7 March 2012

IFEX Communiqué Vol 21, No 10


As host of 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Baku should let all voices be heard

Last May, Azerbaijan secured host of this year's Eurovision Song Contest thanks to its winning entry This May, Azerbaijan gets to play host to one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest. The popular competition - which gave birth to ABBA - pits artists from 56 countries in and around Europe vying to release the next big hit. So why are IFEX members up in arms?

International / Gender

On International Women's Day, IFEX members and partners pay tribute to women writers and journalists

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo's Tahrir Square last year, moments before she was assaulted. Logan pays tribute to women reporters in A book dedicated to the safety of women journalists is just one of the ways IFEX members and partners are paying tribute to women journalists, writers and activists on International Women's Day 2012.


Twenty-two countries take up World Music Freedom Day on 3 March

Tahrir Square's From New York to Cairo, from Istanbul to Accra: Music Freedom Day 2012 was marked on 3 March across 22 countries to advocate musical freedom of expression worldwide.


Kremlin silenced critics before and during elections, say IFEX members

St. Petersburg, 5 March 2012: Riot police face off with protesters during a demonstration against Vladimir Putin's election victory Journalists were among more than 500 arrested during Moscow protests after Vladimir Putin declared victory in Russia's presidential elections on Sunday, report the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and other IFEX members. Since the parliamentary elections in December, the authorities have used a range of tactics to harass and discredit their critics, say CPJ and Human Rights Watch.


IFEX members call for UN intervention after another journalist killed

Radio journalist Ali Ahmed Abdi (right) is the third journalist to be killed this year in Somalia So far this year, a journalist has been killed each month in Somalia. And with one of the worst impunity records worldwide, it is likely the murderers will walk free, say the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and other IFEX members, which are calling for urgent UN intervention.

International / Awards and other opportunities

Data Journalism Awards open for entries

Think you can get your message across in an age of information overload? Consider applying for the Data Journalism Awards, the first international contest recognising outstanding work and editorial excellence in the field of data journalism worldwide. The deadline for submissions is 10 April 2012.
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