28 May 2012

IFEX Digest | 21 - 27 May 2012


New FAIFE Spotlight released on libraries and freedom of information (IFLA)



Activist's killing fails to deliver justice (Human Rights Watch)


Stateless blogger facing deportation after being tricked by immigration authorities (RSF)

Equatorial Guinea

Jailed opposition figure transferred to isolated cell; attorney suspended (Human Rights Watch)


Obama should raise press freedom in Africa food talks, says CPJ (CPJ)
+ Members of Congress urge Meles to end repression (CPJ)


Reporter suspended from university for reporting on campus conflicts (CEMESP)
+ University suspends student journalist over article (CPJ)


Three weeks of media freedom violations (RSF)


Freedom of expression and access to information key to promoting equal political representation, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


Journalist killed in Mogadishu (CPJ)
+ Another journalist killed, sixth since start of year (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns sixth murder of journalist (IFJ)
+ Nine journalists killed in last eight months (IPI)

At CPJ debrief, "New York Times" correspondent cites danger, reward (CPJ)

South Africa

FXI supports gallery's refusal to remove Zuma picture (FXI)
+ Reasoned debate around artistic expression (FXI)

The Gambia

Police chief says long-missing journalist is in the US (IPI)


"Daily Monitor" journalist assaulted in prison, released on bail (HRNJ-Uganda)
+ Newspaper journalist granted conditional release after being attacked in prison (RSF)



Quebec's Bill 78 severely infringes on Charter rights (CJFE)


Seventeen states request respect for freedom of expression (Fundamedios)
+ Ecuador must end harsh treatment of journalists (ARTICLE 19)
+ Nations urge Ecuador to guarantee freedom of expression (CPJ)

El Salvador

Solidarity, a key to security, eludes press (CPJ)


Journalist Marcos Ávila García found dead in Sonora after being kidnapped (ARTICLE 19)
+ Crime reporter is fourth journalist to be killed in less than a month (RSF)
+ Kidnapped Mexican reporter found dead (IPI)
+ Mexico should investigate murder of abducted journalist (CPJ)
+ Another journalist murdered in Sonora state (WiPC)
+ IAPA appeals to governments to act in wave of kidnappings of journalists (IAPA)
+ IPI calls for presidential candidates to address journalist safety (IPI)


Journalist shot in leg after threat from mayor's office (IPYS)

Newspaper director and editor receive e-mail death threats (IPYS)

Asia and Pacific


Journalist brutally attacked (Media Watch)


Sorting out sanctions, censorship, sincerity (CPJ)


Lake activists sentenced, monk detained after taking part in protest (CCHR)

Boeung Kak lake residents arrested by police while on peaceful protest (CCHR)


Anti-foreign attitudes bode ill for China correspondents (CPJ)

Government continues to censor reporting on activist Chen Guangcheng (IFJ)
+ Chen Guangcheng's nephew arrested on attempted murder charges (Index on Censorship)
+ Chen Guangcheng knows exile isn't easy, but it may be his best bet (Index on Censorship)
+ EU rights talks sliding toward irrelevance (Human Rights Watch)


Charges against video journalist must be dropped (CPJ)


Government encouraged to set end-date for newspaper ban (PFF)
+ IFJ calls for end to newspaper ban (IFJ)


Authorities urged to drop charges against protest participants (Human Rights Watch)


Attacks on the press continue during NEFIN protests (FNJ)
+ Media under constant threat (Freedom Forum)
+ Demonstrators targeting media continuously (Freedom Forum)
+ Journo Deepa Ale seriously injured in attack (Freedom Forum)
+ Proposed new Constitution fuels tension, threats and attacks on media (RSF)
+ Journalist attacked (FNJ)
+ Newspapers burnt (FNJ)
+ Journalists and media targeted by agitators in political turmoil (IFJ)
+ Threats and physical attacks on journalists and media continue (RSF)

FNJ condemns anti-press attacks during NEFIN's nationwide protests (FNJ)
+ Unprecedented attacks on media, journalists (Freedom Forum)
+ Journalists attacked (FNJ)
+ Press freedom violation goes unabated (Freedom Forum)
+ Increased attacks on journalists on the eve of constitutional change (IFJ)


Moves to squelch media, again (CPJ)

Cameraman, reporter shot while covering protest rally; journalist detained and beaten in Wana (PPF)
+ Violating free expression, authorities block Twitter for nearly 12 hours (RSF)

Call for revision of National Human Rights Commission law (Human Rights Watch)

Abducted journalist found dead in Balochistan (PPF)
+ IFJ outraged as another journalist murdered in Balochistan province (IFJ)
+ Journalist abducted and murdered in Balochistan province (IPI)
+ Fifth murder this year, kidnap attempt and police violence (RSF)
+ Journalists protest rising insecurity (IFJ)

Papua New Guinea

Parties urged to respect media role (PFF)
+ IFJ urges respect for media independence (IFJ)
+ IFJ condemns censoring of court reporting (IFJ)


Radio commentator threatened on Facebook (CMFR)


Call for release of Catholic activists (Human Rights Watch)

Europe and Central Asia


Eurovision no party for peaceful protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ Eurovision – two journalists killed, six in prison, 100 million viewers. . . and one word about media freedom? (RSF)
+ Journalists face police pressure (IRFS)

Eurovision must shine light on mistreatment of journalists, says IFJ (IFJ)

Authorities violently disperse peaceful rallies (Human Rights Watch)
+ Peaceful protest crushed on eve of Eurovision (Index on Censorship)
+ Local and foreign journalists face pressure at demonstration in Baku (IRFS)

International freedom of expression coalition launches website ahead of Eurovision (ARTICLE 19)


Rights defender threatened, attacked (Human Rights Watch)

Middle East and North Africa


ARTICLE 19's submission to the Universal Periodic Review (ARTICLE 19)
+ Human rights body urged to target repression in the country (Human Rights Watch)

Authorities arrest critical journalist (CPJ)


Two Azerbaijani writers missing (RSF)


Israel arrests head of Palestinian prison news channel (CPJ)
+ Israeli troops arrest head of Palestinian prisoner channel (RSF)
+ Authorities provide no reason for raid on Palestinian TV station (IPI)


Israel arrests head of Palestinian prison news channel (CPJ)
+ Israeli troops arrest head of Palestinian prisoner channel (RSF)
+ Authorities provide no reason for raid on Palestinian TV station (IPI)


IFEX-TMG calls for seven-year sentences to be overturned (IFEX-TMG)

United Arab Emirates

Stateless blogger facing deportation after being tricked by immigration authorities (RSF)


Journalists face ongoing threats, assaults (RSF)

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