All charges against writer dropped, but he remains in prison facing blindness
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A mock celebration of jailed Cameroon journalist Amadou Vamoulké’s birthday outside the Cameroonian embassy in Paris, shines the spotlight on his continued incarceration.

Cameroonian Attorney General’s request to reject the request for journalist Amadou Vamoulké’s release may endanger his health further. The court’s decision is expected on 28 November.

An NGO registers locally displaced residents for humanitarian aid, people who were fleeing violence in Cameroon's Anglophone Territories, in Buea, southwest Cameroon, 11 May 2019, Giles Clarke/UNOCHA via Getty Images

The Cameroonian government is urged to take measures against the ongoing attacks against journalists and activists in Cameroon by AFEX and its member in Cameroon, ADISI-Cameroon.