Armenia: Martial law undermines press freedom

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Armenia and Azerbaijan must protect journalists during Nagorno Karabakh conflict

Press groups call on both states to abide by their obligations under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law to protect journalists in situations of conflict and tension.

Police officers detain a supporter of the armed group who have been holding a police station in Yerevan, Armenia, 27 July 2016., Vahan Stepanyan/PAN Photo via AP

Armenia sacks Yerevan police chief following attacks on protestors

The suspension and even sacking of police officers, especially such senior figures, was dramatic and could be a sign that there will be accountability for what happened on July 29, when police violently dispersed a crowd of protesters.

Anti-government protesters march through a street in Yerevan, Armenia, 30 July 2016, Karo Sahakyan/PAN Photo via AP

Stunned by grenades and beatings

Unidentified men and police punch, kick and use wooden clubs to beat journalists and protesters, as protests in Armenia reach their third week.