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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest |4 - 10 July 2011


Press freedom concerns grow around the world in first six months of 2011 (IPI)



Two journalists assaulted, threatened at gunpoint after conducting interview with provincial governor (MISA)

Central African Republic

Prosecutor seeks three-year jail terms for detained editors (RSF)

Côte d'Ivoire

MFWA investigating charges against five detained Pro-Gbagbo media personnel (MFWA)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Editor sentenced in absentia to one month in prison (JED)

Equatorial Guinea

"We won't go to Malabo", says RSF (RSF)


Authorities detain two Swedish journalists (CPJ)
+ Swedish journalists arrested; Somali journalist threatened with extradition (RSF)

Authorities accuse two jailed journalists of terrorism plot (CPJ)


Big improvement in media freedom seen since end of Tandja regime (RSF)

Sierra Leone

Sports journalists under threat (MFWA)


Journalist sentenced to one-year prison term for "publishing false news", faces exile to Ethiopia (NUSOJ)
+ Call for release of jailed online journalist (RSF)
+ Puntland authorities arrest online journalist (CPJ)
+ IFJ condemns jailing of journalist (IFJ)
+ Puntland authorities jail online reporter (CPJ)


Journalist jailed for reporting on alleged rape (IPI)
+ Two journalists convicted for articles about human rights violations (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns imprisonment of journalist Fatima Ghazali (ANHRI)


Businessman seeks closure of newspaper in defamation claim (MISA)


Police officer assaults journalist (MISA)

The Gambia

President urged to disclose knowledge of journalist's fate (CPJ)
+ Gambian justice minister should disclose Manneh's fate (CPJ)
+ RSF urges justice minister to prove claim that missing journalist is still alive (RSF)
+ Justice minister claims missing journalist alive (IPI)
+ IFJ urges government to end silence over whereabouts of missing journalist (IFJ)

Dismissed sports editor detained (MFWA)


Government passes Access to Information Act regulations (HRNJ-Uganda)

Journalist assaulted by mob (HRNJ-Uganda)


Journalists face criminal defamation charges (CPJ)
+ "Standard" journalists released on bail, investigation continues (RSF)

"NewsDay" reporters barred from Khami Prison (MISA)



Death threats, attacks on Neuquén radio journalist (RSF)


Journalist assassinated in Arboletes, Antioquia (FLIP)
+ IAPA condemns murder of journalist in Colombia (IAPA)
+ Journalist murdered (IPI)
+ One journalist murdered, two others threatened after covering sensitive stories (RSF)
+ Provincial journalist shot to death (CPJ)
+ One journalist killed, two threatened (WiPC)


Authorities step up harassment of independent news center (RSF)

Independent press still under attack: CPJ report shows new repressive tactics (CPJ)


Two Petit-Goâve radio journalists arbitrarily detained (RSF)


Criminal investigations police arrest radio producer and environmental activist (C-Libre)

Journalist assassinated in La Ceiba (C-Libre)
+ La Ceiba TV reporter is second journalist murdered in Honduras in two months (RSF)
+ IAPA, angered at murder of journalist in Honduras, calls for greater political will to solve such cases (IAPA)

Community radio stations still denied access to airwaves, RSF and AMARC note (RSF)


CJFE troubled by lack of protection for journalists (CJFE)


Magazine editor and TV programme director targeted (IPYS)

United States

Court overrules anti-prostitution gag rule for US groups (Human Rights Watch)


Globovisión faces new accusation over coverage of a prison riot (IPYS-Venezuela)

IAPA university forum highlights Declaration of Chapultepec principles (IAPA)

Asia & Pacific


Twelve organisations call for release of Democratic Voice of Burma's video journalists (SEAPA)
+ Parliament rejects motion to repeal Emergency Provisions Act (Mizzima News)

Australian editor convicted, released (CPJ)

Censorship board bans magazine cover with photo of Aung San Suu Kyi (Mizzima News)


IFJ calls for release of all journalists, writers and bloggers on Communist Party's 90th anniversary (IFJ)
+ IFJ calls for release of all journalists, writers and bloggers on 2nd anniversary of ethnic unrest in Xinjiang (IFJ)
+ Communist Party celebrates longevity, but activist says it has gone deaf (RSF)
+ Biden should keep up "straightforward" talk on rights, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Journalist sentenced to a further eight years (WiPC)

Hong Kong (China)

Freedom of expression under threat, HKJA annual report notes (HKJA)


Criminal gang members kidnap, rape journalist's niece (RSF)


Call for respect of free expression on eve of Bersih 2.0 rally (SEAPA)


Judge issues arrest warrant against alleged mastermind behind attack on journalist (Freedom Forum)
+ 70-day court summons issued for mastermind behind attack on journalist (Freedom Forum)


IFJ and PFUJ release safety guidelines (IFJ)


At regional conference, 95 trade unions call for end to impunity (IFJ)

Kidapawan radio commentator threatened (CMFR)

Broadcaster receives threatening messages while on air (CMFR)

High Court grants request for transfer of venue for trial in broadcaster's murder (CMFR)

Court asked to reconsider case dismissal against accused in journalist's murder (CMFR)

Prosecutor dismisses libel case (CMFR)


Elected officials urged to make human rights a priority, address increasing media repression (Human Rights Watch)
+ Media and free expression face challenges in election aftermath (SEAPA)

"Friend of Thailand" calls for release of Chinese journalist held in Bangkok (RSF)

Tibet (China)

Tibetan magazine editor given four-year jail term (CPJ)
+ Writer and editor sentenced (WiPC)


Justice denied in assault case (PFF)
+ IFJ dismayed by minimal penalty for perpetrators of assault (IFJ)
+ Risible fine for minister who assaulted newspaper publisher (RSF)


Writer Tran Khai Thanh Thuy released from prison, exiled to United States (PEN American Center)
+ Award-winning writer and journalist released into exile (WiPC)

Europe & Central Asia


Foreign reporters denied entry as territorial dispute escalates (RSF)
+ Citing ethnicity, authorities bar photojournalist (CPJ)
+ German journalist inhibited from preparing article about Nakhchivan (IRFS)


Foreign reporters denied entry as territorial dispute escalates (RSF)
+ Citing ethnicity, authorities bar photojournalist (CPJ)
+ German journalist inhibited from preparing article about Nakhchivan (IRFS)

Appeal of jailed youth activist rejected (IRFS)

Police arrest men who beat American journalist and British human rights activist (IRFS)


Dozens of journalists detained as crackdown continues (CPJ)

Journalist given suspended three-year prison term (CPJ)
+ Reporter freed, under even closer watch after suspended sentence (RSF)

Minsk police detain and beat a dozen reporters, break equipment (CPJ)
+ Journalists and netizens harassed during peaceful protests (RSF)
+ Authorities urged to cease violence against peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)


French court dismisses defamation suit filed by Uzbek president's daughter (Human Rights Watch)


Telecommunications agency poised to assume arbitrary Internet filtering powers (RSF)


IFJ supports campaign for independent journalism and pluralism (IFJ)
+ IPI concerned over latest media developments (IPI)


Armed man pursues journalist in Moscow (CPJ)


Magazine fined, forced to shut down (BIANET)

IPA calls for acquittal of publisher being brought before the court (IPA)


French court dismisses defamation suit filed by Uzbek president's daughter (Human Rights Watch)

Middle East & North Africa

Massacres continue far from cameras in Syria and Yemen; situation stabilises in Bahrain (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns detention of Secretary General of “Al- Haq” opposition party (ANHRI)


Disturbing wave of prosecutions on eve of national dialogue (RSF)

On eve of Egyptian prime minister's visit to Bahrain, organisations express concern over human rights violations (CIHRS) (EOHR)

Human Rights Watch documents unfolding rights crisis (Human Rights Watch)


ANHRI restates rejection of military tribunals, demands activist’s release (ANHRI)

A year after the departure of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd (ANHRI)

EOHR issues report on crackdown on Balloon Theatre and Tahrir Square protests (EOHR)


Regime rejects UN rapporteur visit, continues to crack down on free expression (RSF)


Attacks by government-backed thugs chill protests (Human Rights Watch)


Another documentary banned from Beirut film festival (ANHRI)


Information minister has two Dubai TV journalists fired (RSF)


France 24 journalist harassed by Hamas (RSF)


Shootings, arrests follow Hama protest (Human Rights Watch)
+ Defectors describe orders to shoot unarmed protesters (Human Rights Watch)

Deaths of three protesters raise death toll in Homs (Human Rights Watch)


Police inaction allowed assault on film screening, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Prize-winning blog threatened with legal action (RSF)


Journalist abducted; authorities continue to block news coverage (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns ongoing suppression of press freedom (ANHRI)
+ ANHRI condemns ongoing censorship, confiscation of newspaper copies (ANHRI)

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