2 January 2012

IFEX Digest | 19 December 2011 - 1 January 2012


Online freedoms threatened by another step towards treaty's adoption, says RSF (RSF)

RSF annual overview: 10 most dangerous places for journalists (RSF)

Unrest and impunity drive journalist deaths in 2011, according to CPJ's year-end survey (CPJ)


Democratic Republic of Congo

JED calls for High Council for Broadcasting and Communications to be dissolved (JED)

Four journalists arrested in Kabambare released (JED)

Security forces attack, detain protesters and local residents; twenty-four killed since election results announced (Human Rights Watch)


IFJ condemns jail term handed down to Swedish journalists (IFJ)
+ Jailing of journalists on anti-terrorism a travesty of justice (ARTICLE 19)
+ Two Swedish journalists sentenced to 11 years in prison (RSF)
+ Swedish journalists handed prison terms (CPJ)
+ Journalists Jailed in Ethiopia (IPI)

Two Swedish journalists found guilty of "supporting terrorism", face 15 years in jail (WiPC)
+ "Journalists are not terrorists," says IFJ ahead of verdict for Swedish journalists (IFJ)
+ In disgraceful verdict, court convicts Swedish journalists of supporting terrorism (RSF)
+ Letter from Reporters Without Borders to U.N. Special Rapporteur on abuse of anti-terrorism law (RSF)
+ Journalists dismiss as 'travesty of justice' conviction of Swedish reporters on terror charges (IFJ)
+ Journalists convicted under unfair law (Human Rights Watch)
+ CPJ condemns trial of Swedish journalists in Ethiopia (CPJ)


Police pursue publisher over article critical of President Condé (MFWA)


Clergyman assaults journalists, seizes camera (CEMESP)


Moroccan journalist expelled (CPJ)

Republic of Congo

Two Brazzaville newspapers suspended; CPJ calls for reversal (CPJ)


NUSOJ slams arrest, detention of media director (NUSOJ)

Leading journalist murdered in Mogadishu (NUSOJ)
+ Reporter shot dead in Mogadishu is fourth journalist killed in Somalia in 2011 (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns cold-blooded murder of prominent journalist (IFJ)
+ Government should probe journalist's murder (CPJ)
+ Television journalist killed (IPI)

South Africa

Criminal probe targets AP, Reuters cameras on Mandela (CPJ)


ANHRI condemns arrest of rights activist (ANHRI)


Detained MMPZ staff freed on bail; journalist questioned (RSF)



IAPA trusts that law regulating newsprint will be declared unconstitutional (IAPA)


Journalist in Villavicencio, Meta, receives death threat (FLIP)


Editor sentenced to three months in prison for libel (Fundamedios)
+ Media executive sentenced to jail (CPJ)


Journalist assaulted by National Police officers (C-Libre)

Police officer issues death threat against camera operator (C-Libre)

Honduras must investigate attacks on the press, says CPJ (CPJ)


Meeting highlights common challenges faced by journalists, civil society activists (ARTICLE 19)


Radio stations closed, equipment seized (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia and Pacific


CCHR releases analysis of the fourth draft of Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (CCHR)
+ Revise or abandon draft NGO law, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Chinese writer-dissident given nine-year prison sentence for online posts (CPJ)

Internet shut down and foreign journalists expelled from Wukan (IFJ)


Journalist detained, charges unclear (RSF)


Journalists harassed, assaulted (Freedom Forum)

Journalist attacked, press vehicles vandalised by protesters (FNJ)

Concern over pressure to withdraw charges against journalist's murderers (Freedom Forum)

North Korea

A leading press freedom predator dies (RSF)
+ Kim Jong-Il’s legacy of mass atrocity (Human Rights Watch)


Television anchor threatened (PPF)
+ Noted journalist threatened after broadcast on political role of security services (RSF)


Red shirt activist Da Torpedo sentenced to 15 years for lèse majesté (SEAPA)

Europe and Central Asia


Youth activist's appeal rejected (IRFS)

Jabbar Savalanli released under pardon decree (IRFS)

Journalists assaulted while covering president's birthday celebration (IRFS)

Editor of "Yeni Musavat" receives death threats for republishing article (IRFS)


International NGOs stand up for human rights (ARTICLE 19)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

IPI calls on politician to respect and support public broadcasters (IPI)


Journalists fired over ongoing hunger strike (IPI)

Media authority refuses to renew radio station's licence (ARTICLE 19)
+ IFJ alarmed by closure of opposition radio station (IFJ)


Journalists prevented from covering violent clashes in Zhanaozen; ARTICLE 19 outlines necessary reforms (ARTICLE 19)
+ Ensure independent probe into clashes (Human Rights Watch)
+ Investigate violence in oil-rich western region (Human Rights Watch)
+ Authorities censor news on deadly clashes (CPJ)
+ Western province cut off as government cracks down on protests (RSF)
+ Detainee dies after police beating (Human Rights Watch)
+ Protect detainees from torture, ill-treatment (Human Rights Watch)


Supreme Court upholds verdict in Askarov case (CPJ)


Newspaper comes under pressure after election of Communist Party mayor (CJES)

Meeting highlights common challenges faced by journalists, civil society activists (ARTICLE 19)


Journalists' trial moves forward (IPI)

CPJ condemns journalist arrests (CPJ)

Dozens of journalists detained in police crackdown (BIANET)

OSCE media freedom representative expresses concern over detention of journalists and censorship (BIANET)

Middle East and North Africa


Blogger, activist Zainab Al-Khawaja released on bail (WiPC)

Woman jailed for playing revolutionary music, participating in protests (BCHR)

Government ministry rejects bar association election results (BCHR)


EOHR welcomes ban on virginity testing on detained women (EOHR)

ANHRI condemns intimidation tactics used against "al-Fagr" newspaper (ANHRI)

Freedom House condemns raids on NGOs (Freedom House)
+ Human rights organisations raided (ANHRI)
+ National and international human rights organizations under attack (CIHRS)
+ Raid on local and international civil society organizations (EOHR)

Protester sentenced to a year in prison (EOHR)

IPA defends publishers against accusations from military government (IPA)

EOHR calls for protection of media personnel (EOHR)

Authorities crack down on protesters; media personnel targeted (ANHRI)
+ Media personnel targeted by military violence in Tahrir Square (RSF)
+ Major General makes hateful statements justifying violence (ANHRI)
+ Press freedom abuses must be investigated (CPJ)
+ Concern over journalist safety in Cairo clashes (IPI)
+ General to be tried for hate speech (ANHRI)

Human Rights Watch documents pattern of sexual assaults on protesters (Human Rights Watch)


British rights activist barred from entering country (ANHRI)


Bidun residents, media personnel detained following protest (ANHRI)


New rule halts delivery of journalist visas (CPJ)


Journalist barred from his office (ANHRI)

Moroccan journalist expelled (CPJ)


ANHRI condemns ongoing killing, repression of peaceful protesters (ANHRI)

Journalist arrested while covering demonstration (ANHRI)


Freedom of expression defenders emphasise the importance of media independence and integrity (IFEX-TMG)


Journalists attacked during protests (CPJ)

Security forces loyal to President Saleh continue to kill civilians with impunity (ANHRI)

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