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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 31 October - 6 November 2011


Seventy-seven civil society organisations call on UN to recognise importance of access to information and a free media to sustainable development (ARTICLE 19)
+ Rio 2012: international transparency convention and new laws on right to information needed (ARTICLE 19)

Freedom House report cites rule of law, anti-corruption as keys to Arab Spring success (Freedom House)



Armed men threaten journalist in Cabinda (CPJ)

Equatorial Guinea

Concern over politically motivated arrest of opposition member ahead of referendum (Human Rights Watch)
+ Referendum vote discredited by irregularities (Human Rights Watch)


RSF concerned over fate of Dawit Isaac (RSF)


Court drops one of three charges against Swedish journalists (RSF)


Politician files US$10 million libel suit against newspaper (CEMESP)

Newspaper risks being shut down over US$1.5 million fine (CEMESP)


Supreme Court urged to overturn journalists' convictions (ARTICLE 19)


Puntland authorities suspend two TV networks (NUSOJ)
+ Invoking security, Puntland bans two TV stations (CPJ)

NUSOJ demands end to assaults on journalist, media freedoms in Somaliland (NUSOJ)


Explosive device blows up outside newspaper office in Chile; IAPA angered at attacks on media, journalists (IAPA)


Reporters' van shot at in Cordoba (FOPEA)


FLIP concerned over actions against journalists in period leading up to elections (FLIP)


WAN-IFRA calls for dialogue amidst polarised media scene (WAN-IFRA)

Government makes false accusations against Fundamedios in retaliation for its appearance before the IACHR (Fundamedios)


Members of local security committee threaten journalist (IPYS)
+ Whistle-blowing journalist accused of using drugs by local security committee (RSF)
+ IAPA calls for protection of threatened reporter in Guatemala (IAPA)


Lead suspect in journalist's killing cleared (RSF)

Unknown assailants shoot journalist (C-Libre)


ARTICLE 19 highlights absence of protection of journalists before IACHR (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist Paul Garay acquitted (IPYS)

United States

Domestic reality does not match bold words on Internet free expression, says RSF (RSF)

Asia & Pacific


Newspaper editor freed after three months, immediately re-arrested (RSF)
+ Political victimisation, attacks on journalists mount (IFJ)

Editor granted bail after three months in detention (IFJ)


CCHR Institutions Fact Sheet: the National Assembly and freedom of expression (CCHR)


Central government must prevent media harassment, says IFJ (IFJ)


IFJ welcomes debate on media regulation, calls for civility and respect (IFJ)

IPI condemns newspaper blockade in Kerala state (IPI)

Call for investigation of alleged torture of detained journalist (IFJ)


Journalist receives death threat (Freedom Forum)

Sri Lanka

Death threats against newspaper editor (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


Editor of "Khural" newspaper arrested (IRFS)
+ Independent editor imprisoned (CPJ)
+ Editor arrested (IPI)
+ Editor-in-chief arrested (IRFS)
+ Editor's appeal rejected (IRFS)
+ Newspaper hounded, editor jailed (RSF)
+ Editor's appeal denied (IRFS)
+ Hearing on Avaz Zeynalli's appeal held (IRFS)
+ Judge extends pre-trial detention of Avaz Zeynalli (IRFS)


IFJ condemns violent attack against satirical weekly (IFJ)
+ Offices of satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" firebombed (CRNI)
+ Magazine attacked over Muhammad cartoon (IPI)


Journalist beaten and robbed (GDF)


Prominent publisher, academic taken into police custody (BIANET)
+ Publisher and leading Turkish PEN member Ragip Zarakolu arrested (PEN American Center)
+ Ersanli and Zarakolu formally arrested (BIANET)
+ Turkish Freedom to Publish hero jailed: IPA demands immediate release of publisher Ragıp Zarakolu (IPA)
+ IFJ condemns arrest of Ragip Zarakolu as new press freedom campaign is launched in Turkey (IFJ)
+ Arrests expose flawed justice system (Human Rights Watch)
+ Writer and academic Ragip Zarakolu formally charged alongside Professor Büşra (WiPC)
+ Judge says publishing freedom pioneer must remain in detention (RSF)
+ Publisher detained (IPI)
+ IPA and PEN International demand immediate release of publisher Ragıp Zarakolu (IPA)

Middle East & North Africa

Freedom House report cites rule of law, anti-corruption as keys to Arab Spring success (Freedom House)


Military officials jail critical blogger (CPJ)
+ Military council detains Alaa Abd el-Fattah (EOHR)
+ Activist detained as authorities try to hide reality of Maspero massacre (ANHRI)
+ EOHR calls for immediate release of Ala Abdel Fattah (EOHR)


New wave of abuses and intimidation against the media (RSF)
+ ANHRI condemns closure of independent broadcasting station (ANHRI)


IFJ backs opposition to "gagging" press bill (IFJ)
+ Defamation amendment bill threatens free expression (IPI)
+ Draconian measures threaten democracy (RSF)

Whistle-blower gets four and a half years, has 45 days to appeal (RSF)
+ Press freedom endangered in Israel and the Palestinian Territories (IPI)

Escalation of settler attacks on journalists (MADA)


Escalation of settler attacks on journalists (MADA)


Journalists, blogger missing (CPJ)
+ ANHRI condemns the ongoing campaign against journalists and bloggers (ANHRI)
+ More arbitrary arrests and disappearances of journalists and bloggers (RSF)
+ Library attacked; activists targeted (ANHRI)

United Arab Emirates

Trial observer finds flagrant due process flaws in "UAE 5" case (ANHRI)


Media workers caught in clashes between loyalist troops and opposition forces (RSF)

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