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28 June 2012 |

BCHR publishes second part of post-BICI report

The findings of the report indicate that on many levels the human rights situation has worsened since March, and human rights defenders, activists and journalists have been arrested.
28 May 2012 |

BCHR calls on international community to keep attention on Bahrain

UN member states expressed strong concerns over the country's human rights record during the second cycle of their Universal Periodic Review in Geneva.
6 April 2012 |

Press freedom situation worsens as authorities attempt to whitewash actions

The authorities have hired Western PR firms to help project a favourable image of the regime in the Western media.
29 March 2012 |

Vital reform commitments unmet, finds Human Rights Watch

Some of the BICI’s most serious concerns, like accountability for crimes such as torture and relief for people wrongly imprisoned have not been adequately addressed, says Human Rights Watch.
26 March 2012 |

BCHR documents human rights violations post-BICI Report

BCHR documents human rights violations post-BICI Report The report honours the past and current sacrifices made by human rights defender Abdulhadi Alkhawaja and all those who paid a high price for demanding human rights.
28 February 2012 |

Human Rights Watch reports on unfair trials targeting peaceful demonstrators, activists

The egregious violations of fair trial rights in political cases do not just reflect the poor practices of individual prosecutors and judges, but serious, systemic problems with the country's criminal justice system, said the organisation.
16 January 2012 |

Athletes targeted for exercising their rights as country prepares for the Formula One

On 13 December 2011, the Criminal Court sentenced racing champion Mohamed AlKhunaizi to two years' imprisonment on charges of illegal gathering and inciting hatred against the regime.
23 November 2011 |

BCHR releases report on the price of freedom and social justice

BCHR releases report on the price of freedom and social justice The report gives background to the situation, then identifies and documents all the types of violations that took place, with the aim of putting out recommendations to the Bahraini government, as well as the EU, US, UN OHCHR and the ICC.
10 November 2011 |

Freedom House reports on brutal crackdown in the country

Despite the regime's brutality, the United States recently signed a multimillion-dollar arms deal (currently on hold) with the country and has remained largely silent amid a crackdown that proportionally surpasses the magnitude of any other in the region.
17 October 2011 |

Regime continues to target free expression by bringing journalists and photographers to trial

A number of media professionals have recently been summoned to appear before criminal courts, according to BCHR.
31 August 2011 |

Authorities attempt to muzzle, intimidate independent broadcasters covering rights violations

Recent moves include the jamming of the opposition Lulu channel and pressure tactics used against Al-Jazeera to prevent the airing of a video on the situation in the country.
11 July 2011 |

Foreign journalists face continued harassment, restrictions imposed by authorities

BCHR provides a synopsis of actions against foreign media personnel since the start of pro-democracy protests in February.
6 July 2011 |

Human Rights Watch documents unfolding rights crisis

There have been widespread arbitrary arrests and incommunicado detention, torture, and unfair military court trials since pro-democracy protests began, as well as summary dismissals of workers accused of sympathising with the protests.
29 June 2011 |

BCHR documents attacks on those who dare speak to the media

Many who have spoken to media have been subject to intimidation, violence, arrest, and prosecution, according to BCHR.
14 June 2011 |

BCHR releases report on government crackdown against photographers

The report documents the authorities' targeting of photographers, from dismissals to assaults and arrests, in response to their involvement in documenting the events of Bahrain's revolution.
3 June 2011 |

BCHR documents attacks on organisation's president by security forces and sectarian media

BCHR reiterates its concern for the safety of organisation president Nabeel Rajab and that of his family.
1 June 2011 |

BCHR report outlines misinformation campaign waged by the Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation

The Bahrain TV station has been broadcasting fabricated images and programs aimed at discrediting those who participated in the peaceful protests, says BCHR.
27 May 2011 |

BCHR report documents government's attempts to stifle online free expression

A number of political affairs sites, discussion forums and activists' blogs have been blocked or shut down by the authorities, BCHR notes.
14 January 2011 |

ANHRI announces release of Arab Working Group report on the media's performance during the elections

The report points to the media's bias towards government candidates and the effect of the detention crackdown on the media's performance.
22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Bahrain

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