Promoting and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human right

IFEX is a diverse, worldwide network of over 100 non-governmental organisations that advocates for the free expression and access to information rights of all.

Civic space is wherever people organize, participate, protest, or communicate with each other to influence the political and social structures around them. Protecting it is our highest priority.

What is civic space?

Activists And Community Members Demonstrate Against Police Killings in io de Janeiro, Brazil

Can democracy survive Brazil’s upcoming elections?

In the run up to its national elections, our eyes are on Brazil and the deep challenges confronting its civic space. One of the world’s largest democracies is at risk, and we should all be concerned.

This year, Brazilians are going to the polls in a context of rising authoritarianism,  with civil society under threat. The campaign has had polarization at its centre, with narratives rooted in prejudice, racism and misogyny.

Brazilian civic space needs to be protected to ensure that journalists, activists and human rights defenders do not become an endangered species.