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30 June 2011 |

Publications exempt from prior censorship still receive warnings from Information Ministry

A division of the Information Ministry warned some newspapers and magazines, including a medical journal, that some articles were culturally inappropriate.
30 June 2011 |

Arrests in advance of rally for electoral reforms raise deep concerns

On the morning of June 29, authorities raided the offices of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0), a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning for electoral reforms, without a warrant. The organisation's materials were confiscated and six staff members and one volunteer were arrested.
30 June 2011 |

Two "Standard" journalists arrested

Reporter Patience Nyangove and editor Nevanji Madanhire were detained after reporting on the arrest of an aide to the prime minister.
30 June 2011 |

Sports journalist and photographer arrested

Maryam Majd's arrest was followed by the detention of two other female journalists and activists.
30 June 2011 |

Fundamedios responds to President Correa's allegations over its funding

President Rafael Correa recently alleged that the organisation is financed by USAID and made other damaging remarks about the work of NGOs in Ecuador.
30 June 2011 |

State should stop fuelling tensions over Bersih rally, says CIJ

Since 22 June, at least 81 persons have been arrested for their support of the movement campaigning for free and fair elections.
30 June 2011 |

ANHRI obtains acquittal for journalists in defamation suit

Four journalists at the newspaper "Al-Fajr" were acquitted of criminal charges but have been ordered to pay fines amounting to 10,000 pounds.
30 June 2011 |

Threats continue as authorities fail to protect investigative journalist Lydia Cacho

The latest threats made direct reference to Cacho's journalism and are evidence of the continuing surveillance and risk she faces, ARTICLE 19 says.
30 June 2011 |

Islamic preacher held incommunicado for four days, released without charge

Alhaji Ismaila Manjang was subjected to a lengthy interrogation on a wide range of issues, including his recent address to students at a graduating ceremony.
30 June 2011 |

Contrived legal proceedings mounted against journalists

Due to be released on 3 July 2011, Abu Zir al-Amin has instead been transferred to the custody of State Security Prosecution for further investigation.
30 June 2011 |

Auditor placed under investigation for disclosing corruption case

Ahmed Al Sandawini informed the media about corruption linked to a case of contaminated wheat.
30 June 2011 |

Neuquén radio journalist under threat

There are concerns for the safety of Mario Sánchez and his family following a number of incidents of threats and intimidation.
30 June 2011 |

Journalists attacked by police while covering protest

Víctor Munive and Junior Meza were assaulted by police officers, who also took Meza's camera and deleted all his photographs of a demonstration in Huancayo.
30 June 2011 |

French journalists, interpreter released after being held hostage for 18 months

"We hail the efforts undertaken by the French and Afghan governments, which led to Ghesquière and Taponier and their interpreter being freed safe and sound as a result of negotiation," said RSF.
29 June 2011 |

NUSOJ concerned by partisan use of media

"The way the TFG and Al-Shabaab media cover the current conflicts degrades the quality, critique and objectiveness of the media they control," said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General.
29 June 2011 |

Authorities should not intimidate journalists covering flotilla, says CPJ

"Israel must ensure that all journalists can report on the flotilla freely and without the threat of confiscation of recordings and equipment," CPJ said.
29 June 2011 |

"El Espectador" journalist in Medellín receives death threat

Mary Luz Avendaño has been reporting on an ongoing turf war between drug trafficking groups and the gangs' links to the police.
29 June 2011 |

State government urged to not restrict media access

The Kelantan state government has barred "Utusan Malaysia" journalists from state assembly proceedings and other official functions.
29 June 2011 |

Newspaper editor receives threatening phone call

Avaz Zeynalli claims he was threatened by police chief Agalar Maharramov, following a critical article published in the newspaper "Khural."
29 June 2011 |

Parliament refuses to provide information on MPs' incomes

The "Stop Censorship!" movement objected to the Parliament's refusal to comply with this access to information request.

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