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30 July 2012 |

ANEM releases June 2012 monitoring report

The report's authors cover cases that include politicians' reactions to critical articles in the media.
31 May 2012 |

ANEM releases April 2012 monitoring report

The authors of the report paint a grim picture of the country's media scene.
15 May 2012 |

ANEM media monitoring report shows increased pressure on media during electoral campaign

The report also looked at the process of media privatization in Serbia as well as implementation of the broadcasting law.
26 April 2012 |

IPI issues report on Kosovo media

Common features of Kosovo journalism are low professional standards, high turnover, economic challenges, an absence of investigative reporting and a silencing of sensitive issues, low wages and the absence of regular contracts, says the report.
23 April 2012 |

ANEM's media monitoring report for January and February 2012

The thirtieth monitoring report analyses attacks and threats against journalists and looks at the implementation of new and existing legislation that affects the media.
26 January 2012 |

ANEM's December 2011 media monitoring report

The twenty-ninth Monitoring Report contains a legal analysis and assessment of the most important occurrences in the media sector in Serbia in December 2011.
15 December 2011 |

ANEM's October 2011 media monitoring report

The free expression section of the report presents cases of physical attacks on journalists, threats and requests for disclosure of sources of information, and other violations.
3 October 2011 |

ANEM's August 2011 media monitoring report

According to the findings of the legal monitoring team, the media scene was marked by the media community's anticipation of the adoption of the Media Strategy by the government.
30 June 2011 |

ANEM's May 2011 media monitoring report

Attacks on journalists and the media continued, as did the failure of the courts to adequately punish the perpetrators of these attacks.
1 September 2009 |

ANEM Monitoring Publication, "Legal Monitoring of Serbian Media Scene"

(ANEM/IFEX) - ANEM is pleased to announce the first issue of the ANEM Monitoring Publication.
22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Kosovo

22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Serbia

22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Greece

22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Croatia

16 April 2008 |

Annual Report 2008: Balkans

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