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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 19 - 25 September 2011


Landmark regional declaration paves way for access to information (ARTICLE 19)
+ World's press welcomes African declaration on access to information (WAN-IFRA)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Journalist held in police detention for 17 days (JED)


No one can continue to ignore the regime's brutality, says RSF (RSF)

Human Rights Watch releases briefing paper on missing political prisoners (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities detain two more journalists on vague terrorism accusations (CPJ)
+ Crackdown on dissent intensifies (Human Rights Watch)

Anti-terror law denounced as serious challenge for the media; journalist named in WikiLeaks cable flees abroad (RSF)


Arson attacks target rights activists (MISA)

Journalist Ernest Mahwayo granted bail, pleads not guilty (MISA)


Radio journalist shot, critically wounded (NUSOJ)
+ Harassment and attacks on journalists in Puntland and Somaliland (RSF)
+ Shooting of journalist outside radio station (CJFE)

South Africa

Ruling ANC pulls secrecy bill (CPJ)


Human Rights Watch calls for end to clampdown on opposition party members, government critics (Human Rights Watch)


Author arrested for publishing book that called for president to step down (HRNJ-Uganda)

Journalist's trial adjourned (HRNJ-Uganda)


Freedom House condemns crackdown on peaceful WOZA protest (Freedom House)

Former minister sues "Daily News" over stories quoting WikiLeaks cables (RSF)



Government must pass right to information bill, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist informed of plan to attack her, asks president to intervene to ensure her safety (RSF)


Tribunal upholds sentencing of newspaper, its directors and former feature writer on defamation charge (Fundamedios)
+ Court confirms "El Universo" sentence, setting grave legal precedent (RSF)
+ Legal sentence against "El Universo" shows zeal to gag the press (IAPA)
+ CPJ dismayed by decision to uphold libel conviction (CPJ)

Seven radio stations face sanctions for airing free expression programme (Fundamedios)


Prosecution and violence against Twitter users must stop, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist flees country after death threats (CPJ)
+ IAPA protests harassment of journalists in Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua (IAPA)


Suspects arrested in journalist's murder (IPYS)
+ Three murder suspects arrested amid growing risk of pressure on investigators (RSF)

Critical journalist gunned down (CPJ)


Appeal against editor's pre-trial detention when no crime has been established (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


Iranian journalist dies of injuries sustained in Kabul attack (CPJ)
+ Cameraman dies from injuries during Taliban attack in Kabul a week ago (RSF)


Many news websites unblocked; 17 journalists and three netizens still held (RSF)

Press freedom vital to credible Burmese reform, says CPJ report (CPJ)


TV journalist killed; IFJ worried by recent spate of attacks (IFJ)
+ TV journalist murdered in Luoyang (RSF)
+ Journalist who probed cooking oil scandal is killed (CPJ)


Freelancer charged with antistate activities (CPJ)


PM's promise of sweeping reforms does not extend to media freedom, says CIJ (CIJ)
+ Promises of legal reforms raise hope (ARTICLE 19)
+ CPJ welcomes reform vow (CPJ)


Journalist's attackers in custody (Freedom Forum)

Killers of journalists could go free, warns CPJ (CPJ)


Journalist attacked, seriously injured in tribal area (PPF)

Bomb blast targets market selling music and video CDs (PPF)

Foreign journalists banned from town where Bin Laden was living (RSF)


Broadcaster's daughter abducted (CMFR)
+ Journalist's daughter kidnapped (CPJ)

Appellate court denies petition of alleged masterminds in Esperat case (CMFR)


RSF calls into question responsibility of army in fatal shooting of cameraman (RSF)


Activist and Internet writer sentenced to four years in prison (WiPC)
+ Blogger Lu Van Bay serving four-year sentence (RSF)
+ Crackdown on journalists in past six months (CPJ)

Europe & Central Asia


Freedom House and Center for European Policy Analysis release working group report on democratic transition (Freedom House)


RSF reports on outlook for media following five-day country mission (RSF)


Editor attacked in his home over anti-corruption reports (CJES)


Journalist and human rights defender acquitted (BIANET)

Protesting students face possible 10-year prison sentences (BIANET)
+ Protesting students rely on legal rights (BIANET)

Court orders one-month suspension of newspaper under anti-terror law (BIANET)

Access to LGBT sites restricted in Parliament (BIANET)

United Kingdom

IFJ joins protest against threat to confidentiality of sources from police (IFJ)


Human rights activist attacked over critical online publications (CJES)

Middle East & North Africa

Journalists continue to be targeted while covering Arab Spring (RSF)
+ Cameraman critically wounded by gunfire (CPJ) International "Day of Rage": UN Rights Council addresses situations in Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen (CIHRS)


CIHRS hosts panel discussion, film screening on free expression crisis (CIHRS)


Twenty-three NGOs call on transitional authorities to engage in dialogue, meet demands of civil society (CIHRS)
+ Government moves to restrict rights and democracy groups (Human Rights Watch)
+ In a lecture to National Security officers, Bahey eldin Hassan warns of the dangers of reviving the policies and practices of Mubarak and al-Adli and the application of the emergency law (CIHRS)
+ The Ministry of Information ongoing (ANHRI)

Jailed blogger resumes hunger strike, in critical condition again (RSF)


UN member states should challenge Ahmadinejad as campaign to crush dissent continues, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ From bad to worse: the human rights situation in Iran (Freedom House)

Six documentary filmmakers arrested (CPJ)
+ Regime continues to wage war against foreign media (RSF)

Journalist, poet and activist Faranak Farid arrested; serious health concerns (WiPC)

Charge or release rights activist (Human Rights Watch)


ANHRI condemns suspension of "Al Zaman", imprisonment of its editorial team (ANHRI)
+ Journalists appeal verdict in insult case (IPI)
+ Newspaper verdict aims to silence dissent (ARTICLE 19)

Two activists detained after participating in peaceful protest (ANHRI)


MADA welcomes acquittal of journalist Alaa Al-Titi (MADA)

Radio director faces trial after criticising Health Directorate (MADA)


ANHRI calls on Egyptian authorities to condemn the actions of the Syrian government (ANHRI)

United Arab Emirates

Free activists before elections, say four rights groups (Human Rights Watch)
+ After another hearing, detained blogger's trial adjourned again (RSF)
+ Sorbonne should condemn lecturer's prosecution (Human Rights Watch)


ANHRI condemns killing of peaceful protesters (ANHRI)
+ Killing of protesters shows perils of immunity deal, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ UN Human Rights Council: Yemen resolution falls far short (Human Rights Watch)

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