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30 September 2011 |

IPI condemns physical attack on TV Tutin crew

A two-member TV crew was filming the construction of a local cultural center when four individuals approached and started beating them.
30 September 2011 |

Journalist faces 16 years in jail if convicted on defamation charges

CPJ condemns the ongoing imprisonment of journalist Makhmadyusuf Ismoilov and is dismayed by prosecutors' call for a hefty prison term on defamation and other charges.
30 September 2011 |

Police raid Al-Jazeera offices again

Some 25 plainclothes police entered the new office of Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, roughed up staff members and detained journalist Mohamed Suleiman.
30 September 2011 |

WPFC-FH applauds court decision declaring lawsuit against "Leer" magazine null and void

The plaintiff invoked the repressive 1966 Press Law, a relic from the Franco dictatorship.
30 September 2011 |

Photographers brought to trial

Mohamed Al-Aradi and Zuhair Aoun Al-Shama'a are to be tried for covering an authorised demonstration and for "inciting hatred of the government by posting photos on the Internet."
30 September 2011 |

Countries start signing anti-counterfeiting accord that was negotiated secretly

RSF condemns elements of the accord that have the effect of banning censorship circumvention resources that are indispensable tools for ensuring the flow of news and information in countries such as Iran and China.
30 September 2011 |

"El Universo" threatened with two more lawsuits

President Rafael Correa announced that the newspaper may face legal action for having published a letter written by a member of parliament for the Madera de Guerrero movement.
30 September 2011 |

IAPA condemns increased harassment of dissidents

IAPA laments the absence of solidarity of Latin American governments with the Cuban people.
30 September 2011 |

Cameraman attacked while filming opposition demonstration

John Kinkendu was severely beaten and had his camera confiscated by a group of youths while covering an opposition rally that was dispersed by police.
30 September 2011 |

More arrests, threats and sentences for journalists

Arrested while filming a street protest shortly after President Ahmadinedjad's disputed re-election in June 2009, Chari Mohammad Moradof has been sentenced to 21 years in prison on charges of spying and anti-government propaganda.
30 September 2011 |

Three "La Tribune" journalists detained over story on police violence

Félix Zalé, Ahmet Bachir Ndiáye and Mamadou Diowere were accused of "discrediting the police" in a front-page story that accused them of using violence to quell a demonstration.
29 September 2011 |

Dissident writers amnestied

Tran Duc Thach and Nguyen Van Tinh were included in an amnesty celebrating Vietnamese National Day.
29 September 2011 |

Newspaper closed, others suspended or seized, journalists physically attacked

Despite President Omar al-Bashir's announcement more than a month ago that he would release all imprisoned journalists, Abdelrahman Adam, a Radio Dabanga journalist detained since 30 October 2010, has not been freed.
29 September 2011 |

Sentences upheld against jailed human rights defenders, writers and bloggers

Sentences upheld against jailed human rights defenders, writers and bloggers WiPC supported a trial observation mission to the country for the verdict, in partnership with IFEX, and calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all those currently detained for the peaceful exercise of their opinions.
28 September 2011 |

State secrecy laws used to intimidate journalists

After Ji Xuguang published a story about a civil servant charged with imprisoning six women, the journalist said he was threatened and interrogated by two unidentified men.
28 September 2011 |

Authorities arrest South Korean journalists near North Korean border

Press visas are hard to get and, when journalists lack them, the authorities often use this as grounds for preventing them from working in this sensitive border area, said RSF.
28 September 2011 |

Journalist harassed over political talk show

Samuel Kajumba has been harassed since discussing on his show the manner in which the army arrested an alleged deserter.
28 September 2011 |

Broadcast ban placed on video aimed at increasing voter registration

The video was banned just days after Prime Minister Najib Razak promised renewed efforts toward creating a more democratic and liberal Malaysia.
28 September 2011 |

Journalists receive death threats via leaflets left at their homes

Segundo Alvines and Braulio Rojas received the threats after reporting on corruption allegations involving the municipality of Bagua.
28 September 2011 |

Journalist threatened after allegedly publicising conversation involving presidential candidate

One of the threatening text messages received by Joseph Mwale said, "How dare you shame our next president? . . . We will make you a villain because you will soon die."

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