2012 Report
Annual Report on Impunity 2013


Just five years ago we were working in our independent offices spread across 14 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through IFEX we realized that the issues we were dealing with in our own context were similar, our challenges were many and our combined knowledge formidable. Following this, a unique alliance was born. The IFEX-ALC network has evolved into a dynamic Alliance of organisations that speak with one voice on the many threats right to freedom of expression that occur throughout region. Now when we have to deal with a freedom of expression issue in our own countries, we know we have friends across the borders looking out for us. And beyond that, we have the support of IFEX network members worldwide.  It helps to know when navigating through difficult situations in our own countries that our colleagues stand with us and support us. We have learned that working together with respect, spirited debate and good humour we can continue to solidify our alliance to make a difference. 

IFEX-ALC develops partnerships and is a go-to resource on the right to freedom of expression. We build the institutional capacities of our organisations to ensure that we can enhance and sustain the impact of our work and increase our effectiveness. Together, this year we have compiled the first regional analysis on impunity to coincide with the International day to End Impunity (IDEI) on November 23, 2013. The goal of the IDEI is to achieve justice for those persecuted for exercising their right to freedom of expression by drawing global attention to the pernicious culture of impunity that exists in so many countries. Our hope is that this analysis will serve us in our future work in combating impunity in Latin America and Caribbean and serve as a resource for others as well.

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