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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 18 - 24 July 2011


Democratic Republic of Congo

Opposition television station resumes broadcasts after week-long ban (JED)
+ Kabila government bans broadcaster favorable to rival (CPJ)


Editor receives death threat (CEMESP)


Radio station vehicles attacked (MISA)
+ Assailants destroy private broadcaster's trucks before protests (CPJ)


Walfadjri media group targeted as press freedom situation worsens (RSF)


Newspaper prohibited from writing about chief justice (MISA)
+ "Sowetan" newspaper confiscated at the border (MISA)


Radio presenter goes missing (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Journalists pitch camp at police station over their missing colleague (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Charge or release detained journalist, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ Top commanders sued over missing journalist (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Anti-terrorist unit holding radio journalist who disappeared two weeks ago (RSF)
+ Court orders commanders of forces to produce a missing journalist in court (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Journalist's trial adjourned (HRNJ-Uganda)


Ruling party members charged in TV crew attack (CPJ)
+ Violent attack on TV crew by ruling party members, equipment seized (RSF)


Journalist arrested in Kwekwe (MISA)

Four journalists detained, released without charge (MISA)



Police detain individual for selling video about President Evo Morales (ANP)


Minister plans to appeal judge's ruling in favour of newspaper (Fundamedios)

IAPA urges Ecuadoreans to defend freedom of expression (IAPA)

Newspaper directors, writer sentenced to three years in prison, US$40 million fine (Fundamedios)
+ Court imposes jail, fines for libel (IPI)
+ President's lawsuit ends with jail terms, huge fine for newspaper directors and columnist (RSF)
+ Sentencing of newspaper, journalists a "serious blow" to press freedom, says IAPA (IAPA)
+ Editor and executives sentenced to prison (CPJ)
+ Newspaper directors, journalist convicted for criticizing president (Human Rights Watch)
+ IAPA asks Inter-American Commission to focus on serious situation in Ecuador (IAPA)
+ WPFC denounces harsh prison sentences and fines against Ecuadorian journalists (WPFC)


Canal 36 television station journalists receive death threats (C-Libre)

Journalist dismissed after investigating irregularities in social security institute tender process (C-Libre)

IAPA calls for increased efforts to ensure press freedom (IAPA)

Provincial journalist murdered (CPJ)


IPI concerned at alleged death threats against journalist Lydia Cacho (IPI)


Concern over judicial harassment of "ABC Color" newspaper (WPFC)


Newspaper editor reports having received death threat (IPYS)

United States

Call for removal of Global Gag Rule from House bill (Human Rights Watch)


Opposition leader convicted for criticising government (Human Rights Watch)

Asia & Pacific


Journalist in hiding following assault on home (Media Watch)


Restricting peaceful gatherings to "freedom parks" stifles freedom of expression, says CCHR (CCHR)


IFJ urges greater transparency from Xinjiang authorities (IFJ)

"China Economic Times" dissolves investigative news department (IFJ)
+ Newspaper's investigative unit shuttered (CPJ)
+ Were business newspaper's investigative reporters fired or given other jobs? (RSF)


Clinton should raise human rights concerns, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Opposition blogger ordered to pay exorbitant damages to minister (RSF)

Human Rights Watch calls for the release of the "PSM 6" (Human Rights Watch)


District Court to refile case against suspected killers of journalist (Freedom Forum)
+ District court registers case on journalist's disappearance (FNJ)

70-day court summons issued for mastermind behind attack on journalist (Freedom Forum)


Two journalists assaulted in Bahawalpur (PPF)

Civil servants ordered to refrain from providing information to the media (PPF)


Mindanao broadcaster receives death threats (CMFR)

IFJ fears further delay in Ampatuan massacre trials (IFJ)

Human Rights Watch report details military involvement in activists' murders, disappearances (Human Rights Watch)

Europe & Central Asia


Journalists assaulted, threatened in Nakhchiyan (IRFS)
+ Journalist hounded in autonomous republic, two colleagues attacked (RSF)
+ IRFS employee threatened in prosecutor’s office; another searched by police (IRFS)
+ IRFS condemns recent escalation in persecution of journalists in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (IRFS)


IPI demands public prosecutor investigate top military officials over alleged death threats to journalist (IPI)


IPI condemns latest attack on daily "Vijesti" (IPI)


ANEM opposes cable operators' limits on local media content (ANEM)


BBC journalist released on bail (WiPC)
+ BBC journalist goes on trial in Tajikistan (CPJ)
+ Trial of BBC journalist begins (WiPC)
+ BBC correspondent tells court he was tortured while detained (RSF)


Political youth magazine suspended for a month (BIANET)

"Evrensel" newspaper threatened (BIANET)


Journalist under police protection after receiving threat (IMI)

Middle East & North Africa


Writer and journalist released (WiPC)

CPJ calls on authorities to end harassment of critical journalists (CPJ)
+ Continued harassment of journalists (BCHR)
+ Journalist faces imprisonment and fine over fabricated charges (ANHRI)
+ Human rights defender and journalist Reem Khalifa on trial as a result of fabricated charges (BCHR)

Poet released from prison but sentence still standing (WiPC)


EOHR calls for investigation into disappeared journalist (EOHR)

ANHRI celebrates conclusion of workshop on capacity building for young journalists and citizen journalism (ANHRI)

Egypt's turbulent road to democracy: challenges for U.S. policy (Freedom House)


Veteran journalist ordered to prison (CPJ)

CJFE calls for release of all journalists currently detained (CJFE)

CJFE troubled by ongoing detention and mistreatment of journalists (CJFE)

Journalists in Iran: Living under the sword (CJFE)


MADA condemns anti-boycott bill (MADA)


CPJ calls on authorities to prevent attacks on journalists covering protests (CPJ)
+ Journalists targeted by security forces in Syria, Jordan and Yemen (RSF)


IPI calls for justice for murdered journalists in light of UN STL indictments (IPI)


ANHRI celebrates conclusion of workshop on capacity building for young journalists and citizen journalism (ANHRI)


Campaign of mass arrests intensifies; key opposition figure, activist detained (Human Rights Watch)

ANHRI condemns arrest of writer Ali Al Abdallah (ANHRI)

ANHRI condemns detention of intellectuals, media workers (ANHRI)

Poet and song writer killed for a protest song, says WiPC (WiPC)


Police attack journalists during Tunis demonstrations (RSF)

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