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14 June 2012 |

Chief government whip threatens stricter government regulation of media

The MP called for stricter privacy laws in wake of a scandal highlighting media ethics.
17 November 2011 |

RSF concerned about proposed new media regulations

Proposals include giving the press council the power to penalise newspapers by imposing fines of up to $30,000 AUD and to submit the press to tighter controls, such as the introduction of licences.
28 October 2011 |

Immigration minister restricts media access to detention centres in wake of detainee death

Journalists who want to visit an immigration detention centre must now sign a "deed of agreement" that regulates what the journalists can report and sets out a system of prior approval for all photos, video and audio footage before it is published or broadcast.
16 September 2011 |

RSF questions motives behind new commission of inquiry

RSF is concerned by the possibility that too much power will be given to the Australian Press Council, a regulatory body that monitors conduct and responsibility in the print media.
19 August 2011 |

PFF mourns media workers' deaths in helicopter crash

The ABC media tragedy is a loss for the Pacific, says PFF.
19 May 2011 |

Journalist arrested following report on Facebook security flaw

Technology reporter Ben Grubb reported on a Facebook privacy vulnerability test conducted at an Internet security conference which revealed that IT experts were able to access photographs protected by Facebook's privacy settings.
4 May 2011 |

BBC and APTN block satire of royal wedding

"This interference with Australian broadcasting sends the wrong message to many countries where the right to caricature is constantly denied," RSF said.
15 November 2010 |

New threats to journalists' sources as police secretly access reporter's telephone records

The police carried out the operation in an attempt to identify Justin O'Brien's source for a report about a police raid on the home of Darwin mayor Graeme Sawyer.
7 October 2010 |

Media Alliance welcomes draft shield laws

The two new draft laws promise to strengthen the legal protection of media workers in Australia, a country that lacks a bill of rights and where journalists have been open to prosecution for refusing to reveal confidential sources.
10 May 2010 |

Expedite new freedom of information law, says RSF

In an open letter to Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig, RSF urges the Australian government to pass important legislation on freedom of information.
10 March 2010 |

IFJ urges Indonesia and Australia to act on Balibo killings

The Indonesian government has banned a film depicting the murder of several Australian journalists in 1975.
22 December 2009 |

RSF expresses concern over Internet censorship

In an open letter to the prime minister, RSF expresses serious concern over the government's plan to introduce a mandatory Internet filtering system to combat child sex abuse.
5 October 2009 |

In light of regime's censorship, IFJ urges Australian Society of Travel Writers to rethink meeting in Fiji

The IFJ said ASTW members would be compromising their integrity to accept the hospitality of the regime in the current circumstances.
14 September 2009 |

Australia investigates "Balibo Five" murders as war crimes

The Australian police investigation aims to establish whether the journalists' murders can be prosecuted as war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.
14 June 2009 |

CPJ urges Canada, Australia to step up efforts to free Somalia captives

CPJ urges Canadian and Australian governments to work for immediate release of two journalists held captive in Mogadishu.
23 February 2009 |

Australian author Harry Nicolaides receives royal pardon on lese majeste conviction, released from Thai prison

(SEAPA/IFEX) - Australian author Harry Nicolaides, who imprisoned in Thailand on lese majeste charges, was granted a royal pardon on 19 February 2009, media reports said.
19 January 2009 |

Court sentences Australian author to three years in prison

(SEAPA/IFEX) - A Thai court has sentenced an Australian author to three years in prison for insulting a member of the royal family, media reports said.
11 September 2008 |

Australian author arrested on lèse-majesté charge, denied bail

(RSF/IFEX) - Australian author Harry Nicolaides, who has been held since 31 August 2008 on a lèse-majesté charge over a passage in his 2005 novel "Verisimilitude" that criticises the king's eldest son, Bhumibol Adulyadej, issued a public apology during a meeting with Reporters Without Borders in Bangkok's main prison.
9 July 2008 |

Journalist faces harassment, threats of imprisonment for refusing to reveal a source

(IFJ/IFEX) - The following is an IFJ media release:
8 May 2008 |

Newspaper raided, editor interrogated, documents seized following publication of corruption story

(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for the adoption of a law protecting the confidentiality of journalists' sources after police carried out a search of the headquarters of the "Sunday Times", a tabloid weekly based in Perth, Western Australia, on 30 April 2008.

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