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Link to: Dissident journalist Wei Jingsheng’s secretary, Tong Yi, detained without trial; beaten in detention

Tong Yi, China’s best-known woman prisoner and secretary to Wei Jingsheng until Wei’s arrest in April 1994, was badly beaten by fellow inmates on 16 January 1995 and again on 17 January in the Hewan Re-education Camp near Wuhan in Hebei Province for demanding that her work day not exceed eight hours. She is serving […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” correspondent Salih Guler’s detention extended; torture alleged

SOURCE: “Ozgur Ulke”, Istanbul **Updates IFEX CH alert dated 9 January 1995** Salih Guler, a 24 year old correspondent for the newspaper “Ozgur Ulke” being held at Jandarme Intelligence Organization (JITEM) in Diyarbakir since 4 January, has had his detention extended by 15 days. According to “Ozgur Ulke, a recently released witness, who remains anonymous […]

Link to: Newspapers seized; further details

**For background see IFEX CH alerts dated 17 January 1995** A new form of censorship is being practised against non-mainstream publications in Turkey. On 6 January, police and courts began confiscating newspapers and magazines deemed “separatist” before they are distributed. The pro-Kurdish daily “Ozgur Ulke”, the right-wing weekly “Taraf”, the left-wing weeklies “Gercek” and “Alinteri”, […]

Link to: Paper mill shortages a form of censorship

At the end of 1994, 17 of Romania’s major publications announced to their readers that they may shut down. The state-owned Letea paper mill is the only supplier of newsprint in the country. It announced that it will halt production for a few months due to raw materials shortages. The editors and publishers of the […]

Link to: Ken Saro-Wiwa’s trial postponed until February

**For background, see IFEX CH alerts and press releases dated 11 January 1995, 21, 2 December, 17 November, and various alerts through 1994** The trial against Nigerian writer and minority rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was postponed on 16 January 1995 after the prosecution failed to turn up at the court in Port Harcourt. Mr. Saro-Wiwa’s […]

Link to: Journalist Gao Yu in poor health

**Updates IFEX CH alerts dated 14 November, 18 October 1994** Journalist Gao Yu, detained since 2 October 1993 and sentenced last November to six years in jail for “leaking state secrets”, is in poor health because the Yanqing prison authorities are not providing her with medical treatment for angina pectoris and Meniere’s disease. Furthermore, Ms. […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” correspondents detained

Source: “Ozgur Ulke”, Istanbul **For information about other recent attacks on “Ozgur Ulke” see IFEX alerts dated 17 January 1995 (1), 17 January 1995 (2) and 9 January 1995** On 19 January 1995, at 10:50 am, plainclothes police from the anti-terror team in Diyarbakir held an identification check at the “Ozgur Ulke” offices in Diyarbakir […]

Link to: Canal 11 RBC television signal interrupted for four days

Television channel Canal 11 RBC’s signal was interrupted on 4 January 1995 and the station was forced off the air for four days. On 4 January, during an interview with General Luis Cisneros Visquerra on the show “Women Have the Say” in which he made remarks against the government, the channel went off the air […]

Link to: Escalating attacks on the media — censorship of four newspapers; dismissals of two editors; publishing rights denied

Source: Journalists’ Union of Belarus (JUB) The IFJ is extremely concerned at recent developments in the Belarus media in the past month. The Journalists’ Union of Belarus (JUB) reports that three newspapers — “Sovetskaja Belarus”, “Zvezda”, and “Respublika” — have appeared with blank spaces where an article on political corruption was due to be published, […]

Link to: “Imparcial Fax” Director, Ricardo De Mello, murdered

Ricardo De Mello, Director of the privately-owned newsletter “Imparcial Fax”, has been gunned down by an unidentified assassin outside his home. De Mello, 38, was shot in the early hours of 18 January on the stairs leading to his apartment in the capital Luanda. His body was discovered at about 06:00 by a child who […]

Link to: “New Breed” journalists released on bail

**Update to IFEX CH alerts dated 13 December 1994 and 12 January 1995** Mohamed Bangura, one of the four journalists from “The New Breed” charged with sedition, was released on health grounds on 16 January 1995. The prosecutor entered a “nolle prosequi” — in other words the case against him will not proceed although it […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” edition seized

On 9 January 1995, an entire edition of the newspaper “Ozgur Ulke” was seized following official complaints about an article on the second page of the paper, even though this article was deleted by the editorial board before publication. In spite of this effort at compliance, the Prosecutor apparently ordered the seizure to be carried […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” 6 January edition seized

On the morning of 6 January, copies of “Ozgur Ulke” were seized from the newspaper’s distribution centre. Editions of “Ozgur Ulke” have been seized in the past, but it has always been possible to obtain copies of the editions in their first hours at newsstands. The 6 January seizure marks the first time since the […]

Link to: “Quds Press” raided by Israeli police

Source: “Quds Press”, London On 16 January 1995, the offices of the Palestinian “Quds Press” in Jerusalem were raided for 75 minutes by a 19 member Israeli police unit, who seized computers and files and made a record of the names and identifications of personnel. The officer in charge gave no explanation as to the […]

Link to: Two Khmer language newspapers suspended

On 14 January 1995, on the basis of the press law of 6 April 1992, Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith suspended the “Samleng Yuvachun Khmer”, “for having offended the governmental institutions” of Cambodia by publishing a picture showing the Prime Minister, Norodom Ranariddh, with a sack of gold on his head. According to information received […]

Link to: Four Radio Zid journalists mobilised into Bosnian army

The IFJ/FIEJ Coordinating Centre reports that four senior journalists employed by Radio Zid have been mobilised into the Army of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Radio Zid had been promised special recognition by Sarajevo authorities and was granted 32 civilian work permits to ensure that the station could remain on the air. Radio Zid has used only […]