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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 13 - 19 June 2011


Role of public broadcasting and social media in protecting human rights (ARTICLE 19)


Central & Eastern Africa

IFJ pledges continued support for journalists in Eastern Africa (IFJ)

Côte d'Ivoire

Pro-Gbagbo journalist kidnapped, released (MFWA)


Six contributors to opposition radio station held in Gabode prison for past four months (RSF)


National security officials raid movie distribution company, seize copies of film (MFWA)
+ Authorities release seized movies (MFWA)

Police arrest radio commentators over alleged death threats (MFWA)


Three journalists suspended for their alleged support of opposition party (MFWA)


Glimmer of hope as Cabinet approves Access to Information Bill (ARTICLE 19)

Sierra Leone

Newspaper journalist stabbed to death (MFWA)
+ Three suspects arrested in journalist's murder, police urged to produce hard evidence (RSF)

Editor not let into a hearing, not part of those deemed "eligible" to cover it (MFWA)

South Africa

Journalists' organisation condemns government's plan to bribe newspapers (MISA)


ANHRI condemns attack on Al Jazeera team in South Kordofan (ANHRI)


MISA applauds registration of Media Complaints Commission (MISA)


Civil society seeks independent inquiry into April killings (Human Rights Watch)

Radio talk show hosts questioned after opposition leader appears on show (HRNJ-Uganda)



Supreme Court's decision on criminal defamation undermines free speech, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Days after gasoline attack, TV station owner threatened, told to leave town (RSF)


President calls for sanctions against journalists who commit errors (Fundamedios)


RSF expresses serious doubts about abduction charge against detained journalist (RSF)


Another journalist's body found (RSF)
+ Reporter found executed after attempted abduction (CJFE)

Reporter goes missing in Guerrero (ARTICLE 19)
+ Acapulco daily’s news editor missing (RSF)
+ News editor abducted in Acapulco (CPJ)
+ IAPA calls for prompt action to locate missing journalist (IAPA)

IAPA asks authorities to show more political will to end impunity (IAPA)


Court revokes ruling that had exonerated radio station director (IPYS)

Journalists request protection after being targeted by Áncash regional president (IPYS)

Asia & Pacific


Over 175 publications free to publish without prior approval (Mizzima News)


Hu Jia's wife threatened with eviction as harassment campaign continues (RSF)
+ Don't subject activist to house arrest (Human Rights Watch)
+ Authorities step up harassment of Zeng Jinyan ahead of husband's release (RSF)

Rights dialogue needs clear results (Human Rights Watch)


Shock and outrage at murder of senior journalist in Mumbai (IFJ)
+ Freedom Forum shocked at journalist's murder (Freedom Forum)
+ Mumbai crime reporter killed in broad daylight (CPJ)
+ Organised crime reporter gunned down in Mumbai suburb (RSF)


Human Rights Watch calls for implementation of freedom of expression reforms (Human Rights Watch)
+ Clinton should raise human rights concerns, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists plan nation-wide protests after latest attack (IFJ)

Journalist receives death threat; newspaper offices vandalised; copies of dailies burned (Freedom Forum)

Freedom Forum welcomes life imprisonment ruling for killers of journalist Uma Singh (Freedom Forum)
+ Two sentenced in journalist's murder (CPJ)

Impunity unchecked, journalist's attackers still at large (Freedom Forum)


Seven journalists injured in attack by students during protests (PPF)

Pakistani journalists receive threats after covering controversial killings (CPJ)

Journalist killed, eight others injured in Peshawar blasts (PPF)
+ IFJ calls for safety education after journalist killed in Pakistan blast (IFJ)
+ One journalist dead and five injured (CPJ)
+ Call for urgent steps to protect journalists after Peshawar suicide bombing (RSF)


Broadcaster claims governor attacked him (CMFR)
+ IFJ concerned by attacks on radio station (IFJ)

Radio commentator killed in Camarines Sur (CMFR)
+ Journalist's murder underscores impunity (IFJ)
+ Radio host gunned down 11 months after colleague from same station was murdered (RSF)
+ Second journalist killed from same radio station (CPJ)

Sri Lanka

FMM condemns arrest of journalist, two others by Borella Police (FMM)

Europe & Central Asia


IRFS employee, American journalist beaten in Baku (IRFS)
+ Two foreign reporters brutally assaulted (CPJ)
+ U.S. journalist, British activist brutally assaulted (IPI)
+ Police arrest men who beat American journalist and British human rights activist (IRFS)
+ Case regarding beating of foreign journalists sent to court (IRFS)


Poczobut in closed trial for "insulting" leader (CPJ)

Journalist's case to be tried behind closed doors (CJES)


Journalists attacked during police crack down on opposition demonstrations (WiPC)


Link to victim's work ignored in trial of Kyrgyz journalist's accused killers (RSF)

Kosovo (Serbia)

ANEM condemns attack on Radio Kontakt Plus journalist (ANEM)


CPJ urges President Otunbayeva to halt persecution of media professionals (CPJ)


Human rights defender acquitted (Human Rights Watch)

Activists targeted on eve of EU Summit (Human Rights Watch)


BBC correspondent detained on extremism charges (CPJ)
+ BBC World Service reporter held in northwestern city (RSF)
+ BBC journalist arrested (WiPC)


Human rights defender receives death threat from Turkish Revenge Brigade (BIANET)

Court orders seizure of magazine, suspension of publication (BIANET)

"Azadiya Welat" newspaper suspended over alleged PKK support; newspaper distributor sentenced (BIANET)

Journalist sentenced to over a month in prison for publishing statement by PKK leader (BIANET)

Cyber attack on ANF news agency (BIANET)

RTUK reprimands TV station for "slang and cursing" (BIANET)

Police prevent journalist from covering news story (BIANET)

Middle East & North Africa

IFJ trains media safety trainers (IFJ)


Three activists released after arrest at UN building (BCHR)

Military tribunal tries opposition politicians and defense lawyer, convicts peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI condemns poet's prison sentence (ANHRI)
+ ANHRI condemns military trial of parliamentarians and lawyer for their opinion (ANHRI)
+ Poet sentenced (WiPC)

BCHR releases report on government crackdown against photographers (BCHR)


Nineteen years after his assassination, ANHRI honours writer Farag Fouda (ANHRI)

Journalist fined after publishing article about worker safety issue at factory (ANHRI)

General Tarek El Mahdy urged to stop imposing his opinions on media (ANHRI)


Journalists remain in government's crosshairs with arrests, sentences and death of an editor while in custody (CPJ)
+ Authorities "responsible for journalist's death" (RSF)
+ CJFE calls for release of all journalists currently detained (CJFE)
+ CJFE troubled by ongoing detention and mistreatment of journalists (CJFE)

Rampant impunity continues to claim victims, say human rights organisations (RSF)


New concerns over bill proposing creation of media council in Iraqi Kurdistan (RSF)


Blogger detained for criticising Saudi and Bahraini governments on Twitter (ANHRI)


Casablanca court sentences newspaper editor to one year in prison (RSF)
+ One year in prison for editor critical of government (WiPC)
+ Another adjournment in appeal by newspaper editor, held for past 140 days (RSF)


Keep supporting the real bloggers who are taking real risks to inform, says RSF (RSF)
+ "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog case a hoax (WiPC)

Crackdown on dissent continues in spite of selective presidential amnesty (WiPC)

UN Security Council should demand end to crackdown (Human Rights Watch)


Scars of oppression run deep in the country's media (IFEX-TMG)

United Arab Emirates

Call for end to trial of five pro-democracy activists (Human Rights Watch)
+ Human rights organisations call on authorities to annul trial of activists (ANHRI)
+ UAE intent on punishing online dissent (CPJ)
+ Blogger Ahmed Mansoor to appear in court (RSF)


ANHRI condemns ongoing confiscation of newspapers, attacks on journalists (ANHRI)

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