Afghanistan: Radio journalist assassinated in central Ghor province

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Afghan security force members stand at the site of the blast in Kabul, 3 June 2021, Sayed Mominzadah/Xinhua via Getty Images

News anchor Mina Khairi killed in Kabul blast

Female news anchor Mina Khairi of Ariana News was killed in an IED blast on 3 June. She is the fifth journalist and media worker to be killed in 2021 in Afghanistan.

A photo depicting a crowd of mourners at the funeral of journalist Malalai Maiwand. Maiwands casket is also pictured in front of the crowd

A global call for the UN Security Council to act against the killing of journalists in Afghanistan

In a letter to the UNSC and UNAMA, civil society organisations from around the globe highlight the wave of journalist killings in Afghanistan and urge them to act now.

Nepali journalists gather in Kathmandu, on 2 May 2018, to pay tribute to a group of journalists who lost their lives in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Sunil Pradhan/NurPhoto

Afghanistan: Three female media workers shot to death in Eastern Nangarhar province

The three female workers of the Enikas TV network were on their way home from work when they were shot in two separate attacks.