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24 September 2012 |

Ivorian authorities lift ban on privately-owned publications

On 17 September, 2012, Côte d'Ivoire's statutory press regulatory body - The National Press Council (CNP) - lifted suspension sanctions it had imposed on six privately-owned pro-Gbagbo newspapers. The suspensions had been enforced after the media outlets jointly republished an article that was originally published by Notre Voie, also a pro-Gbagbo daily.
21 September 2012 |

Freedom of information group condemns YouTube block in Sudan

On 16 September 2012, the Sudanese Ministry of Communication blocked YouTube from the Internet without reasons and without details.
17 September 2012 |

Ivorian journalist attacked by minister's security detail

An Ivoirian government security detail assaulted a journalist covering the eviction of a senior official's family, seizing his equipment and leaving him bleeding and bruised.
13 September 2012 |

Nigerian journalist beaten and arrested by soldiers

The International Press Institute (IPI) condemns the reported beating and arrest of a Nigerian journalist, by soldiers.
15 August 2012 |

Moroccan journalist based in Spanish enclave receives death threats

Hamid Naïmi, a Moroccan journalist and opposition activist based in a Spanish enclave, is the target of death threats of presumed Moroccan origin.
13 August 2012 |

Another opposition journalist brutally assaulted in Kazakhstan

An archivist and reporter for several opposition newspapers, Ularbek Baitailak was left for dead at the edge of the road by his attackers.
13 August 2012 |

Violations of media freedom in Palestine in first half of 2012

While new figures show a slight decrease in the number of attacks against journalists and media organisations, the status of media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories remains under serious threat.
9 August 2012 |

Peaceful protests calling for self-determination violently suppressed in Bahrain

Peaceful protests calling for self-determination violently suppressed in Bahrain Police arrested demonstrators and used tear gas and stun grenades to suppress peaceful protests erupting in various Bahraini villages.
8 August 2012 |

Kurdish journalist released following judicial reform in Turkey

A court in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir ruled to release Ozan Kilinc, the former editor-in-chief of the Kurdish daily Azadiya Welat.
8 August 2012 |

Journalist, former newspaper director convicted in criminal defamation case in Italy

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Italian Parliament to repeal criminal defamation legislation following the conviction of journalist Orfeo Donatini and former newspaper director Tiziano Marson.
8 August 2012 |

Egyptian government announces new sanctions on satellite television channels

The government has put into place a punitive system that includes issuing warnings, notices, suspensions and the revoking of licenses from satellite television channels when deemed necessary.
8 August 2012 |

Opposition broadcaster Raajje TV silenced in the Maldives

Raajje TV was attacked just days after police accused the station of making false allegations against security forces.
7 August 2012 |

Still no right to information act in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan cabinet approved a Freedom of Information Bill in 2004, but parliament was dissolved and the bill never went further.
7 August 2012 |

Spate of attacks on Syrian state media and journalists

Spate of attacks on Syrian state media and journalists
The headquarters of a state TV station was bombed, and a TV presenter was kidnapped and executed.
7 August 2012 |

Police fatally shoot Darfur protesters

At least eight people were killed and about 100 others injured after police forces used live ammunition to disperse protests.
7 August 2012 |

Radio journalist's house attacked by gunmen

José Encarnación Chinchilla López covers local issues in the state of Yoro, recently dealing with gang activity and a land dispute, and said he received threats prior to the attack.
7 August 2012 |

BBC correspondent threatened by Baloch Liberation Front

Ayub Tareen was forced to leave Quetta after the BLF accused him of partisan reporting on its political activities.
7 August 2012 |

Journalist sentenced in criminal libel case

Falume Chabane was sentenced to a 16-month suspended prison term and ordered to pay damages after reporting on a dispute between a private school and the family of a disabled student.
7 August 2012 |

Human rights defender Zainab Al-Khawaja arrested, ill-treated

Human rights defender Zainab Al-Khawaja arrested, ill-treated The activist was protesting alone at a roundabout despite her leg being in a cast from a previous assault.
7 August 2012 |

Honduran journalist fears for safety after uncovering financial corruption

Journalist Ariel D'Vicente is receiving protection after he reported that the wife of the former finance minister was found with money that came from shrimp farming royalty payments paid out to an official high up within the Lobo Sosa government.

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