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1 August 2012 |

Human Rights Watch report describes political violence, intimidation in run up to Angolan elections

The Angolan government should end its crackdown on peaceful protests and the media with the start of the election campaign on 1 August, says Human Rights Watch.
27 July 2012 |

Report indicates growing impunity in cases of attacks on journalists

A report by HRNJ-Uganda indicates that the environment for frontline journalists is getting more risky, with attacks taking place at the hands of security agency personnel, especially the police.
26 July 2012 |

Legal analysis: Media Authority Bill

ARTICLE 19 is pleased the bill intends to respect international standards for freedom of expression, but points out that improvements are still needed to safeguard the media's independence.
22 June 2012 |

CEMESP publishes FOI post-electoral research report

Political parties' compliance with proactive disclosure of information during 2011 fared lower in comparison to the 2005 elections.
5 June 2012 |

CEMESP releases 2011 Freedom of Expression Report

Speaking at the launch of the report, CEMESP Executive Director Malcolm Joseph regretted that 2011 proved to be a "rather sad" year for free speech in Liberia.
29 May 2012 |

MRA calls on stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of FOI Act

In a new report, MRA highlights key observations from its monitoring of the implementation of the act over the past year and makes recommendations for improved levels of compliance with its provisions.
25 May 2012 |

At CPJ debrief, "New York Times" correspondent cites danger, reward

CPJ research shows that six journalists have been killed in Somalia in 2012 alone, and 42 have been killed in the last two decades, one of the highest tolls in the world.
8 May 2012 |

China's media footprint in Kenya

The expansion comes as other, predominantly Western media houses are shrinking their media presence in East Africa.
7 May 2012 |

RSF report highlights daily abuses suffered by journalists

RSF examines the first quarter of 2012, turning the spotlight on one of the most dangerous countries in Africa for journalists.
3 May 2012 |

ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

ARTICLE 19's submission focuses on Zambia’s compliance with its international obligations in respect of freedom of expression.
2 May 2012 |

MISA launches annual state of media freedom report

The current edition of So This Is Democracy? documents numerous media freedom and freedom of expression violations that MISA recorded in Southern Africa during the course of 2011.
2 May 2012 |

Legal analysis: Draft Campaign Financing Bill

In the analysis, ARTICLE 19 emphasises that transparency in campaign financing is indispensible for embedding accountability and integral to the promotion of good governance and democracy.
2 May 2012 |

Escalation of political violence documented in new Human Rights Watch report

The report also highlights numerous cases in which individuals were threatened, forced into hiding, and murdered as a result of their perceived political leanings.
26 April 2012 |

Press freedom continues to diminish, says new report

Attacks on journalists have escalated in the past six months despite the government's commitment to adhere to international human rights principles, with 32 cases of attacks since the review by the UN Human Rights Council, says HRNJ-Uganda.
18 April 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 legal analysis: Communications Regulatory Authority Bill

The Communications Regulatory Authority Bill is a major piece of legislation intended to consolidate and harmonise two existing and overlapping laws – the Uganda Communications Act and the Electronic Media Act.
18 April 2012 |

New report highlights draconian media laws

ARTICLE 19 has found significant flaws in the laws regulating the media and free speech in the country, as well as persistent harassment and intimidation of journalists and human rights defenders.
17 April 2012 |

ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

The submission outlines areas where the country has failed to meet its legal obligations to protect freedom of expression.
17 April 2012 |

ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

ARTICLE 19 notes that only a few freedom of expression issues have been addressed during the first cycle of the UPR.
16 April 2012 |

Independence has not brought freedom for press

Journalists routinely face harassment, intimidation and violence for pursuing stories that tackle everything from corruption to security concerns.
13 April 2012 |

Opposition begins to speak up

"We are a simulated democracy. Angola is really a dictatorship," said Elias Isaac, country director for the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa).

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