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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 28 November - 4 December 2011


ANHRI, along with Tunisian lawyer and Syrian activist, receives human dignity award (ANHRI)


Nigerien president endorses Table Mountain declaration, calls for repeal of criminal defamation (WAN-IFRA)


Intelligence agents arrest radio reporter for allegedly aiding rebels (RSF)
+ Journalist detained by security agents (CPJ)

Côte d'Ivoire

"Notre Voie" journalists charged for insulting President Ouattara (RSF)

Opposition journalists detained for insulting President Ouattara (MFWA)
+ Three opposition journalists detained (CPJ)
+ Three journalists from daily "Notre Voie" taken into custody (RSF)


Journalists attacked by angry mob (MFWA)


Freedom of information conference brings together participants from Bomi and Cape Mount counties (CEMESP)

Opposition "blacklist" targets media houses (CEMESP)


Nigerien president endorses Table Mountain declaration, calls for repeal of criminal defamation (WAN-IFRA)


President must reject draft penal code, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist union leaders harassed, interrogated (NUSOJ)
+ IFJ condemns campaign of intimidation against journalists' union leaders (IFJ)

The Gambia

On election day, president displays contempt for press freedom (IPI)
+ President vilifies journalists in public remarks (CPJ)


Editor of Rwandan newspaper killed in Kampala (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Rwandan exile journalist gunned down in Kampala (RSF)
+ IPI calls for full investigation into Rwandan journalist's murder (IPI)
+ Brutal killing of Rwandan journalist (ARTICLE 19)
+ Call for investigation of journalist's murder (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists assaulted (MISA)

Government pledges to implement freedom of information bill (MISA)
+ Information minister says public media is now free (MISA)


Retired colonel launches defamation suit against local newspaper (MISA)



Community media under attack (RSF)


Native leader sentenced to one year in prison, fined for offending government official (Fundamedios)

Twitter user receives warning from government official (Fundamedios)


IAPA condemns threats, intimidation launched against media (IAPA)


IAPA welcomes move to decriminalise defamation (IAPA)

Weekly goes offline after cyber attack (CPJ)


Two journalists assaulted during sixth day of protests in Cajamarca (IPYS)

Mob vandalises newspaper office in Huancayo (IPYS)
+ Peruvian daily attacked after probe on police ties to gangs (CPJ)

Journalist reports being the victim of an attempted poisoning (IPYS)

Journalists and media outlets targeted while covering protests against mining project (IPYS)


Construction Workers' Union issues threats, encourages censorship in state of Barinas (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


Call for clear commitment from Bonn conference to support freedom of expression and information (RSF)


Editor released on bail (Media Watch)


Four activists arrested during demonstration (CCHR)


Three journalists assaulted (IFJ)

Kashmir (India)

CJFE concerned about security forces' attacks on journalists (CJFE)

Journalists assaulted by police in Kashmir (IFJ)


Authorities urged to allow lawyers' rally to proceed (Human Rights Watch)
+ Passage of "Peaceful Assembly Bill" threatens voice of civil society (ARTICLE 19)


Newspaper office vandalised (Freedom Forum)


Cable operator association bans BBC broadcasts (PPF)
+ BBC World News taken off the air by Pakistani cable operators (RSF)

Reporter injured in shootout; journalists threatened (PPF)
+ Six journalists threatened in Pakistan (IPI)


Broadcaster wounded in ambush (CMFR)
+ Radio journalist wounded in shooting amid growing dangers and impunity (RSF)
+ Radio anchor critically wounded in shooting in the Southern Philippines (IFJ)
+ Radio journalist survives attack (IPI)

IPI mission report points to continuing impunity in killing of journalists (IPI)


Security forces blamed for fatal shooting of Japanese cameraman in 2010 (RSF)

Authorities threaten new penalties for Facebook users (SEAPA)


Appeal court reduces blogger's jail sentence but upholds three years of house arrest (RSF)
+ Internet writer's sentence reduced (WiPC)

Overturn democracy activist's sentence, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)
+ Call for transparency and respect for constitution at blogger Pham Minh Hoang's appeal hearing (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


Supreme Court upholds jail sentence against activist Jabbar Savalanli (IRFS)

Groups call for justice for Rafiq Tagi (ARTICLE 19)
+ Medical forensic examination unveils final medical report on Rafig Tagi's death (IRFS)


CPJ Q&A: Osh TV owner Khudaiberdiyev on trial, press freedom (CPJ)


Authorities tighten control of all media in run-up to elections (RSF)

Human Rights Watch calls on St. Petersburg legislature to halt consideration of "draconian homophobic bill" (Human Rights Watch)

ARTICLE 19 outlines six reasons why defamation reform fails to protect free expression (ARTICLE 19)

CJES report highlights ongoing impunity in attacks against journalists (CJES)


Ban on underwear and condom brand websites lifted after protests (BIANET)
+ New Internet filtering system condemned as backdoor censorship (RSF)
+ Turkey Internet Conference: Internet filtering system and censorship (BIANET)


Newspaper photographer murdered in Kiev (IMI)
+ Journalist killed in Ukraine (IPI)


Journalist released after five years' detention in psychiatric hospital (WiPC)
+ PEN welcomes release of Uzbek writer Dzamshid Karimov (WiPC)

Middle East & North Africa


International delegation calls for end to free expression violations and human rights defenders to be freed (ANHRI)


Protester released after spending eight months in jail (ANHRI)

Twelve rights organisations condemn methods used to repress protests (CIHRS)
+ Curbs on free press, assembly before poll (Human Rights Watch)


Human Rights Watch calls on authorities to protect health, safety of jailed cleric (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities urged to lift travel ban on human rights defender (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities urged to lift travel ban on human rights defender (Human Rights Watch)


Civil society organisations call on UNHRC to convene special session on Syria (CIHRS)

United Arab Emirates

Expunge activists' convictions, says coalition of rights groups (ANHRI)
+ Ahmed Mansoor and four other pro-democracy activists pardoned and freed (RSF)
+ Prison sentence for activists an attack on free expression (Human Rights Watch)
+ Internet writers released (WiPC)


ANHRI, along with Tunisian lawyer and Syrian activist, receives human dignity award (ANHRI)

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