5 March 2012

IFEX Digest | 27 February - 4 March 2012


ARTICLE 19 welcomes Internet free expression debate (ARTICLE 19)

Golden Pen of Freedom awarded to Anabel Hernández (WAN-IFRA)

RSF supports demand to open detention centres to the media (RSF)


Côte d'Ivoire

Media practitioners and associations adopt new code of ethics (MFWA)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa-based broadcaster back on the air after three-month closure (JED)

Equatorial Guinea

Eliminate Obiang Prize, urge seven civil society groups (Human Rights Watch)


Future of last remaining human rights monitoring NGO in the balance (ARTICLE 19)


MFWA-MUSIGA statement marking Music Freedom Day (MFWA)


Journalist violently assaulted by gendarmes (MFWA)


ARTICLE 19 publishes analysis of Publication of Electoral Opinion Polls Bill (ARTICLE 19)


Three newspaper publishers ordered to appear in court (CEMESP)


Journalists threatened, assaulted amid election (CPJ)


Somaliland reporter arrested, beaten in custody; two others released (CPJ)

Radio station director murdered in Mogadishu (NUSOJ)
+ Gunmen murder veteran radio journalist in Mogadishu (CPJ)
+ Radio Somaliweyn manager gunned down outside Mogadishu home (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns brutal murder of media director (IFJ)
+ Radio director gunned down (IPI)
+ Human Rights Watch calls for investigation of attacks on journalists (Human Rights Watch)


Newspaper suspended indefinitely, three other papers' print runs seized (ANHRI)
+ Authorities attempt to silence opposition news coverage (CPJ)


Admit UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, urges HRNJ-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Government rejects Human Rights Council recommendations on free expression (ARTICLE 19)


Freedom House condemns arrest of WOZA members (Freedom House)


ARTICLE 19 reviews free expression and the law in 2011 (ARTICLE 19)


Video producer flees Huila after death threats related to controversial video (FLIP)
+ Documentary video-maker flees southwestern region after covering police violence (RSF)
+ Threatened after posting video, journalist flees (CPJ)


Communications Secretary questions newspaper association director over contents of personal email (Fundamedios)

Fundamedios welcomes "El Universo" pardon, but calls for continued monitoring of government's actions (Fundamedios)

Government supporters start campaign opposing international press and human rights organisations (Fundamedios)
+ Ibero-American and world writers reject persecution of journalists and limitations to freedom of expression (Fundamedios)

President pardons "El Universo" executives and writers; drops lawsuit against "El Gran Hermano" authors (Fundamedios)
+ Will President Correa's pardon erase a year of controversy and polarization? (RSF)
+ IAPA recognizes action by Ecuador's President Correa, but warns anti-press freedom precedent still in force (IAPA)
+ Despite pardon, Correa does lasting damage to press (CPJ)
+ Owners and ex-editor of "El Universo" pardoned; sentencing against authors of "El Gran Hermano" to be withdrawn (WiPC)
+ President pardons journalists convicted of libel (IPI)


Journalists receive death threats after reporting on prison fire (C-Libre)
+ Journalists and civil society activists caught up in new wave of threats (RSF)

C-Libre vice-president receives death threats (C-Libre)

Trinidad and Tobago

Ex-FIFA VP formally serves journalist notice of defamation suit (IPI)


Court access denied to Globovisión reporters (IPYS-Venezuela)

Sports journalist gets death threat in Barinas (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia and Pacific


IPI completes press freedom mission (IPI)


IFJ urges free reporting of Wukan village elections (IFJ)
+ On board the election bus in Wukan (CPJ)

Hong Kong (China)

HKJA concerned over implications of proposed anti-stalking legislation (HKJA)


In Bangalore, journalists attacked outside courthouse (CPJ)


Journalists assaulted while covering rally (CIJ)
+ Two journalists set upon during environmental demonstration (RSF)

Government opposes judicial review of ban on sexual diversity festival (Human Rights Watch)


Two years after newspaper owner's murder, no progress, mission finds (CPJ)

Mission finds worsening law reform, impunity and self-censorship (ARTICLE 19)
+ Nepal must improve press freedom, international groups say (IPI)


CPJ comments on Pakistan's excessive Internet censorship plans (CPJ)

Government seeks to escalate censorship online (Freedom House)
+ Government wants to create national Internet filtering system (RSF)

Sri Lanka

RSF calls on UNHRC to condemn violations of freedom of information (RSF)


Courts denying bail in lese majeste cases (Human Rights Watch)

Tibet (China)

"Invisible Tibet" blogger elicits China's extra-judicial ire (CPJ)

Europe and Central Asia


Seven years on, still no justice for Elmar Huseynov (ARTICLE 19)


Genocide-denial law declared unconstitutional (ARTICLE 19)
+ After victory for free speech in France, Turkey's turn next? (RSF)


Draconian media bill would restrict access for foreign correspondents (RSF)


IPI releases report on press freedom mission (IPI)


Human Rights Watch calls for an end to intimidation of activists, media as election nears (Human Rights Watch)

Draft electoral law provision threatens freedom of expression (GDF)


Journalist, in poor health, is released pending trial (BIANET)
+ IPI's Turkish National Committee welcomes release of journalist in Oda TV case (IPI)

Middle East and North Africa

CIHRS submits interventions to UNHRC to bring attention to struggle for democracy in the region (CIHRS)


Human Rights Watch reports on unfair trials targeting peaceful demonstrators, activists (Human Rights Watch)


Foreign NGO workers released, allowed to leave the country (Freedom House)

Activist wins appeal (ANHRI)


Authorities clamp down on press coverage as election day looms (RSF)
+ Fair vote impossible, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Journalist sentenced to six years' imprisonment amidst press crackdown (CPJ)


Security forces clamp down on demonstrations in Sulaimaniya and Baghdad (Human Rights Watch)


Human rights defender given one-time permit to travel (Human Rights Watch)

Palestinian TV channels raided by Israeli forces (MADA)
+ Two Palestinian television stations raided in Ramallah (CPJ)
+ Occupation military forces raid Palestinian TV channels in Ramallah (ANHRI)
+ Israeli troops force two Palestinian TV stations to close (RSF)
+ IFJ voices concerns over media freedom after Israeli army shuts down broadcasters in Ramallah (IFJ)


Activist charged, jailed after advocating for a republican state (Human Rights Watch)

Blogger stabbed after criticising royal family member (Freedom House)
+ Blogger stabbed after criticising the royal family (CPJ)


Militia urged to transfer journalists to state (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI urges release of detained reporters (ANHRI)
+ Two journalists detained without charge (CPJ)
+ Militia holding two British journalists urged to surrender them to competent authorities (RSF)


Student handed one year prison sentence for posting cartoon of the king on Facebook (RSF)
+ IPA urges authorities to authorise the distribution of a book critical of the King (IPA)


Human rights defender given one-time permit to travel (Human Rights Watch)

Palestinian TV channels raided by Israeli forces (MADA)
+ Two Palestinian television stations raided in Ramallah (CPJ)
+ Occupation military forces raid Palestinian TV channels in Ramallah (ANHRI)
+ Israeli troops force two Palestinian TV stations to close (RSF)
+ IFJ voices concerns over media freedom after Israeli army shuts down broadcasters in Ramallah (IFJ)


Two French journalists escape to Lebanon (RSF)
+ French journalists are out of Syria (CPJ)

Wounded journalist safely evacuated to Lebanon (IPI)
+ British journalist evacuated to Lebanon (CPJ)
+ Two French journalists still trapped in besieged city (RSF)

Citizen journalist killed; reporters still trapped in Homs (ANHRI)
+ Fourth journalist killed in past week (CPJ)


Journalists attacked by police while filming union protest (RSF)

United Arab Emirates

Authorities urged to stop expelling Syrian protesters (Human Rights Watch)

Authorities deport Syrian activists after peaceful demonstration against al-Assad regime (ANHRI)


New president urged to guarantee media freedom (RSF)


Golden Pen of Freedom awarded to Anabel Hernández (WAN-IFRA)

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