

IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - May 2011 (IFJ)


Four journalists attacked by police while covering peaceful rally (AJI)
+ IFJ condemns increasing attacks on journalists (IFJ)

Mob storms newspaper office, three reporters injured (AJI)


IFJ backs journalist in appeal against sacking (IFJ)

Fired reporter says his newspaper was used for propaganda purposes (RSF)


MJF cadres burn copies of "Kantipur Daily" (Freedom Forum)


Media regulatory authority warns foreign channels over unauthorised satellite uplinking (PPF)

Tribal journalist killed in bomb blast (PPF)
+ A week after justice pledge, journalist murdered (CPJ)
+ Journalist killed in explosion (IPI)
+ Tribal Areas journalist killed in Peshawar by bomb planted in car (RSF)
+ Video report about Nasrullah Afridi's murder (RSF)

IFJ calls on authorities to investigate shooting of journalist (IFJ)


Four charged in Manila broadcaster's murder (CMFR)


History professor faces lèse majesté complaint (SEAPA)


Independent publisher freed, but questioned again (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


Perugia prosecutor files defamation lawsuit, shutters blog (CPJ)


Journalist pardoned in Transdniester region (CPJ)


Two sentenced in Baburova murder (CPJ)

Journalist beaten after photographing demolished house (GDF)
+ Police must investigate attack on Dagestani reporter (CPJ)


ANEM calls sentences for attackers of B92 camera operator "too light" (ANEM)
+ IPI demands legal changes, better Protection for journalists (IPI)


Government agency wants to install filtering software on every computer (RSF)


Government urged to ensure draft election code protects free expression (ARTICLE 19)


Six years on, no justice for Andijan victims (Human Rights Watch)

Middle East & North Africa


Activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja bears signs of abuse (Human Rights Watch)

Fifty-seven IFEX members and partners call on world authorities to help stop human rights violations and free expression abuses (ANHRI)
+ IFJ calls for end to intimidation campaign against journalists (IFJ)


Draft law on protection of journalists must meet freedom of expression standards, ARTICLE 19 says (ARTICLE 19)
+ Letter to authorities voicing concern about bill to protect journalists (RSF)


MADA and Al-Quds Open University launch "The Knights of The Image" exhibition (MADA)


At least five journalists held in custody (CPJ)
+ Governments still cracking down hard on media covering pro-democracy demonstrations (RSF)
+ Al Jazeera journalist detained in Syria deported to Iran, network says (IPI)
+ Journalists, bloggers and writers detained, fears for safety (WiPC)
+ A few releases in Syria, foreign media still targeted in Bahrain (RSF)
+ CJFE greatly concerned by detention of Dorothy Parvaz (CJFE)
+ Reporter with US, Canadian and Iranian nationality deported to Iran (RSF)

Nationwide campaign of arrests continues (Human Rights Watch)

UN: reject Syria's Human Rights Council candidacy (Human Rights Watch)

Syria ends rights body bid, but not repression (Human Rights Watch)


IFEX-TMG members support fair and transparent allocation process for broadcasting licences (IFEX-TMG)

Journalists beaten by police in central Tunis (RSF)
+ More than a dozen journalists assaulted (CPJ)
+ Journalists demonstrate against recent police violence (RSF)


At least 21 more protesters killed by security forces, plainclothes gunmen in past week (Human Rights Watch)


Turkish journalist Zeynep Oral named recipient of first "IPI Press Freedom Dialogue Award" (IPI)
+ IPI's Israeli-Palestinian journalists' forum opens with dialogue award at Vienna dinner (IPI)

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