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On 8 August, journalist Rafael Marques was once again prevented from leaving Angola, reports Reporters sans frontières (RSF). Marques was attempting to travel to the United States to receive the Percy Qoboza Award from the US-based National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). The award, which recognises "the extraordinary work of a foreign journalist while overcoming tremendous obstacles," was to be presented to Marques on 18 August at NABJ's Newsmaker Banquet.

On 31 March, Marques was convicted for "defamation" of the head of state, carrying a six-month suspended sentence and a fine of approximately US$8,665, states RSF. Authorities state that Marques may not leave the country until after the Supreme Court reaches a verdict on Marques' appeal, despite the fact that the courts have far superseded the 45-day time period permitted to reach a second decision. Earlier this year, Marques was prevented from traveling to Washington, and on 19 June, Marques was forbidden to attend an international conference in South Africa, reports RSF.

In addition, Marques was also invited to attend IFEX's Annual Meeting in New York in May, but was unable to obtain the necessary permission to leave the country. [Updates IFEX "Communique" #9-12.]

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