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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 29 August - 5 September 2011


RSF calls for universal ratification of International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (RSF)

Daniel Pearl, Raymond Louw named IPI World Press Freedom Heroes (IPI)


Côte d'Ivoire

Authorities to withdraw soldiers from "Notre Voie" newspaper premises (MFWA)
+ Ouattara fighters withdraw from media outlets (CPJ)
+ Soldiers withdrawn from pro-Gbagbo newspapers' premises (MFWA)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Four journalists are victims of police violence during opposition protest (JED)

Death threats against JED's two leaders (RSF)

Politician taped threatening journalist (CPJ)
+ Call to ruling party politicians after threats and attacks on journalists (RSF)


Call for release of detained opposition leaders as crackdown intensifies (Human Rights Watch)

RSF calls for release of two journalists, investigation into conditions of detention (RSF)
+ CPJ concerned about detained journalists (CPJ)


Newspaper receives threats, suspends publication (RSF)


NUSOJ condemns bomb attack on radio station (NUSOJ)
+ Grenade attack damages Puntland radio station (CPJ)

South Africa

Journalists attacked during ANC protest (CPJ)


RSF calls for release of all imprisoned journalists in wake of president's announcement (RSF)
+ Sudan releases one journalist, at least eight believed still detained (CPJ)

The Gambia

Journalist fears conviction; witnesses unwilling to testify (MFWA)


Banned magazine back on sale amid tension over media freedom (RSF)


Foreign newspapers instructed to register with media commission, face possible ban (MISA)
+ Minister threatens to close private newspapers (MISA)
+ AIPPA to stay: Minister (MISA)


Following recent university conference, IAPA welcomes academic commitment to uphold battle against impunity (IAPA)
+ IAPA praises Latin American universities for their research into impunity (IAPA)


Journalist forced into exile (IPI)


Faced with ongoing legal action, journalist decides to leave the country (Fundamedios)
+ IAPA reiterates concern at deterioration of press freedom (IAPA)

Photojournalist detained during police raid (Fundamedios)

Authorities cancel TV station's licencing contract (Fundamedios)

CPJ special report: "Confrontation, repression in Ecuador" (CPJ)


Two journalists killed in Mexico City (ARTICLE 19)
+ Murder of two female journalists brings media death toll since 2000 to 80 (RSF)
+ IAPA urges nothing be ruled out in investigation into journalists' murder (IAPA)
+ Two women journalists found strangled in Mexico City (WiPC)

Twitter users accused of terrorism in Veracruz (ARTICLE 19)
+ Two social network users held on terrorism and sabotage charges (RSF)

United States

Four years after the crime, two men get life sentences for Chauncey Bailey's murder (RSF)


News agency director assaulted, camera operator's equipment destroyed (IPYS)

Weekly allowed to reopen, executives still charged (CPJ)
+ Ban on weekly lifted but criminal charges maintained against editor and publisher (RSF)

Human Rights Watch calls on government to protect human rights defender (Human Rights Watch)

Asia & Pacific


Suu Kyi withdraws article slated for publication following harassment from censorship board (Mizzima News)
+ Volunteer jailed for ten years for quoting critic, Aung San Suu Kyi’s article censored (SEAPA)
+ Suu Kyi's article published in full (SEAPA)
+ "The Messenger" punished for article on Suu Kyi (Mizzima News)

Former military officer sentenced to ten years in prison under Electronics Act (Mizzima News)

Parliament rejects motion to repeal Emergency Provisions Act (Mizzima News)


Microblog suspends accounts for allegedly spreading false rumours (CPJ)

Don't legalise secret detention (Human Rights Watch)

New developments in Internet censorship and control (RSF)


Police arrest suspect accused of attack on journalist (FNJ)
+ Police arrest leading suspect in attack on newspaper reporter (RSF)

District court registers case on journalist's disappearance (FNJ)


SEAPA expresses concern over government officials' comments on lese majeste cases (SEAPA)

Journalists subjected to intimidation tactics over Red Shirt coverage, interview with prime minister (SEAPA)


Government urged to free seriously ill rights advocates as part of National Day amnesty (Human Rights Watch)

Europe & Central Asia


Authorities in Nakhchivan impose news blackout on detainee's death (RSF)

Rights defender, six activists convicted (Human Rights Watch)


Investigative journalist receives death threat (RSF)


LiveJournal portal, several blogs suspended (Adil Soz)


Daily "Vijesti" attacked yet again (IPI)


Ministry of Justice disputes facts about imprisoned journalists (BIANET)


Gongadze murder suspect admits to killing, names former president Kuchma as conspirator (CPJ)


Regime steps up online control and media crackdown (RSF)

Middle East & North Africa


Authorities attempt to muzzle, intimidate independent broadcasters covering rights violations (BCHR)


Jailed blogger on hunger strike, moved to solitary confinement (CPJ)
+ Hunger striking blogger's health and prison conditions deteriorate (RSF)
+ Unjustly detained blogger, on hunger strike, could die in prison (RSF)
+ EOHR calls for the release of blogger (EOHR)
+ Hunger-striking blogger hospitalised; Lebanese blogger denied entry (RSF)
+ CJFE calls on authorities to release imprisoned journalist (CJFE)
+ Jailed blogger resumes hunger strike, in critical condition again (RSF)

Jailed blogger's health deteriorating following hunger strike (RSF)


Prominent Kurdish journalist assaulted (Human Rights Watch)
+ Kurdish journalist brutally assaulted (CPJ)


Israeli and Palestinian journalists forum calls for press freedom ahead of possible UN recognition of Palestine (IPI)

MADA demands the release of five journalists from Israeli prisons (MADA)


Israeli and Palestinian journalists forum calls for press freedom ahead of possible UN recognition of Palestine (IPI)


Government announces new media law (RSF)

ANHRI condemns attack on cartoonist Ali Farzat (ANHRI)


Security forces confiscate copies of newspapers (ANHRI)
+ Press freedom faces systematic violence by an illegitimate regime (ANHRI)

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