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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 26 September - 2 October 2011


Countries start signing anti-counterfeiting accord that was negotiated secretly (RSF)
+ European Parliament urged to reject Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ARTICLE 19)

ARTICLE 19 celebrates advancements in the right to freedom of information (ARTICLE 19)

Resolutions issued by IPI membership at World Congress point to concerns over impunity, criminal defamation and restrictive legislation (IPI)

Freedom House releases report on growing challenges to internet freedom (Freedom House)


MISA launches reports on most open and most secretive public institutions in southern Africa (MISA) World's press welcomes African declaration on access to information (WAN-IFRA)


Authorities urged to lift news blackout imposed after Gatumba massacre (RSF)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Cameraman attacked while filming opposition demonstration (JED)

Equatorial Guinea

UNESCO director-general urged to cancel Obiang prize (RSF)


Journalists face threats in covering Dawit Isaac's imprisonment (CPJ)


Journalist threatened after allegedly publicising conversation involving presidential candidate (MISA)


Rugambage murder trial verdict raises more questions than it answers, says RSF (RSF)


Three "La Tribune" journalists detained over story on police violence (MFWA)


AU forces say four soldiers responsible for journalist's death (CPJ)
+ NUSOJ welcomes AU apology over Malaysian journalist's killing, demands probe on death of Somali journalist (NUSOJ)

Harassment and attacks on journalists in Puntland and Somaliland (RSF)


Newspaper closed, others suspended or seized, journalists physically attacked (RSF)
+ Authorities shut down "Al-Jarida" newspaper, confiscate its assets (ANHRI)

The Gambia

Lawyer jailed for defending his client (MFWA)


Journalist harassed over political talk show (HRNJ-Uganda)


Injunction on private media houses lifted (IPI)

"Zambia Daily Mail" crew attacked (MISA)



IAPA condemns increased harassment of dissidents (IAPA)


"El Universo" threatened with two more lawsuits (Fundamedios)

Correa lambastes press in Columbia speech (CPJ)

IAPA calls attention to Correa's conflicting positions on press freedom (IAPA)


Armed men threaten journalist, steal his laptop (C-Libre)
+ One opposition journalist threatened, another pursued by coup general (RSF)


IAPA highlights absence of government action following assassination of yet another journalist (IAPA)
+ Journalist's decapitated body found in Mexico (CPJ)
+ World's press condemns brutal killing of newspaper editor (WAN-IFRA)
+ Newspaper editor beheaded in Nuevo Laredo, young reporter missing in Veracruz (RSF)
+ One journalist murdered, another missing (WiPC)
+ Journalist murdered due to online activities (ARTICLE 19)
+ Journalist kidnapped, beheaded (IPI)

Journalist reported missing in Veracruz (ARTICLE 19)
+ Police reporter missing in Veracruz (CPJ)

After wasted month in prison, two social network users freed, charges dropped (RSF)


IAPA protests harassment of journalists in Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua (IAPA)


Journalists receive death threats via leaflets left at their homes (IPYS)

Newspaper editor, correspondent given two-year suspended prison sentences (IPYS)
+ Decriminalisation urged after suspended jail terms for two journalists (RSF)

United States

United States urged to take tough stance on Uzbekistan (Human Rights Watch)
+ PEN urges Secretary Clinton to stand up for human rights in Uzbekistan (PEN American Center)
+ Human Rights Watch calls on Clinton to set record straight on rights (Human Rights Watch)


Hackers use Twitter to intimidate reporters (IPI)

Asia & Pacific

Freedom of expression groups urge ASEAN to promote access to information (SEAPA)
+ On Right to Know Day, AJI calls on journalists to monitor implementation of public information law (AJI) Conference participants discuss situation of online media in Southeast Asia (SEAPA)


State secrecy laws used to intimidate journalists (IFJ)
+ IFJ concerned by illegal threats to journalists in Southern China (IFJ)

Authorities arrest South Korean journalists near North Korean border (RSF)


IFJ supports citizens' calls for press freedom (IFJ)


Broadcast ban placed on video aimed at increasing voter registration (SEAPA)

North Korea

Panel participants highlight challenges of reporting on closed society (IPI)


Journalist's daughter kidnapped (CPJ)


ARTICLE 19 disappointed by government's failure to commit to greater free expression during UPR process (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist dies from bomb blast injuries (CPJ)
+ Reporter dies from burn injuries in far-south bombings (RSF)


PFF welcomes UN concern over media freedom (PFF)
+ IFJ welcomes UN statement on attacks on media (IFJ)


Dissident writers amnestied (WiPC)
+ CJFE condemns continued detainment of bloggers and journalists (CJFE)

Europe & Central Asia


IPI condemns physical attack on TV Tutin crew (IPI)


WPFC-FH applauds court decision declaring lawsuit against "Leer" magazine null and void (WPFC)


Journalists face threats in covering Dawit Isaac's imprisonment (CPJ)


Journalist faces 16 years in jail if convicted on defamation charges (CPJ)
+ Prosecutor requests lengthy prison sentence for reporter who criticised local officials (RSF)
+ Tajikistan must release reporters (CPJ)


RSF alarmed over premature closure of prosecution case in Dink murder trial (RSF)
+ Lawyers walk out of courtroom in protest over premature closure (BIANET)
+ Justice for Hrant Dink - time running out (RSF)
+ Court of Appeals ruling: "no defamation of Hrant Dink" (BIANET)


United States urged to take tough stance on Uzbekistan (Human Rights Watch)
+ PEN urges Secretary Clinton to stand up for human rights in Uzbekistan (PEN American Center)
+ Human Rights Watch calls on Clinton to set record straight on rights (Human Rights Watch)

Middle East & North Africa

Bloodbath in Yemen, violence throughout the region (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns blocking of "Yemen Nation" news website (ANHRI)
+ Issue of national newspaper confiscated in Egypt (ANHRI)
+ Egypt must stop censoring newspapers (CPJ)
+ Yemeni journalist succumbs to gunshot wounds (IPI)
+ More press freedom attacks in Egypt (IPI)


Photographers brought to trial (RSF)

Sentences upheld against jailed human rights defenders, writers and bloggers (WiPC)
+ Authorities uphold lengthy prison terms for journalists (CPJ)
+ Activists detained in Qurain Prison are prisoners of conscience, must be released immediately (BCHR)

Human Rights Watch calls for reinstatement of expelled students, faculty (Human Rights Watch)


Police raid Al-Jazeera offices again (CPJ)

ANHRI concerned over sharp decline in freedom of expression (ANHRI)
+ "White columns" initiative protests military interference in newspapers' editorial content (ANHRI)
+ World's press calls for greater protection of freedom of expression (WAN-IFRA)

Jailed blogger's brother harassed for supporting him (RSF)
+ Authorities urged to free blogger at military court appeal (RSF)
+ Appeals in the cases of Maikel Nabil and Nassary Hassan accepted (ANHRI)
+ Jailed blogger's retrial adjourned again as military plays for time (RSF)
+ Re-trial of blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad repeatedly postponed; serious concerns for his health (WiPC)

Government moves to restrict rights and democracy groups (Human Rights Watch)

In a lecture to National Security officers, Bahey eldin Hassan warns of the dangers of reviving the policies and practices of Mubarak and al-Adli and the application of the emergency law (CIHRS)

National Coalition for Media Freedom condemns deterioration of media freedom (ANHRI)


More arrests, threats and sentences for journalists (RSF)


Journalist, playwright, filmmaker and member of Iraqi PEN murdered (WiPC)


French journalist wounded in grenade attack while covering march (MADA)

Charge or release Al Jazeera bureau chief (Human Rights Watch)


Parliament criminalises reporting on corruption (ANHRI)
+ Anti-corruption bill would restrict press, says CPJ (CPJ)


Two lawyers face disciplinary measures for publishing article (Maharat Foundation)


One journalist detained; security forces storm another journalist's home in Nablus (ANHRI)

French journalist wounded in grenade attack while covering march (MADA)


ANHRI contributes to seminar on status of media, free expression (ANHRI)

United Arab Emirates

Trial of activists "fundamentally unfair," say rights groups (Human Rights Watch)
+ Families' plea to free activists (Human Rights Watch)


Sniper fire claims life of cameraman (CPJ)

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