45 days and counting: Cameroon’s internet shutdown

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Cameroon – a hotbed for journalists

Rights groups call on Cameroonian authorities to carry out in-depth and impartial investigation into the death of Jean Jacques Ola Bebe, who was killed just a week after Martinez Zogo was assassinated.

Martinez Zogo is 2nd Cameroonian journalist to die in distressing manner in recent years

The body of radio journalist Martinez Zogo showing signs that he was tortured, was found near the capital, Yaoundé, five days after he was reported missing.

Sentencing of Amadou Vamoulké described as monumental travesty of justice

The special criminal court in Yaoundé, Cameroon fines 72-year-old Amadou Vamoulké US$76,000 and sentences him to 12 years in prison.