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17 July 2012 |

Abuse of power under Chávez takes toll on media freedom

The report documents how the accumulation of power in the executive and the erosion of human rights protections have allowed the Chávez government to intimidate, censor, and prosecute critics and perceived opponents.
19 June 2012 |

Violence and self-censorship risk undermining media's role ahead of historic election

During Chávez’ 14-year period in power, his government has elaborated a sophisticated and aggressive model to control independent media.
13 June 2012 |

Amidst violence, lack of unity among Honduran journalists

"Everyone feels vulnerable," said Mavis Cruz, director of the news program Noticias a la Hora on Radio Libertad in San Pedro Sula. But rather than coming together to face this crisis, Honduran journalists are deeply divided and suspicious of one another.
12 June 2012 |

IPI interview on criminal libel laws in the Caribbean

In an interview with IPI associate Scott Griffen, Wesley Gibbings, President of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, explains how criminal defamation laws affect the profession of journalism in the Caribbean.
5 June 2012 |

The fragile state of media freedom in Latin America

(Freedom House/IFEX) - 4 June 2012 - The following is a Freedom House Freedom at Issue blog item:
25 May 2012 |

Government must ensure an end to violence against journalists and commit to media pluralism

ARTICLE 19 has called upon member states of the United Nations to highlight freedom of expression and information in Brazil at the country’s upcoming Universal Periodic Review on 25 May 2012.
25 May 2012 |

Solidarity, a key to security, eludes press

El Salvador's new generation of journalists would do well to be proactive, to work together, and to speak as one on the issues that endanger them all, says CPJ.
3 May 2012 |

CPJ co-presents "The Silenced: Fighting for Press Freedom in Mexico"

CPJ, CAFOD and The Guardian have developed ‘The Silenced: Fighting for Press Freedom in Mexico’, a photo exhibition that will mark the courage and determination of ‘The Silenced’ and those who continue to fight to tell the truth about the Latin American drug cartels, despite the risks.
17 April 2012 |

Joint submission to UN Universal Periodic Review

ARTICLE 19, APRODEH, IPYS and Suma Ciudadana note that during the first UPR cycle, the Peruvian Government received a number of recommendations related to freedom of expression issues.
16 April 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

The report outlines areas where the country has failed to meet its legal obligations to protect freedom of expression.
13 April 2012 |

Fundamedios reports increased hostility towards media in first quarter of 2012

Attacks against the media, journalists and members of the public who were exercising their right to free expression increased, in comparison with the same time period in previous years.
26 March 2012 |

IPI releases report on plight of country's regional media

The report reveals that while the media environment in the globalised metropolises appears increasingly healthy, journalists working outside the centres of federal power continue to be targeted by drug cartels, powerful local politicians, and others who fear the consequences of investigative reporting.
20 March 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 releases report on press entitled "Forced Silence"

The report revealed increases in attacks on journalists in 2011, showing that the authorities are still not doing their job.
1 March 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 reviews free expression and the law in 2011

According to ARTICLE 19's statement, in 2011 only a few countries in the region proposed changes to their constitutions which substantially affect freedom of expression.
15 February 2012 |

Regional media under siege in Latin America

One of the most significant obstacles to press freedom in Latin America is the autocratic regional and local authorities who view investigative reporting as a threat to their otherwise unchecked power.
8 February 2012 |

GALI report reveals public officials are the worst free expression offenders in the Andean region

According to the report, the aggressions reached their climax towards the middle of the year, sometimes a bit before or a bit later, due to specific situations such as general elections in Peru or the lawsuit for millions of dollars against the newspaper "El Universo" in Ecuador.
27 January 2012 |

Criminal gangs intimidate, silence Córdoba journalists

The gangs, known in Spanish as bandas criminales or "bacrim," are the offspring of right-wing paramilitary death squads that fought the country's Marxist guerrillas and trafficked cocaine.
11 January 2012 |

Fundamedios records 156 aggressions against the media in 2011

According to the records, most of the aggressions were initiated by public officials; 18.59% of these by the President.
5 January 2012 |

Decriminalisation of press offences a major issue in 2012

Decriminalization is urgent in Peru, where a promising reform of the criminal code approved in July 2011 has not yet been enacted.
2 January 2012 |

IAPA reviews state of press freedom in 2011

IAPA concluded that this was one of the most “challenging and tragic” years for the countries of the Americas and reaffirmed its commitment to confront the next challenges.

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