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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 11 - 16 October 2011


BlackBerry gives way to pressure from governments (RSF)

Mumia still on death row, but executions of journalists on the wane (RSF)

Yemeni press freedom activist Tawakel Karman wins Nobel Peace Prize (ARTICLE 19)
+ Nobel Prize shows role of women in democracy, peace (Human Rights Watch)
+ IFJ welcomes Nobel Peace Prize award to Yemeni journalist (IFJ)
+ Yemen journalist one of three Nobel Peace Prize recipients (IPI)

Impunity for killers of journalists threatens freedom of expression, says WAN-IFRA report (WAN-IFRA)



Journalist fined and given one-year suspended prison sentence (CPJ)
+ Convicted journalist faces year in prison for libel (RSF)

Democratic Republic of Congo

JED announces launch of "Rapid Alert Network" to prevent attacks on press freedom (JED)


Police arrest two demonstrators (MFWA)


Four newspaper editors arrested (MRA)
+ Six journalists arrested (IPI)


Journalist killed in Mogadishu suicide bomb attack (NUSOJ)
+ Journalist killed in blast (IPI)


Spotlight on human rights means no more hiding, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)
+ UN member states corner authorities over human rights (ARTICLE 19)



Unidentified individual fires shots at journalist's car (IPYS)


Bill would criminalise protests, turn journalists into police informers (RSF)


Journalist given 20-month suspended prison sentence on defamation charge (FLIP)
+ Editor given suspended prison term (CPJ)


Hablemos Press journalist to be expelled from Havana yet again in new crackdown (RSF)


SUPERTEL dismisses charges against seven radio stations (Fundamedios)


TV station suspension delayed (IPI)
+ President Jagdeo postpones opposition TV station's suspension (RSF)


Thugs assault, threaten investigative journalist (IPYS)

Journalists receive death threat after investigating local councilor (IPYS)

United States

Old law used in controversial new way to get information for WikiLeaks investigation (RSF)

IAPA criticises boycott of Univisión debate by US presidential candidates (IAPA)


Venezuela rejects UN Human Rights Council freedom of expression recommendations (IFEX-ALC)

Asia & Pacific


Each time a journalist is killed, the truth dies with them, says ARTICLE 19 report (ARTICLE 19)


Comedian Zargana and at least 120 other political prisoners released (Human Rights Watch)
+ Blogger released in mass amnesty (CPJ)
+ Zarganar freed, but DVB video journalists still held (RSF)
+ Official says press censorship should be abolished (IPI)
+ Zarganar released but thousands remain imprisoned (ARTICLE 19)
+ Comedian and poet Zargana released (WiPC)
+ PEN welcomes release of comedian and poet Zargana (PEN American Center)

North Korea

RSF releases report on freedom of information under Kim Jong-il regime (RSF)


Journalist killed in Lahore (CPJ)
+ Another journalist killed (IPI)
+ Reporter stabbed to death in Lahore after receiving threats (RSF)


Newspaper editor gunned down (CPJ)
+ Columnist shot dead (CMFR)


Opposition party under investigation for organising video conference with former detainees (SEAPA)

Tibet (China)

Heavy-handed security exacerbates grievances, desperation in Tibetan monasteries (Human Rights Watch)

Europe & Central Asia


Deputy defence minister sues newspaper over criticism of army (CJES)


IPI condemns attack on journalist (IPI)
+ Television journalist's car explodes in Bulgaria (CPJ)

IPI condemns use of hate speech and "online lynching" to target award-winning journalist (IPI)


IFJ concerned by threats against journalists after television report on Palestine (IFJ)


Investigative reporters, websites threatened once again by proposed "gag law" (RSF)


Southern Urals media community concerned over dismissal of editors (CJES)

Five years on, writers continue to call for justice for Anna Politkovskaya (PEN American Center)
+ Half a decade, half an inquiry in Politkovskaya case, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)
+ Justice still pending in Politkovskaya murder case (CPJ)
+ IPI remembers Anna Politkovskaya (IPI)
+ Anna Politkovskaya was killed five years ago (GDF)
+ New details emerge in Politkovskaya murder investigation (CJES)


Journalists convicted, released from prison (CPJ)
+ Two journalists convicted but free men after trial (RSF)
+ BBC journalist found guilty, released under amnesty law (PEN American Center)


Politician facing 10 years in jail for "pro-Kurdish propaganda" (BIANET)

Kurdish singer sentenced to one year in prison (BIANET)


UN Human Rights Committee decision advances free expression (ARTICLE 19)

Middle East & North Africa


ANHRI condemns court decision to fine four journalists (ANHRI)
+ Judicial nightmare for journalists in new wave of prosecutions (RSF)


Journalist, activist killed in clashes, private television stations raided (IPI)
+ ANHRI mourns victims of clashes, demands speedy handover of power from Military Council (ANHRI)
+ Attacks on press increase; journalist dead (CPJ)
+ Military abuses against media continue (RSF)

Human Rights Watch calls on judicial authorities to investigate violence against Coptic Christians (Human Rights Watch)
+ EOHR calls for a fact finding committee on Masbero incident (EOHR)
+ ANHRI files complaint against the minister of information (ANHRI)
+ Don't cover up military killing of Copt protesters (Human Rights Watch)


Iranian film director denied entry (ANHRI)


ANHRI condemns attack on headquarters of newspaper (ANHRI)


CPJ concerned over politicised trial of journalists, civil servant (CPJ)


IFJ accuses Hamas of political interference after takeover of Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate office in Gaza (IFJ)
+ MADA petitions Abbas and PA officials to allow distribution of banned newspapers (MADA)


Authorities shut down TV station, extremists try to burn down another (ANHRI)
+ After broadcasting "Persepolis", TV station attacked, owner and staff threatened (RSF)
+ Human Rights Watch calls on authorities to drop criminal investigation of TV station (Human Rights Watch)

Free expression groups call upon the government to act decisively on reforms ahead of historic elections (IFEX-TMG)


Yemeni press freedom activist Tawakel Karman wins Nobel Peace Prize (ARTICLE 19)
+ Nobel Prize shows role of women in democracy, peace (Human Rights Watch)
+ IFJ welcomes Nobel Peace Prize award to Yemeni journalist (IFJ)
+ Yemen journalist one of three Nobel Peace Prize recipients (IPI)

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