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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 16 - 22 May 2011


ARTICLE 19 calls on states to ensure LGBT persons' free expression and right to information is protected (ARTICLE 19)



Human Rights Watch calls for withdrawal of cybercrime bill (Human Rights Watch)


Online newspaper editor freed after 10 months in detention (RSF)
+ Online editor sentenced and released (WiPC)


Human Rights Watch urges government to eliminate law used to entrap for sexual orientation (Human Rights Watch)


Radio journalist harassed, prevented from working (MFWA)


Human rights investigator deported (Human Rights Watch)


Police detain, reportedly assault radio journalist (MFWA)


Photojournalist roughed up at former president's memorial service (MISA)


Post-election violence killed 800, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

The Gambia

Newspaper journalist detained briefly by police (MFWA)


Four journalists beaten by police, camera confiscated (HRNJ-Uganda)

Ten reporters injured by security forces while covering opposition leader's return (RSF)

Human rights investigator deported (Human Rights Watch)



Photographer arrested while covering protest against major hydroelectric project (RSF)


Prosecutor asks for prison sentence and US$1.5 million from journalists and directors of Manabí media group (Fundamedios)


Journalist acquitted after three years in prison; fears for safety (WiPC)
+ Journalist freed after three years in prison on baseless charges, considering exile (RSF)
+ Journalist's sentence overturned (CJFE)


Journalist sued over comments made on his programme; reporters attacked by presidential candidate's bodyguards (IPYS)

Radio journalist denounces conspiracy against him (IPYS)

Amid witch-hunt before second round, candidates urged to keep press freedom promises (RSF)

Journalists receive pre-election death threats (WiPC)

United States

Book community urges Congress to restore safeguards for bookstore and library records (PEN American Center)


Journalist assaulted, presumably in retaliation for his critical reports (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


Growing calls for French journalists to be freed (RSF)
+ Time for action to free hostage journalists in Afghanistan after 500 days of captivity, says IFJ (IFJ)


Journalist arrested following report on Facebook security flaw (IFJ)

Japan urged to raise rights as China crackdown escalates (Human Rights Watch)


Surveillance of media and Internet stepped up under new civilian president (RSF)
+ Prisoner "amnesty" mocks pledge to improve rights, Human Rights Watch says (Human Rights Watch)
+ Journal receives warning for accidentally calling Suu Kyi "president" (Mizzima News)


Journalist faces sacking for editorial endorsing Ai Weiwei (IFJ)

Citizen journalists targeted amid ongoing clampdown (IFJ)

Media memorialising Sichuan earthquake harassed, censored (CPJ)
+ IFJ condemns deletion of newspaper editorial supporting Ai Weiwei (IFJ)


Journalists denounce draft Intelligence Law as threat to press freedom (AJI)


Journalist threatened in Kanchanpur (Freedom Forum)

Appointment of new information minister raises concerns for free expression (Freedom Forum)
+ Freedom Forum welcomes Supreme Court order (Freedom Forum)

Journalists harassed in Chitwan (Freedom Forum)


Video report about Nasrullah Afridi's murder (RSF)


Radio anchor threatened over commentaries (CMFR)
+ Provincial broadcaster receives death threat (CPJ)

Court bids to gag massacre trial scrutiny (CPJ)

Accused in Ampatuan Massacre asks court to dismiss charges against him (CMFR)

Europe & Central Asia


Activist sentenced in political trial, beaten in police custody (Human Rights Watch)
+ Bakhtiyar Hajiyev sentenced to two years in jail (IRFS)

Court executors inventory property of "Khural" newspaper editor-in-chief (IRFS)
+ "Khural" newspaper prepares for protest (IRFS)

Three additional suspects identified in Elmar Huseynov murder case (IRFS)


Irina Khalip handed suspended two-year prison term (CPJ)
+ CJFE condemns conviction of journalist Irina Khalip (CJFE)
+ Writers and journalists sentenced to prison terms (WiPC)


Court cites need to protect confidentiality of journalists' sources as grounds for ruling in "Le Monde" reporters' case (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns mounting threats to protection of journalists' sources (IFJ)


Regional prosecutor refuses to probe threats against critical journalist (CPJ)

New legislation aimed at protecting media from damage claims only "a first step", says Adil Soz (Adil Soz)


Media owners criminally prosecuted, forced out of the country (CPJ)


Police arrest two suspects in "fake newspaper" case (IPI)


Journalist killed in Khasavyurt district, Republic of Dagestan (GDF)


IPI demands legal changes, better Protection for journalists (IPI)


Journalist given suspended 10-month sentence (BIANET)

Journalists attacked in Edirne and Malatya (BIANET)

New trial against Turkish IPA Freedom to Publish Prize winner (IPA)

Middle East & North Africa

Iran frees Parvaz, Libya frees four other journalists (RSF)
+ CJFE welcomes release of Dorothy Parvaz (CJFE)
+ Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz released by Iran (IPI)


Five journalists detained (CPJ)
+ News photographers among crackdown's latest targets (RSF)

IFJ calls for end to intimidation campaign against journalists (IFJ)


EOHR calls for immediate release of protesters (EOHR)
+ EOHR calls on Supreme Military Council to release protesting students (EOHR)


Ruling party lawsuit could force independent Kurdish news magazine to close (RSF)

Letter to authorities voicing concern about bill to protect journalists (RSF)


Photographer injured while covering demonstration (MADA)
+ Photographer deliberately shot by Israeli soldier during Nakba Day clashes (RSF)
+ Israeli soldier seriously injures Palestinian photojournalist (CPJ)
+ Investigate killings during border protests (Human Rights Watch)
+ MADA delegation visits wounded journalist (MADA)


IFJ blasts Libya over "cruel" cover up of journalist's killing (IFJ)
+ Austrian-South African photographer believed dead (IPI)
+ Release body of South African photojournalist (CPJ) (Human Rights Watch)


Photographer injured while covering demonstration (MADA)
+ Photographer deliberately shot by Israeli soldier during Nakba Day clashes (RSF)
+ Israeli soldier seriously injures Palestinian photojournalist (CPJ)
+ Investigate killings during border protests (Human Rights Watch)
+ MADA delegation visits wounded journalist (MADA)

MADA issues new legal guide for journalists (MADA)


Twenty-three days in a detention facility: Q&A with journalist Khaled Sid Mohand (IPI)

Security forces target activists; families and neighbours detained (Human Rights Watch)
+ Writer detained; fears for safety (WiPC)

CJFE greatly concerned by detention of Dorothy Parvaz (CJFE)

Reporter with US, Canadian and Iranian nationality deported to Iran (RSF)


Draft election decree must protect freedom of expression, cautions ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Putting free expression issues in perspective.

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