9 April 2012

IFEX Digest | 2 - 8 April 2012



Violent crackdown on critics (Human Rights Watch)


Officials stifling freedom of association, says Freedom House (Freedom House)
+ LGBT rights workshop shut down (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists attacked in coup aftermath (CPJ)


Magistrate orders assault and arrest of journalists (MRA)

Sierra Leone

Rights groups urge passage of Freedom of Information Bill (Human Rights Watch)


Draft Communications Act good, but needs wider consultation, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Seven journalists wounded in suicide bombing at Mogadishu theatre (RSF)
+ Sad day as celebration turns to tragedy (ARTICLE 19)
+ Toll from Mogadishu national theatre bombing rises (RSF)
+ Ten journalists wounded in suicide bombing (IPI)
+ IFJ condemns bomb blast at media event (IFJ)


"Walk to Work" group declared illegal (Human Rights Watch)
+ Uganda bans group behind "Walk to Work" protests (Freedom House)

Journalist struck by police vehicle, suffers serious injuries (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Police truck hits journalist filming Besigye (CPJ)


Police arrest members of civic organisation (Freedom House)



Journalist threatened after investigating drug trafficking (IPI)
+ Protection for Rosario crime reporter threatened over coverage of drug case (RSF)


Court asked to protect TV journalist in attempt to seize riot video (RSF)
+ New grounds for concern after court refuses to protect TV station director (RSF)


Journalist's murderer gets 21 years in jail, but motive is still unknown (RSF)

Authorities announce arrest in murder of journalist Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo (IPI)

Dominican Republic

IAPA welcomes Inter-American Court's ruling in case of missing journalist (IAPA)


Correa questions IACHR and maligns Fundamedios (Fundamedios)

Trial against "El Gran Hermano" authors continues after proposed pardon is rejected (Fundamedios)


Parliament urged to reject amnesty that would include murders of five journalists (RSF)

Asia and Pacific


By-election shows greater respect for press freedom, says IPI (IPI)
+ EU urged to ease Burma sanctions gradually to match progress (Human Rights Watch)
+ Asean ends summit urging end to Burma sanctions (Mizzima News)

Wary about Burma? So are others (CPJ)
+ Press freedom remains an illusion (CPJ)
+ By-elections a step, but not real reform (Human Rights Watch)
+ Enshrining the spirit of the reform process on firmer grounds (ARTICLE 19)
+ Election is test of progress (Freedom House)


CCHR deplores curtailment of freedoms, silencing of civil society during ASEAN Summit (CCHR)


Six netizens arrested, sixteen websites shut down (IFJ)
+ Website restrictions after politician's ouster (CPJ)


Journalist murdered (FNJ)
+ Another gruesome murder of a journalist (Freedom Forum)
+ Journalist killed (IFJ)
+ Journalist murdered in eastern Nepal (CPJ)
+ Reporter killed amid continuing attacks on journalists (RSF)
+ Journalist murdered (IPI)

Journalist receives death threat (Freedom Forum)
+ Journalist threatened (FNJ)


A "sword of Damocles" in the making? (CPJ)

Global coalition of NGOs calls for official withdrawal of censorship plans (ARTICLE 19)


Town mayor sues broadcaster for libel (CMFR)

Police try to arrest editor out on bail (CMFR)

Europe and Central Asia


Journalist charged with slander despite defamation reforms (IPI)


New campaign highlights free expression abuses in "Europe's last dictatorship" (Norwegian PEN)


Prominent journalist attacked (Human Rights Watch)


Politician sentenced to 15 years in prison for campaign speeches (BIANET)


Damning UN report shows need for urgent action on human rights (Human Rights Watch)


International delegation expresses concern about press freedom (WAN-IFRA)
+ International delegation expresses press freedom concerns (ARTICLE 19)

United Kingdom

Every step you take, every move you make: The British government's new plans for mass surveillance (PI)
+ Radical phone and Internet monitoring proposal to be put to parliament (RSF)


Growing concern over targeting of independent journalists (RSF)

Middle East and North Africa


Authorities prohibit distribution of books at international fair (BCHR)

Human rights activist in critical stage of hunger strike (BCHR)
+ Bahraini activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja deteriorating rapidly in prison (Index on Censorship)
+ Detained defender Al Khawaja between life and death (CIHRS)

Armed civilians affiliated with security forces kill citizen journalist (BCHR)
+ Bahraini citizen journalist shot as he filmed protest dies in hospital (RSF)
+ Bahraini cameraman shot dead (IPI)
+ Videographer killed while filming protest (CPJ)

Press freedom situation worsens as authorities attempt to whitewash actions (WAN-IFRA)


Kefaya activists sentenced to three years in prison (ANHRI)

Court sentences activists to two years in jail (ANHRI)


Thirty-five IFEX members and partners call proposed cyber crimes law a setback to free speech (ARTICLE 19)

Car bomb kills TV presenter in Tikrit (RSF)
+ TV anchor killed by car bomb (CPJ)
+ Journalist killed by an explosive device in Tikrit (ANHRI)
+ News presenter killed (IPI)


Escalating assault on free expression (Human Rights Watch)
+ Palestinian Authority detains, questions two journalists (CPJ)
+ Illegal action by Israeli authorities shuts down Palestinian media centre (RSF)
+ Arrest of a journalist because of his views on Facebook (ANHRI)
+ Palestinian journalists detained; new media network shut down (IPI)

Hona Al-Quds network office raided, equipment seized (MADA)


Omani blogger threatened with deportation (ANHRI)

Demonstrators beaten in custody (Human Rights Watch)
+ Jordan violates peaceful protest right and arrests activists (ANHRI)


Rapper arrested for critical lyrics (ANHRI)


Omani blogger threatened with deportation (ANHRI)


Escalating assault on free expression (Human Rights Watch)
+ Palestinian Authority detains, questions two journalists (CPJ)
+ Illegal action by Israeli authorities shuts down Palestinian media centre (RSF)
+ Arrest of a journalist because of his views on Facebook (ANHRI)
+ Palestinian journalists detained; new media network shut down (IPI)

Journalist released on bail after one week in detention (MADA)


Lives of citizen journalist and activist who helped resistance media in danger (RSF)
+ Syria detains, reportedly tortures videographer (CPJ)


Internet regulation reform vital, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Protecting free expression and free information in the new Constitution (ARTICLE 19)

United Arab Emirates

Authorities order closure of American, German pro-democracy organisations (ANHRI)
+ Freedom House condemns shutdown of civil society groups in Dubai (Freedom House)

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