An interview with Teresa Toda

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Photographer Javier Bauluz fined under Spain’s controversial ‘Gag Law’

Bauluze is one of many journalists, photographers, and activists who have been fined under the 2015 law for alleged behaviour that endangers the work of law enforcement authorities.

Algeria: Spain forsakes international obligations in appalling refoulement of Algerian whistleblower

Rights groups condemn Spain’s deportation of Algerian activist Mohamed Benhalima who faces a high risk of torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trial in Algeria.

ARTICLE 19 raises concerns over Spain’s Ministerial Order on Disinformation

“While we welcome that public communications strategies to counter disinformation are preferred over restriction-based approaches, we are worried that disinformation is seen as a national security concern and the objectives, actions and levels of the National Procedure fail to determine the aim they sought to protect.”