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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 25 July - 1 August 2011


Tunisia's Radio Kalima wins IPI Free Media Pioneer Award 2011 (IPI)


Côte d'Ivoire

TV presenter charged for Gbagbo-leaning coverage (CPJ)
+ Journalist who supported former regime facing possible life sentence (RSF)
+ State broadcaster back on the air, presenter still detained (RSF)
+ In open letter to Ouattara, RSF calls on him to intercede on behalf of imprisoned journalist (RSF)


Two journalists freed on bail; two others remain in detention (RSF)
+ Terrorism law undercuts free speech, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ Two journalists released on bail after 15 months (CPJ)


Police assault sports journalists (MFWA)


Communications council lifts ban on coverage of rocket attack on president's residence (CPJ)

RSF releases report on press freedom situation in Guinea and Niger

Regulatory body gags media (MFWA)

Offices of "Le Défi" newspaper attacked and ransacked (MFWA)


Human Rights Watch calls for investigation into killings of peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ Human Rights Watch urges the SADC to confront region's urgent rights issues (Human Rights Watch)
+ Police urged to use restraint in upcoming protests (Human Rights Watch)

Journalists beaten, detained and prevented from covering protests (RSF)
+ MISA condemns ban on coverage of demonstrations, beating of journalists (MISA)


RSF releases report on press freedom situation in Guinea and Niger


Musician briefly arrested for criticising President Wade (MFWA)


Al-Shabaab imposes severe restrictions on privately-owned radio station (NUSOJ)


Journalist sentenced for covering assault case (ANHRI)
+ Another female journalist jailed for reporting rape allegations (RSF)

The Gambia

Ex-press union boss, six others accused of treason and sedition (MFWA)
+ Drop 'bogus charges' against journalists' leader, says IFJ (IFJ)


Kibaale journalist injured while covering student protest (HRNJ-Uganda)

Charge or release detained journalist, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Top commanders sued over missing journalist (HRNJ-Uganda)

Anti-terrorist unit holding radio journalist who disappeared two weeks ago (RSF)

Court orders commanders of forces to produce a missing journalist in court (HRNJ-Uganda)


Journalists assaulted at parliament building (MISA)

Police bar "Free the Airwaves" concert (MISA)


IAPA laments "tragic year for journalism", urges Ecuadorian president to respect press freedom (IAPA) IAPA to hold conference on combating impunity (IAPA)


Political reporter murdered, motive unclear (ABRAJI)
+ Mato Grosso journalist gunned down, crime of passion theory disputed (RSF)
+ Political journalist murdered in Brazil (CPJ)
+ Judiciary decides to keep murder investigation confidential (ABRAJI)


President's lawyer takes preliminary steps to launch legal action against journalist (Fundamedios)

WPFC denounces harsh prison sentences and fines against Ecuadorian journalists (WPFC)


Radio Progreso correspondent receives death threats (C-Libre)


Journalist murdered in Veracruz (ARTICLE 19)
+ IAPA outraged at murder of another journalist (IAPA)
+ Journalist found decapitated (CPJ)
+ Female journalist's murder turns Veracruz into deadliest state for media in 2011 (RSF)
+ Journalist found dead (IPI)
+ Journalist abducted and murdered in Veracruz state (WiPC)


RSF report on how organised crime impacts journalists (RSF)


Open letter from RSF urges incoming president to ensure journalists "no longer fear imprisonment" (RSF)
+ Peru must take steps to decriminalise defamation, says CPJ (CPJ)
+ WPFC-FH's letter to President Hullanta Humala on criminal defamation (WPFC)

Electoral council sues newspaper editor (IPYS)

Asia & Pacific


BBC reporter killed during Taliban attack in Uruzgan province (IPI)
+ Reporter killed in coordinated Taliban attacks on southern town (RSF)
+ Journalist killed in insurgent attack (CPJ)


Journalist investigating child abduction targeted in hacking attack (CPJ)
+ E-mail account of investigative journalist infiltrated (IFJ)

Authorities obstruct train disaster reporting (CPJ)
+ Propaganda department blocks news on rail disaster (IFJ)


CIJ concerned over proposed media consultative council (CIJ)


Journalist released on bail (IPI)
+ Journalist Dolgor Chuluunbaatar released on bail (Globe International)


Privately-owned television station's news team attacked (PPF)

Assailants open fire on TV host's car (PPF)
+ Two Karachi-based TV journalists targeted (RSF)

Slain journalist's associates say murder investigation has ground to a halt (RSF)


Magazine editor charged with lese majeste (SEAPA)
+ Editor faces anti-royal charges (CPJ)
+ Detained newspaper editor facing trial on lèse-majesté charges (RSF)
+ Court refuses to free editor held for six months on lèse-majesté charge (RSF)
+ Editor faces jail on lése majestè charges (IPI)


Blogger Nguyen Van Hai reportedly critically injured in prison; concerns for safety (WiPC)
+ Concerns rise about jailed blogger (CPJ)

Police return ailing dissident priest to prison (Human Rights Watch)
+ Editor and priest Nguyen Van Ly returned to prison; health concerns (WiPC)
+ Freedom House slams return of prominent activist to prison (Freedom House)
+ Ailing dissident Catholic priest sent back to prison (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


IPI condemns attack on SKAI TV in Piraeus (IPI)

Kosovo (Serbia)

ANEM condemns hacker attack on radio station website (ANEM)

IPI calls on authorities to create environment in which media can operate freely (IPI)


IPI condemns recurring attacks on daily "Vijesti" (IPI)


Charges laid against official who attacked, injured reporter (GDF)


IPI welcomes planned decriminalisation of defamation and libel (IPI)


European Court of Human Rights overrules libel decision (IPI)


Shooter in Hrant Dink case sentenced to 22 years in jail (BIANET)
+ Killer's conviction seen as important step, but masterminds still protected and threats continue (RSF)

Middle East & North Africa


String of arrests in Syria; journalist dismissed in Egypt (RSF)


Renewed threats against AFP bureau in Amman (RSF)


Maharat condemns brief detention of singer accused of defaming the president (Maharat Foundation)

Saudi Arabia

Authorities block Amnesty International site (ANHRI)


Writers released under amnesty (WiPC)

String of arrests in Syria; journalist dismissed in Egypt (RSF)


Targeting of journalists and demonstrators alarming, says IFEX-TMG (IFEX-TMG)


Tunisia's Radio Kalima wins IPI Free Media Pioneer Award 2011 (IPI)

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