19 March 2012

IFEX Digest | 12 - 18 March 2012


RSF keeps UNESCO consultative status, condemns defamatory attacks (RSF)

Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize (RSF)

In honour of World Day against Cyber-Censorship, RSF releases new list of internet enemies (RSF)
+ Netizens invited to leave "Cyber Tag" messages on “Internet Enemy” embassies (RSF)



Police raid weekly's office, seize computers (CPJ)


The plight of journalists who flee Al-Shabaab (Index on Censorship)

NUSOJ report reveals rights abuses at radio station (NUSOJ)


Reporting on genital mutilation draws threats (CPJ)
+ CPJ urges Liberia to protect threatened journalist (CPJ)


MISA-Malawi chair receives threats over stance on media freedom (MISA)

Official calls for boycott after media outlets criticise government policies (MISA)

A bad weekend for Malawian journalists (CPJ)


Islamic sect threatens three newspapers (MRA)


Who knew? Senegalese arrest, prosecution can be swift (CPJ)


The plight of journalists who flee Al-Shabaab (Index on Censorship)

NUSOJ report reveals rights abuses at radio station (NUSOJ)


WBS TV journalist threatened with death while on assignment (HRNJ-Uganda)

Government report exonerates police in shooting of "Daily Monitor" photojournalist (HRNJ-Uganda)

Government paying lip service to UPR mechanism, deplores HRNJ-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda)

Criminal libel case against CBS journalist fails to take off (HRNJ-Uganda)

West Africa

Nigeria's attorney-general advocates adoption of regional free expression legal framework (MFWA)


Four journalists arrested while covering pollution story (MISA)

In Zimbabwe, it's not the media that spreads the news (Index on Censorship)



Evo Morales betrays contradictions in his position toward the press (IPI)


CJFE marks World Day Against Cyber Censorship by highlighting concerns with internet regulations (CJFE)


Journalist and political leader killed in Dosquebradas, Risaralda (FLIP)
+ Head of community radio shot dead in region gripped by drug gangs (RSF)
+ Radio journalist killed by gunman (CPJ)


Authors' attorney rejects offer of pardon from president (Fundamedios)

Camera operator attacked during anti-drug trafficking operation (Fundamedios)

Government misrepresents Freedom House's position on free expression (Freedom House)


Radio journalist killed in Saba (C-Libre)
+ Journalist brutally murdered (IPI)
+ Regional radio journalist murdered by assailant with machete (RSF)


In milestone decision, Senate backs federalizing of anti-press crimes (CPJ)
+ IAPA welcomes as a significant move approval in Mexico of making crimes against freedom of expression federal offenses (IAPA)
+ Senate approves making attacks on journalists a federal crime (RSF)


Journalist's work censored after newspaper is pressured by advertiser (IPYS)


Armed group accuses Globovisión of hiring paramilitaries to create mayhem (IPYS-Venezuela)

Journalist reports plan to discredit him (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia and Pacific


Ministry of Defense spokesman issues statement attacking "Wall Street Journal" reporter (CPJ)


Live telecast of opposition rally blocked in Dhaka (IFJ)


Mining ministry to sue "The Voice" weekly magazine (Mizzima News)
+ Is government reneging on promise to respect media freedom? (RSF)

New law on demonstrations falls short, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Government urged to lead ASEAN by adopting Law on Access to Information (ARTICLE 19)

CCHR releases report on freedom of expression and academic freedom (CCHR)


CPC attempts to block publication of book (IFJ)

New law sanctions covert detentions (CPJ)

Legislature urged not to legalise incommunicado detentions (Human Rights Watch)


Independent journalist's arrest in bombing case prompts scrutiny (CPJ)


Five Papuans convicted for peaceful protest (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists threatened by timber smugglers (Freedom Forum)
+ Journalists attacked (FNJ)


Ex-official accused in journalist's murder (CPJ)

Boxer-politician, former anti-smuggling official sue journalist for libel (CMFR)

Journalist critically injured in shooting (CPJ)
+ Second shooting attack on journalist in less than two weeks (RSF)
+ Reporter mauled, shot in Metro Manila (CMFR)

Sri Lanka

Media restrictions come amid rise in abductions (CPJ)

Censorship imposed on news alerts by military authorities (IFJ)

Tibet (China)

Four years on, wife calls for Tibetan filmmaker's release (CPJ)


Government urged to release bloggers, dismiss all charges (SEAPA)

Europe and Central Asia


IPI alarmed at Justice Ministry attempt to undermine confidentiality of sources (IPI)


International groups show solidarity with Khadija Ismayilova in the face of escalating harassment (ARTICLE 19)

As smear campaign escalates, IRFS believes journalists' lives are now at risk (IRFS)
+ "Despicable" campaign to smear woman investigative reporter (RSF)


Labour rights lawyer Natalia Sokolova released, but with restrictions (Human Rights Watch)


Russian authorities ramp up political prosecutions (Index on Censorship)

Journalists prevented from covering presidential elections, says GDF (GDF)
+ GDF questions "honest" elections (GDF)


IPI observes increasing pressure on local journalists (IPI)


Six months later, Nobel Peace Prize nominee still behind bars (IPA)

Nedim Şener and three others released from prison (IPI)
+ Journalists' releases welcomed but fight for press freedom continues (IFJ)
+ ODA TV journalists Sik and Sener released (BIANET)
+ Four journalists released but fight goes on for dozens still held (RSF)
+ Writers Nedim Şener and Ahmet Şık freed pending trial (WiPC)
+ Freedom House welcomes release of Turkish journalists (Freedom House)
+ Turkey releases journalists, grave concerns remain (CPJ)
+ Four journalists released but fight goes on for dozens still held (RSF)
+ On Turkey and the power of journalists coming together for press freedom (IPI)
+ World's press welcomes release of Turkish journalists (WAN-IFRA)

Middle East and North Africa


On World Day Against Cyber Censorship, BCHR calls for action from authorities (BCHR)


Oscar-winning Iranian film banned from screening at Cairo University (ANHRI)

Authorities urged to close case against foreign NGOs, hold ministers accountable (CIHRS)


Four activists detained for criticising the king (ANHRI)
+ Activists detained for criticising King Abdullah II (Freedom House)


Newspaper editor sentenced to six months' imprisonment (RSF)
+ Authorities urged to void jail term for editor, lift newspaper suspension (Human Rights Watch)

Saudi Arabia

Photographer and web manager arrested (CPJ)

Critical poet detained; website blocked (ANHRI)

Student and demonstrator killed as protests spread (ANHRI)

Student sit-in violently dispersed (ANHRI)


Russia urged to back UN action to stop bloodshed, grant access to journalists (RSF)
+ Witnesses describe Idlib destruction, killings (Human Rights Watch)

Two Turkish journalists and Syrian assistants kidnapped (RSF)
+ Journalists Özköse and Çoşkun missing in Syria (BIANET)
+ Two Turkish journalists believed detained by authorities (CPJ)

Authorities urged to reveal the fate of Mazen Darwish and SCM staff (RSF)

Authorities threaten foreign media, continue to arrest local journalists and bloggers (RSF)

Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize (RSF)

On first anniversary of uprising, tenacity of press noteworthy (CPJ)


Threats and arson attacks on media in the south of the country (RSF)


Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize (RSF)

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