In light of recent findings on Belarus by both the OSCE’s Moscow Mechanism and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, organisations express concern about ongoing abuses carried out by agents and supporters of the government of President Alexander Lukashenko and call for immediate investigations and redress.

The Senate of the Republic has an opportunity to reverse a decision that if fully approved would aggravate the situation of risk in which thousands of individuals live in Mexico. As such, we call on you to reconsider the 6 October decision taken by the Chamber of Deputies regarding the elimination of 109 public funds and trusts.

“The entire IFEX network stands united in calling for Bahey’s profoundly unjust sentence to be quashed, and for Egyptian authorities to immediately end their crackdown against human rights defenders and all those exercising their right to freedom of expression.”

On 1 July 2020, members of the International Civil Society Organisations Coalition on the Safety of Journalists sent an information request to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in relation to the Mexican State News Agency (Agencia de Noticias del Estado – NOTIMEX).

Campaigning journalist and human rights advocate Azimjon Askarov was Kyrgyzstan’s most famous prisoner.

The 44th session of the HRC resulted in a number of welcome resolutions, on peaceful protests and freedom of opinion and expression among them, and country-specific discussions. However, several States escaped collective scrutiny this session.

On 25 May 2020, in the United States, George Floyd’s voice was heard for the last time. His horrific murder and his final message – I can’t breathe – shed a harsh light on a reality that far too many look away from. A tipping point was reached. A spark was lit. And the world couldn’t stay silent anymore.

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

The Guarani people have lost land and many lives to ruthless developers. Eliseu Lopes, the leading indigenous voice in Brazil, campaigns for the recuperation of Guarani ancestral land and to bring national and international attention to his people’s plight.

Often jailed, but never silenced, Cambodia’s Tep Vanny continues to relentlessly battle for the land rights of her country’s most vulnerable people.

Sociologist Pinar Selek has worked with Turkey’s most marginalised communities. As a reward, the government has put her through one of the most perplexing trials in recent Turkish history.

Berta Cáceres spent her life building a movement to protect the environment and indigenous peoples’ rights. Her enemies tried to silence that movement by killing her, only to find out they can put out the spark, but never the fire.

The issue of violence against journalists who cover organised crime in border areas requires effective and coordinated transnational cooperation. With this in mind, the IACHR proposed that Ecuador and Columbia provide a joint response in the case of the “El Comercio” reporting team. Many lessons have been learned.

How a collaborative project in Indonesia tackled the problem of misinformation and disinformation during the country’s 2019 elections.

An international mission comprised of 17 international organizations underscores its concern regarding the lack of guarantees offered by the Mexican state to solve the country’s grave freedom of expression crisis and the state’s failure to recognize the seriousness of the problem.