Action Plan or Inaction Plan? The fate of the world’s journalists – and our democracies – hangs in the balance

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Ten recommendations for Elon Musk

The Forum on Information and Democracy (initiated by RSF) makes ten recommendations to social media platforms with a view to defending journalism, the right to information and users’ rights.

A human rights guide for reporters covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Ahead of the World Cup, Human Rights Watch’s new report summarises Qatar’s human rights problems; it also describes FIFA’s human rights policies and how the global football governing body can more effectively address serious violations in the country.

UK’s rights record in the spotlight at the UN

Rather than strengthening rights, the UK has proposed repealing and replacing the Human Rights Act, and its new home secretary has previously called for withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights. There are also deep concerns over the government’s approach to refugees and gender and reproductive rights.